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*BOOM* *Crackle crackle* 

A streak of plasma scrambled across a navy canvass; crackling, the ozone-soaked air drowning in the sharp keening of the wind. 

Waves smashed against the hull of a ship, as if in a futile attempt to tear it apart, plank by plank. Inside, a young woman sat, undisturbed by the chaos around her that threatened to drag her to the depths, scribbling away on a piece of parchment. 

She paused for a moment to look it all over. Pursing her lips, she gingerly leaned back in her makeshift chair, not even bothering to flinch when a rat slid past her leg. 

It was done. Everything was ready, and her sister's spirit would soon be able to rest. All of them could be at peace. Finally.

She clenched her fist, and stood. The time had come. At last, it would all be over.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


If you read this, and were like, "It's a ski lodge!!!" 


Yes. You are absolutely right. It maaay be my first time doing one of these kinds of things, so please be patient! I'm really excited! Also, I was thinking I would judge the reception for the first two weeks and then get started. 


So, if you enter after September first (2020) you will most likely be admitted later on in the story since the it's already mostly planned out. Still, I'll definitely be on time, and I'd appreciate it if you could come check in if you're interested, and maybe even leave a comment, even if you're not participating. (I don't mind if you guys talk about what you think will happen, suggestions, criticism, things you noticed, or just discussing with other cbers in between releases; I think it's interesting to see what everyone has to say.)



And please fill out the following sheet if you are going to join:



Brief personality:

Brief appearance:

*Inventory list:


The * = necessary information, everything else is optional. 

Oh, and Aes won't be admitted as individual characters, unless you want them to pose as a friend/family member, and I'd like you to specify that if possible.


Thanks! And see you in two weeks, I've got a lot in store, so brace yourselves!~

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(August 18, 2020 - 10:46 am)

Name: Barnswallow

Pronouns: She/her

Inventory: Clothes, swimsuit, knife, books

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(August 18, 2020 - 2:58 pm)

If it's alright I want to add to my application, when I first filled it out I only had wifi for a few minutes so I only filled out the required parts, but now I have time to finish it.

Personality: Nerdy, adventurous, usually quiet, confident, I'll randomly spout out random facts, I love to learn

Appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, light freckles, tan skin

submitted by Barnswallow
(August 22, 2020 - 6:31 pm)

To the top!?!

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(August 21, 2020 - 12:02 pm)

Top, toppity top toptop... toptop top? Topitty top top. Topitty top toptoptop toptop!

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(August 21, 2020 - 2:25 pm)


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(September 10, 2020 - 4:37 am)

Ooh, yay! A new Ski-lodge!??? With a short info-form??? Perfect!


Name: Jaybells

Pronouns: She/her

Packing list: Extra clothes, my tan elephant&flower-silhouette print cap, some pineapple juice and ginger ale, a Swiss Army knife, an umbrella and... some macarons, I guess.


The intro is intriguing... sort of reminds she of FNaF, especially the whole "spirits being able to rest" part. Hmm... 

Bella says ucdza! Um, maybe you can't go there? Yep, that's right, no AEs or presumably CAPTAE allowed!

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(August 21, 2020 - 12:16 pm)

Ooh, wait can Conan come?! He'll be my little brother.

Name: Conan

Pronouns: He/him

Packing list: An extra pair of spectacles, a notepad & pen, has martial arts?, extra clothes, an extra pair of sneakers.

submitted by Jaybells, age Obscure, Lost in the Universe
(August 24, 2020 - 4:35 am)

Okay, I guess I'll join.

*Name: Estelle

*Pronouns: Female

Personality: Serious, cold, indifferent, cautious, intelligent, and formal but very sarcastic.

Appearance: Long shiny, slightly wavy white hair, and eyes that switch between icy (light) blue and a frozen violet, clothes are usually white or blue and warm with a coat; sometimes wears hair twisted up, otherwise just straight down.

*Inventory: A blow-dart kit, a hairbrush, clothes (especially warm coats, cardigans, and leggings), a flashlight, and a couple of books.

submitted by Estelle, age Vague, and unclear
(August 21, 2020 - 3:28 pm)

This sounds reeeally interesting.  I'm gonna join even though I'm already on another ski lodge.  In my opinion, we can never have too many.

Name: just call me Queen

Pronouns: she/her

Inventory: extra clothes, journal, snacks, throwing knives.  And a cactus.

submitted by QueenofWolves
(August 22, 2020 - 11:00 am)

This looks interesting!

Name: Hollyshock, but goes by Holly!

Pronouns: She/Her!

Brief Personality: Scared of everything yet curious, quiet and mysterious, clumsy, and extremely bookish.

Brief Appearance: Short, caramel skin, dark brown hair, caramel highlights, silver and black vintage glasses, dark brown eyes, and a ton of freckles.

Inventory List: Clothes, umbrella, camera, a small stuffed animal, and a few books!

submitted by Hollyshock, Under My Bed
(August 22, 2020 - 9:02 pm)

Name: Darkling

Pronouns: She, hers

Brief personality: Avid skateboarder, bookworm, and dreamer.

Brief appearance: Blaack hair and freckles, jean shorts and a hoodie.

Inventory list: Skateboard, suitcase, clothing, toiletries, a book, and an Ipod. 

submitted by Darkling, age 450, The Upside-Down
(August 25, 2020 - 9:40 am)
Hope I'm not too late...

*Name: Agent Winter (Win)

*Pronouns: She/her

Brief personality: Energetic, geeky, emotional, sometimes a little aggressive 

Brief appearance: Short curly blue hair with a side undercut, blue eyes, freckles, tall and thickly built. Wearing a BLACKPINK hoodie, torn jeans, black trench coat, black combat boots. 

*Inventory list: Computer, phone, light-up headphones with cat ears, sketchbook, katana

submitted by Agent Winter , age Classified, Enceladus
(August 29, 2020 - 9:50 pm)

You're fine, there's currently 1 more full day until the it begins. Smile

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(August 31, 2020 - 12:37 am)

Soooo... is this happening or not?

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(September 19, 2020 - 9:49 am)