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I abandoned my Cruise Ship Ski Lodge, but again, here's another one. 

The murderer in my Cruise Ship Ski Lodge was Inari. 


"ARGH THIS IS TORTURING ME!" you yell as you fling yourself on the couch and glare at your homework angrily. You realize you're still holding your pen, and in exasperation, hurl it across the room, where it lands, completely still. 

A second later, a paper flies out of your paper tray and floats toward the pen. The pen begins to write. 

I must be hallunciating, you think. 

However, the paper then flies into your hands, and you can feel it, proving that it's real. 

You go ahead and read it. 

It says, 

'Dear Reciever of This Letter, 

Are you tired of homework? Exhausted from quizzes? Well, we've got the vacation you need! It's a vacation in a mansion, specifically, the Calumial Mansion. You'll have everything you need there! 

If you'd like to go, please fill out the sheet below. 

Name : 


Allergies : 

Likings : 

Dislikings : 

Species : 

Appearence : 

Gender : 

Afraid of : 

Favorite color : 

Companion : 

Hobbies : 

Powers : 

Luggage {Please specify} 

Personality : 

All beings coming must fill out this sheet. If you do not, then you are not allowed to be in this vacation. Thank you very much. Please simply write out the form and submit it, then you will be transported in due time. This vacation begins 12/1/2020. Plenty of time for you to prepare. 

~Golden and Callumi'

You scan the paper again, just as another slip falls onto the paper. 

It reads, 

'We are not responsible for any injuries or fatalites in our property. Please be careful.' 

You sigh. Well, if it means getting away from homework, you're in.  You scribble down the sheet and wait. Only 10 more days. 


I'm Nightfall, I'm going to just put that out there so everyone knows, I'm doing this by myself this time, there could be a little posting teamwork involved, but that's it. There are many spots, as much come as much go. 

~Nightfall/Golden & Callumi 

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(November 22, 2020 - 1:26 am)

Name : Honeybee


Allergies : I'm a strict vegetarian + vegan with exceptions

Likings : cats, ice cream, waking up late, warm cups of tea, fall days, bees in the spring, pumpkin bread, books, being the best

Dislikings : eggs, certain types of pizza, butter, annoying people, waking up early, and lots more things.

Species : Human with cat ears :D

Appearance : brown hair down to just past my shoulders, hazel eyes, light skin, freckles, yellow courdory overall skirt thing, flowy floral blouse under that, navy high top converse, real cat ears

Gender : female she/her

Afraid of : spiders and fire

Favorite color : purple!

Companion : Floofy the CAPTCHA who's sheet is below

Hobbies : reading, writing, drawing, drinking tea

Powers : oOh powers! Um...I'd like the power to turn invisible!

Luggage {Please specify} An e-reader, some nice pens and pencils, a sketchbook, a sword (hehe), my laptop to write, some clothes and usual packing stuff

Personality : kind, funny, smart

I'll do this sheet for Floofy 

Name : Floofy


Allergies : none

Likings : getting pet, eating, sleeping, getting attention, being amazing

Dislikings : None

Species : cat

Appearance : A long-haired cat, a creamy white color with avocado-green eyes

Gender : Male he/him

Afraid of : Spiders, like me

Favorite color : yellow

Companion : Me, Honeybee!

Hobbies : sleeping, getting attention

Powers : None that we know of

Noooo iican turnn intoo aaaaa pegss

a what?



yesss !!!!! 

Luggage {Please specify} Iiiam takin nothn

Personality : lovely, fluffy, kind, sleepy


Um, Mabel, I'm not sure it would be a good idea for you to come... 

How rudeeee >:(((

sigh. Posting.

wait! Can I come?

Uhhhh, no. 

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(November 22, 2020 - 12:46 pm)
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(November 22, 2020 - 3:38 pm)

Name : Tealeaf


Allergies : very bad dust allergy

Likings : rain, books, tea, cats, cello music, homemade bread, drawing, crunchy fall leaves, coffee ice cream, wind

Dislikings : mushrooms/fungus of any type, infomercials, burgalars

Species : human

Appearence : 5 foot 3, dark brown pixie cut, light skin, hazel eyes. wears black leggings, tall boots, gray shirt, rainbow earings.

Gender : female, she/her

Afraid of : large dogs, fire

Favorite color : purple

Companion : none

Hobbies : drawing, cooking, bird-watching

Powers : hovering/flying

Luggage {Please specify} clothes, essentials, laptop, a few cinnamon teabags, scetchbook, flip phone, pocket knife and a machanical pencil

Personality : introverted, fairly tidy, gets annoyed easily

submitted by Tealeaf, Steeping
(November 22, 2020 - 5:37 pm)

Well, of course I want to join!

Name : Moondrop


Allergies : None

Likings : Chocolate, candy, anything sweet, organizing, video games, watching tv, writing, drawing, making comics

Dislikings : Disapointing someone, getting hurt, sadness, awkwardness

Species : Human

Appearance : Silver wavy hair, medium/light skin, my moonstone necklace where I draw my powers from, I can travel through moonlight and manipulate it. A white t-shirt and a jean jacket, white sparkly leggings, slip on shoes.

Gender : Female she/her

Afraid of : Clowns, big bugs

Favorite color : Purple

Companion : None

Hobbies : Photography, art, writing, reading

Powers : I can control the moon and travel through moonlight. Like the opposite of shadow travel. :)

Luggage {Please specify} A few book collections: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and the Kane Chronicles. They magically shrink.  An embroidered notebook with an embroidered pen with a llama on top. Extra clothes and toiletries. A small engraved box that holds my necklace.

Personality : Nerdy, fun, creative, kind



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(November 22, 2020 - 6:12 pm)
(November 22, 2020 - 8:49 pm)


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(November 22, 2020 - 7:40 pm)

Name : Wreeboo 


Allergies : None, happily!

Likings : Soup, stew, animals, cute clothes, the color yellow, coziness, family

Dislikings : Tight spaces, huge donuts, sour candies

Species : Human (I think? I don't really know. Humanoid, I guess, cuz...wings)

Appearence : Tanned skin, white-blonde, bleached-by-the-sun hair (I love to spend time outside) that is slightly shorter than shoulder length, and straight. Commonly has bangs over left eye. Soft, kind, deep brown eyes. Wren wings (Carolina wren: chestnut brown with chocolate and cream-colored stripes and spots)

Gender : Female

Afraid of : Tight spaces, spiders

Favorite color : Yellow

Companion : Tiny worrenn (wolf with wings and antlers) named Chestnut, Chessie for short. He is a chestnut color, with wings the ame color as me and antlers a little darker than his fur. He fell onto my head one day and I have been caring for him ever since. He can't remember how he came to be with me. We can talk to each other through mental communicaton. He is a little bit mischevious and can't stand to be seperated from me.

Hobbies : Reading, writing, drawing, flying with Chessie. I also love to sing, and am relatively good at it.

Powers : Mental communication with Chessie, flying, also invisibilty when needed. The invisibility power isn't very easy to control

Luggage {Please specify}

-Lots and lots of clothes (you never know when you might need to change)

-Lots and lots of shoes (same sentiment)

-Several notebooks and notepads

-A mechanical pencil, a canister full of extra pencil lead and erasers 

-An ereader

-Milk formula for Chessie

-Candy galore

- Rope toys and balls for Chessie

-A binder filled with music 


Personality : I am sort of shy when I don't know you, but I warm up to people quickly, and once I know you, I am bubbly, talkative, and easily excited. I am also a planner and a thinker. If I see something pretty, I have no qualms about exclaiming loudly and pointing at it. Same goes for any other interesting thing. 

I have the feeling I'm going to regret this, but Rory, you're coming with.

Woot, woot! Finally, I get to come with!

Name : Rory


Allergies : Severe celiac disease. That means I can't eat gluten, which is a protein in wheat. I get very, very sick if I eat gluten, so NO CROSS-CONTAMINATON PLEASE. Thank you. 

Likings : A good, comfy chair to sit down and code on. Otherwise the same as Wree.

Dislikings : Same as Wree. Except the sour candies. I LOVE sour candies. The sour-er the better.

Species : Human/shadow/AE? I'm kinda like Wree's opposite and kinda like Wree's reflection. Some things same, some things different. I don't really know, to be honest.

You don't know your own species?!

Hush. You're the one who created me. 

Appearence : Same as Wree, but with longer hair, blue eyes, and no wings.

Gender : Female

Afraid of : Same as Wree, except I guess not spiders

You guess? 

Favorite color : Teal, turquoise, aqua, blue-green, whatever you call it. Actually, a little more green than that. So I think you'd call that sea-foam green.

Companion : Pi's a companion, right?

No. Pi- I mean your Raspberry Pi is not a companion.

Yes it- I mean he- is! He is my companion!

No. It is not. For those of you who don't know, a Raspberry Pi is like a tiny programmable microchip, but a little bit bigger. The code is accesible by a USB. It is an inanimate object, and not a companion. Rory, it's gonna go in your luggage. You don't have a companion.


Hobbies : Working on Pi. That's it.

Hey, no, you play Final Fantasy too. 

Powers : Nothing. Except my inhumanly good coding ability, I guess.

Luggage {Please specify} 


-I share clothes, shoes, and necesseties with Wree since we're the same age.

-A notebook filled with random lines of code that are basically indecipherable to anyone but me.

-Candy. Mostly sour stuff so Wree doesn't steal it. 

-An ipad, a phone, and a laptop

Personality : Extroverted, a little bit arrogant. Just enough to be good-

Rory, I don't think that-

Hush, Wree. I am also very sarcastic. 

Ok, I think that's it.

You think? You had better be sure before you post this, you-

Nuh-uh, I'm posting, Rory. 

But check your spelling first! You- 

Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. Here I go- 

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(November 22, 2020 - 8:13 pm)

R E S E R V I N G ! ! !

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(November 23, 2020 - 9:31 am)

Name : Feline Fantasy


Allergies : None, although I am vegetarian

Likings : Cats, books, writing, art, 

Dislikings :cilantro, when people shut down my questions, meanness. 

Species : Human

Appearence : Short, light skin, dark brown, thick hair a bit past shoulders, green-ish eyes. Has awesome nerdy T-shirts and black pants.

Gender : female

Afraid of : lots of things, although cant think of any specific ones right now.

Favorite color : purple

Companion : May I bring four cats? I suppose not . . . so no one

Hobbies : drawing, writing, petting cats

Powers : N/A

Luggage {Please specify} Clothes, toothbrush, a book, a sketchbook, any other nessecities

Personality : Nerdy, cat obsessed, introverted, strange asks, a lot of questions, curious.

submitted by Feline Fantasy
(November 23, 2020 - 7:44 am)

Reserving please, form coming soon!

submitted by Twilight
(November 23, 2020 - 12:39 pm)

Name : Nyx


Allergies : Severe allergy to poison ivy, that's it. 

Likings : Music, reading, music, writing, music, singing, music, running, music, swimming, music.....

Dislikings : Hmm well..... I don't like when people nag at me to do stuff. I don't like getting up early. I don't like when people stop me from reading my books or listening to music I like. 

Species : Wouldn't you like to know. 

Appearence : Tall, skinny (not thin, skinny), slightly tanned skin, freckles, one green eye and one hazel eye, straight chestnut hair that reaches the bottom of my shoulder blades. Often wears gray sneakers, blue jeans, an army green tank top and an off-white oversized t-shirt for a sweatshirt. 

Gender : Female

Afraid of : All bugs except ants, flies, dragonflies, bees, wasps.

I'm afraid of any animal that can kill me, but only when I'm in a position when they are able to kill me. I wouldn't be afraid of a rattlesnake if it was in a cage, only if it was on the ground in front of me.

I have a paralyzing fear of heights, but it acts up at weird times. I can climb a stable ladder okay, but if it's a rope ladder or a wiggly ladder I freak. I can be in a tree just fine, but only if I have a railing on my platform or something like that. I can't be on an open platform or just hanging out on a branch. I love ziplining, but I will be openly crying before I manage to make myself actually jump off the platform to zip. 

Favorite color : Green and yellow. 

Companion : None.

Hobbies : Drawing, writing, listening to music, sitting still (literally not moving a muscle) for up to an hour on end, staring at the moon, standing at the crest of a high hill when there's strong winds. 

Powers : None atm. -\_(*_*)_/-

Luggage {Please specify} Books, an old-fashioned walkman to play music on, I brought my own music, a sketchpad and pencils, water bottle, my watch, a set of four walkie-talkies with a ten-mile range and extra batteries. One for me and three spares. The spares can be shared with other CBers or companions. I'm also bringing a steel six-foot double-tipped javelin, that can detach in the middle to make twin three-foot single-tipped spears. It can then reattach. 

Personality : Introvert, easily antagonized, has a terrible temper, very strange and weird, occasionally acts extroverted, loves music like loves it loves it like literally in love with it. Has a weird obsession with night, the moon, and strong winds.

submitted by Nyx, age varied, earth
(November 23, 2020 - 12:39 pm)

Name: Jubilee

CAPTCHA, Æ, CAPTCHAE OR CBER: Nah, they don't go to school.

Allergies: None  

Likings: Rain, reading, drawing, alchohaul markers, tree climbing, posh things, hoodies, stuffed animals, Bob's Burgers

Dislikes: Annoying people, non-maskers,  drawing digital art with a mouse, hearing a door creak when it's dark

Species: A human (possibly)

Appearance: Brown curly hair in half-up buns with light brown eyes. Frecklesss and a tan. Tall and lanky. I wear red suspenders over a light yellow button up shirt. I also wear mossacin-style flats.

Gender: Non-binary/gender fluid

Afraid of: The Babadook, clowns

Favorite color: Yellow and sap green.

Companion: None

Hobbies: Drawing, baking, doing my sister's hair

Powers: Fire starting

Luggage: My bullet journal, markers and pencils and pens, a sketchbook, a hoodie, PJs, my laptop, a book, and a vial of poison.

Personality: Introvert. INFP. Bookish, sarcastic/witty. Not really a good friend, unless I really like you. Standoff-ish. 

I hope I'm not late! 

submitted by Jubilee
(November 23, 2020 - 2:45 pm)

Reserving spots for myself and Mid.

Wait what?

Wait WHAT? Why don't I get to come?

Because Kiwi likes you better.

Oh- well- why, thank you- but still- hey!

Okay, so you're punishing me because Kiwi doesn't like me by bringing me on a ski lodge where I will most likely be murdered.

No, of course not-

actually, in that case, thanks for not taking me. Bye.


submitted by Luminescence, age 12, Atlantis
(November 23, 2020 - 2:48 pm)

Name : Miss Autumn


Allergies : None

Likings : Dogs, Chocolate, Rick Riordan books, books in general, Baking, Autumn, pizza, greek myths and Fashion 

Dislikings : Global Warming, bratty people, people acting like you have to be a bratty bottle blond to like fashion, being babied and rude popular girls

Species : Human

Appearence : Long brown hair, lots of freckles, brown eyes, shortish, houndstooth skirt, red fluffy sweater and black leggings

Gender : Female, She/Her

Afraid of : wasps in my house and drowning

Favorite color : Pink

Companion : My captcha named Butternut. Butternut is a pegasus who is the sweetest most friendly thing ever.

Hobbies : Reading, Designing/Sewing and softball

Powers : Charmspeak (Like Piper from heroes of olympus)

Luggage {Please specify} A gold duffel bag with laptop, clothes and kindle. 

Personality : Cares about her friends a lot, has a sassy diva streak yet she can be kinda shy, Also she's unheathily obsessed with heroes of olympus if you haven't guessed that already!!

submitted by Miss Autumn, age 10, Shimmer City
(November 23, 2020 - 3:04 pm)

I probably join too many ski lodges... but why not? 

Name: Quill


Allergies: None

Likings: Books, tea, writing, flowers, big words, chocolate, hugs.

Dislikings: Bugs, social situations, heights, rude people.

Species: Human

Appearance: Long brown hair with the ends dyed purple, brown eyes, freckles, a little shorter than average, usually wearing a t-shirt, jeans, red converse, and a maroon leather jacket.

Gender: Female, she/her

Afraid of: My own mortality. And spiders.

Favorite color: Yellow!

Companion: I'll bring Ace.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, singing, acting, knitting, embroidering, art.

Powers: None

Luggage: Clothes and essentials, notebook and pens, books, a camera, and my shortsword Macbeth.

Personality: Shy at first but a chatterbox once you get to know me, friendly, creative, adventurous, and a little impulsive.


Name: Ace


Allergies: None

Likings: People, parties, food, friends, origami, the word "awesome".

Dislikings: Being bored.

Species: Human

Appearance: Dirty-blond hair that's perpetually messy but looks awesome, ocean-blue eyes, tan skin, pretty tall.

Gender: Male, he/him

Afraid of: Tight spaces.

Favorite color: Red

Companion: Quill, I guess.

Hobbies: Origami, making friends, annoying my sisters.

Powers: None, because my CBer is BORING.

Luggage: Clothes and essentials, paper, some sharpies, and a grappling hook.

Personality: Outgoing, extroverted, generally pretty awesome, but Quill says I can be insecure around people I really like.

submitted by Quill
(November 23, 2020 - 3:21 pm)