Chatterbox: Pudding's Place

A Ski Lodge

You flop down onto your bed, exhausted from another long day of school. Is it really necessary for your teacher to assign you to write three essays this week? You have other stuff going on. Life. And you can’t afford to fail this class. Your academic success is hanging on a precipice, and one nudge will send it falling into an abyss so deep that it will never be found if it is lost.

The computer is open in front of you, the white, electronic pages of your word processor beckoning to you. You sit down at your desk.

And then you stand up again and go to the kitchen for a glass of water. You can’t work with a dry mouth. Then, once the water is drained, you grab an apple. It’s slightly withered, but you slice it and slowly eat. You glance over toward the counter where a digital clock squats, its red numbers blinking threateningly. 9:48. If your parents knew you were up this late on a school night, eating old apples, with three essays to write, they would go completely out of their minds.

But your parents aren’t here to boss you around at the moment, so who cares what they’d say? It’s not as if the essays were due tomorrow. At least, not all of them are. Just one.

The apple is gone, and you can no longer think of any stalling techniques. You are fighting a losing battle against yourself. It’s past ten at night, you have school tomorrow, and your teacher is expecting a nice, long essay from everyone’s favorite student.

You walk slowly back to your room and sit down at your desk. You type a few words, yawn, type a few more, open up a web browser, surf Wikipedia for a couple of minutes, yawn again. So far you have only twelve words.

You open up the CB. It’s late, you know, and no one will have posted a thing since you checked last, but maybe you can read an old ski lodge or two.

You click on Pudding’s Place, intending to look for Lake Lelilo or something, when a new thread catches your eye. A Ski Lodge, it says, in those red letters you know so well. You click on the link, and start to read.

“You flop down onto your bed, exhausted from another long day of school. Is it really necessary for your teacher to assign you to write three essays this week?”


You keep reading, watching your own movements of that night laid before you in second person, right up to this very moment.


I’ve got your attention now.

My dear CBer,

You are having trouble at school. You have unwritten essays, and you don’t know what to write.

That’s okay.

We are offering you the chance of a lifetime, the chance to fix everything. Come to Camp Juniper, where you have the chance to be freed from the bonds of school. You will no longer have to study late into the night in order to pass a test. You will no longer have to struggle for hours on end in order to write a good essay. In short, we are giving you a Get Out of Jail Free card. And, if you choose not to accept this card, you will be given a free college scholarship.

There will be competitions throughout the days of camp. Each camper will have the chance to earn juniper branches. Anyone who is able to weave their branches into a wreath by the end of the camp session will earn this freedom.

Sounds nice?

We thought so.

All you have to do is fill out this form. And be prepared to die.


CBer, AE, CAPTCHA, or CAPTCHAE? (Note: CAPTCHAs, and CAPTCHAEs are not allowed):



Companion(s) (up to 2 companions per person) (please fill out a sheet for them as well) (AEs only):


Personality in five words. (Any more or less and you will no longer have the privilege to eat popcorn):



Brains or Brawn?:

Envy or Empathy?: 

Reverie or Realism?:

Luggage, in order from most to least important:

Choose a number:

Choose a color:


We are excited to see you. And yes, we WILL see you.

Your obedient servants,

L. Reine & B. Ambrose

P.S. The popcorn is free, as well.

P.P.S. Please be prepared to participate fully, whatever this may mean.

P.P.P.S. Obviously, this is a ski lodge.

You read over the letter again. Is it worth it? You could die. . . but people always come back to life after a ski lodge. You could be a murderer. . . but who cares about that? It’s just a story. And how hard could it be to weave a few branches into a wreath?

Yes, you decide.

It’s definitely worth it.

And so, you fill out the form.

And then, you press submit.

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My favorite song... It's probably "My Demons" by Starset or "Zombie" by Bad Wolves. Or literally anything by Starset, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, The Score, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, The Killers, or Skillet.

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Oh, hi! Sorry I didnt see this :\

Um, sure, you can change my name! My favorite color is sky blue and you are welcome! 

Also, Pine and Felix are moving away, so I'll go by myself. Haveaniceday! 

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Okay, my favorite song is either Alone by Alan Walker or Sky by Alan Walker. technically any Alan Walker song works (except for Diamond Heart and some others-) 

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Hi, dremii. 

We have noticed that you have mentioned that Pine and Felix have moved away. We understand that you feel that they do not fit your new name, but they have already become very important to our story. By any chance, do you think we could leave keep them for the duration of the time at Camp Juniper? If it is not possible whatsoever, we can understand that, but is there a chance that you could supply their absence with different AEs? 

-Liberté and Basil.  

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sorry for the inconvinience :\

Yknow what, Pine and Felix can still come! One last hurrah! 

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it is no problem at all. thank you for your quick response. 

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Hello, friends and companions. There are only a few more days before December 1st, when you will be released from The World After the Submit Button and shown into Camp Juniper. Please look over your sheets one last time to make sure that you have everything you want. Revisions will not be permitted after the ski lodge has begun.


You look up. Where are you? What happened?

Slowly, your memories come flooding back. Your essays. . . stalling. . . CB. . . Pudding’s Place. . . ski lodge. . . ski lodge!

That’s it.

You filled out the form. You pressed submit. And now here you are, lying on your back in a world of unending, brilliant white light, unable to see a thing, clutching some strange wad of rough fabric. You blink, and blink again, and the world finally comes back into focus. The wad of fabric is some sort of canvas knapsack, carrying the items that you listed on your form. You are wearing a white tunic and black leggings. Your feet are bare.

The room around you it white as well, and full of light. It is featureless, all you can see are the walls, the ceiling and the floor.

Then, a door opens. A door? There is no door. And yet, no there is one. And, coming through the door is a young girl in a white dress, her dark hair high on her head in a small, poofy ponytail. She smiles shyly, and greets you.

“Who are you?” you ask.

The girl sighs, as if she has been asked that question a hundred times, and sets down her empty tray — she was carrying a tray? — on a table that you are no longer surprised to see exist. “You can call me Snow. I’m here to give you food and bring you to the camp.” She motions toward the tray. “Eat. Now.”

You don’t like taking orders from such a young girl. She can’t be much more than seven. But you realize that you are ravenous. The apple seems to have existed in a different universe. So you grab the bread that is on the no-longer-empty tray and eat it ravenously, ignoring the disgusted expression on the girl’s face. You realize that you are thirsty, and gulp down a glass of water. When you finish, Snow seems to be tapping her foot on the ground, and her sandals are very, very loud. Why does she get shoes? You want shoes.

“Can I have shoes?”

Snow sighs again. She does a lot of sighing for a little kid. “You can bring the matter up later. To my bosses. But for now, follow me.”

Reluctantly, you follow her out the door and into an open meadow. You glance behind you. Why is there a door in the middle of an open meadow?

And, of course, there is no door.

You turn your head back around, and see, oddly enough, 12 other versions of Snow, escorting 12 other CBers and various AEs into the meadow. And then, there is only one Snow, looking even more exasperated than you remembered. Apparently, the others were just as annoyingly ignorant as you.

“Where are we?” you ask, and jump back as the same words emit from the mouths of everyone else in the meadow. Except Snow, of course.

“We are still in second person,” she says. “Please don’t talk. It’s very disconcerting.”

You roll your eyes. Then stop, because it is disconcerting to see 12 other people roll their eyes at the exact same time as you.

And you wait, watching Snow fidget a little. She may be bossy and mature, but she is seven years old, and waiting is boring. Finally, she glances up. “Finally. We can leave now. I hate second person.”




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I like this already!!

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