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I abandoned my Cruise Ship Ski Lodge, but again, here's another one. 

The murderer in my Cruise Ship Ski Lodge was Inari. 


"ARGH THIS IS TORTURING ME!" you yell as you fling yourself on the couch and glare at your homework angrily. You realize you're still holding your pen, and in exasperation, hurl it across the room, where it lands, completely still. 

A second later, a paper flies out of your paper tray and floats toward the pen. The pen begins to write. 

I must be hallunciating, you think. 

However, the paper then flies into your hands, and you can feel it, proving that it's real. 

You go ahead and read it. 

It says, 

'Dear Reciever of This Letter, 

Are you tired of homework? Exhausted from quizzes? Well, we've got the vacation you need! It's a vacation in a mansion, specifically, the Calumial Mansion. You'll have everything you need there! 

If you'd like to go, please fill out the sheet below. 

Name : 


Allergies : 

Likings : 

Dislikings : 

Species : 

Appearence : 

Gender : 

Afraid of : 

Favorite color : 

Companion : 

Hobbies : 

Powers : 

Luggage {Please specify} 

Personality : 

All beings coming must fill out this sheet. If you do not, then you are not allowed to be in this vacation. Thank you very much. Please simply write out the form and submit it, then you will be transported in due time. This vacation begins 12/1/2020. Plenty of time for you to prepare. 

~Golden and Callumi'

You scan the paper again, just as another slip falls onto the paper. 

It reads, 

'We are not responsible for any injuries or fatalites in our property. Please be careful.' 

You sigh. Well, if it means getting away from homework, you're in.  You scribble down the sheet and wait. Only 10 more days. 


I'm Nightfall, I'm going to just put that out there so everyone knows, I'm doing this by myself this time, there could be a little posting teamwork involved, but that's it. There are many spots, as much come as much go. 

~Nightfall/Golden & Callumi 

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(November 22, 2020 - 1:26 am)

Those are so cool Nghtfall!

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(December 6, 2020 - 5:13 pm)

Better question is… Can anyone guess me?

@Nightfall/Golden Callumi 

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(December 7, 2020 - 7:40 am)

I forgot the picture, didn't I? ;-;

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First off, the Map to the Mansion and the colored version of the Map to Mystic will be posted soon!


Day One Part Two

Golden came back, a cheerful look on her face. 

"Okay, we've figured them out!" 

Golden cleared her throat, whipping out a folded crinkly piece of parchment from the insides of her jangly belts. 

"Oooh, nice belts!" commented Moonlight.

"Thank you!" replied Golden~

*Interjection by Nightfall ~ yeah, yeah, Golden's super proud of her belts~

~"Okay! Honeybee, Moondrop, Sammy Everlast, Wreeboo, Kitty Cat, Nyx in the Room of Wonder, Darkling, Feline Fantasy, Rory, Lulu, Inari, Moonlight, Butternut in the Room of Gold, Luminescence, Miss Autumn, Quill, Hollyshock, Luminara, dreamiing in the Room of Peace, Floofy, moondemon, Bax, Instinct, Midnight, Ace in the Room of the Leaves, and finally, Cynthia M., Silver Crystal, Tealeaf, Jubilee, aqua, Twilight in the Room of Quartz!"

Callumi then continued, "Please follow me and Golden to the storage room. It is there we shall provide the materials, on the 4th floor." 

The CBers, CAPTCHAs, and AEs followed, with a slight grumble of "Why did it have to be on the 4th floor" from Midnight.  

Once they had reached the '4th floor', Callumi produced a single golden key, speckled with aquamarine, and pushed it into a bronze lock. The wooden door swung open, and revealed a long, brightly lit hallway, but before they could get a better look, Callumi stepped inside and closed the door after themself. 

A minute later, Callumi pushed open the door with their foot, giving them yet another glimpse of the hallway, then let the door swing closed behind them with a 'bang'. 

Golden cleared her throat again, "Here, in these boxes, is everything you need, specifically, an earpiece, the Map to Mystic, the Map to The Callumial Mansion, and an electronic MysticPad, along with a MysticPencil, for digital writing and recording." 

It was then they noticed that Callumi was not holding anything, instead, the boxes were floating up in the air, surrounded by a dark, dark blue light. 

"wowth tispr ttyyy" exclaimed Butternut. 

"Yes, it is, isn't it, Butternut?" Miss Autumn agreed. 

"Oh, look, it's blue as well." commented Midnight, being sarcastic~

*Interjection by Nightfall ~ I don't see how that's sarcastic~

~"Midnight, stop being so sarcastic." retorted Lumi. 

"Okay, that's just Callumi's power color, mine's sparkly topaz-ish color." said Golden. 

The boxes began to unload themselves and hand the maps and earpiece to each CAPTCHA, CBer, or AE. 

moondemon began to examine his, seeing how to use it to destroy something. 

"No, no destroying." 

moondemon looked up, surprised. "What destroying?" he asked innocently. 

"I know what you're thinking." 

"Dexy! No, no, no, no! Stop this!" cried Golden, stuffing what looked like a dragon into a hole. 

"istht adrgn ?" asked Floofy curiously.

"Uh, yes, tell us please..." Lulu agreed. 

"Oooh, yes, please do!" Honeybee exclaimed. 

"That's Dexyi, Golden's pet dragon." Callumi answered. 

"Oooh, a dragon.." Cynthia began, but was interupted by a loud noise. 

"Oop, lunch bell!" yelled Golden, zooming towards the hall, followed by a pack of very excited AEs, CAPTCHAs, and CBers. 

"Um, where is the lunch....?" asked Silver Crystal timidly. 

Just that moment. Callumi snapped their fingers and a grand feast was placed on the polished table. 

~Golden and Callumi 


Suspects: None

Dead: None

Alive: 28


Hope you enjoyed this week's installment! Parts will be posted each Sunday night. 

Hehehehe, this is going to be fun....


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Ooh this is good! I wonder where they get their powers. I'd totally be the one to ask where the food is XD

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(December 7, 2020 - 1:21 pm)

Oop there are actually 33 AEs, CAPTCHAs, and CBers.


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(December 7, 2020 - 1:36 am)

OKAY! Just finished both of their pictures.

Golden has a sparkle effect, and Callumi has a glitch effect!

Try to guess me! 

(Sorry for the poor quality, I made this on my phone ;-;)

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(December 7, 2020 - 12:08 pm)

Thank you, The Artist! It captures both Golden and Callumi's personalities perfectly! 


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I'm not Autumn Artist, and ProCreate

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First love the art artist! Second I can't wait to read more!!

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Does Night really have to post every day in order for this to not go to the second page??!!!!

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Hey so um, I'd like to join!

Name : Girl on the Island, but you can call me Girl. 


Allergies : N/A

Likings : Raspberry tea, starwatching, dancing

Dislikings : doing math, homework in general, foggy nights, sour tea

Species : Human

Appearence : I have long caramel brown messy hair, blue eyes, red lips, pale skin, and normally suspenders with a t-shirt underneath.

Gender : she/her, female

Afraid of : The only thing to fear is fear itself. 

Favorite color : Yellow!

Companion : My Alter Ego Stardust

Hobbies : Drawing, drinking tea, dancing

Powers : Um, the power to transport anyone onto an island? but it is really hard to control.

Luggage {Please specify}:

~Raspberry teabags

~Dance things, like pointe shoes, regular ballet shoes, ballet outfit, etc

~Neccesities, e.g clothes, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste

~Notebook and pen 

Personality : Kind, caring, introverted. 

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(December 10, 2020 - 1:02 am)