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Ski Loooodge

Ski Loooodge


You unzip your coat and look around you in wonder. The snow that had lain on the ground for months is finally melting, new grass blades are poking their tips up from the soil, and the clouds are disappearing. You open the door of your house to go back in, before realizing that the weather is too nice to stay inside. You turn around and continue down the street. A soft, gentle breeze whistles through the budding tree branches and you smile and close your eyes in bliss. Suddenly, you open them again as something smacks into your face. You peel it off and look at it, about to throw it away. But something stops you. Instead, you look at the object. It's a piece of paper. No, an envelope. A slightly stained, old-looking one, but still an intact envelope just the same. You see a faded name on it and peer more closely to read it. It's your name! You rip it open with growing curiosityand pull out an abnormally thick sheet of paper. It reads,

Hello, CBer! You are invited to join us for a vacation at the Moonlight Forest to enjoy the beautiful spring weather! Cabins and food will be supplied. There will be many activities to participate in, as well as large expanses of forest to explore. AE's and CAPTCHA's are not permitted to come. Please fill out the form below.

CBer Name: 




Favorite Animal:

Packing List:

Be ready to be picked up at precisely 1:00 next Wednesday at the place you recieved this letter. We await your arrival!

~Storya and Poetina

You read over the letter again, look around you to mark the exact spot where the letter hit you, and head home to fill out the form in the letter. You skip along the roadside giddily, happily anticipating a camping trip to the Moonlight Forest, wherever that is. What you don't notice is another piece of paper on the sidewalk behind you, crumpled and muddy. It's marked by a large blot in a red substance that looks suspicously like blood. If you turned around to look, you might have been able to tell that the marking on the paper looked quite a lot like a bear pawprint...


This is my first ski lodge! Feel free to guess me. Also, this ski lodge is a little different than most in that there will be clues that you can solve to find the murderer, and you can recommend things to me that you want your story-self to do. There are 10 slots and I'll start on Dec. 20, unless the slots become full before that.

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Name: Luminescence (Lumi)

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Short, chin-length brown hair with hints of red. I'm average height and size, perhaps on the petite side, though I'm definitely not noticably small or short. I have brown eyes and gold-brown skin. I like to wear black leggings, boots, and flannel or waffled shirts or solid colored T-shirts.

Favorite Animal: horses or birds... you decide which is easier

Personality: VERY bossy, unfortunately XD kind, argumentative, VERY talkative, random- I can come up with very strangely detailed questions that don't have anything to do with anything and then ask them at strange times. Generally a happy person, sometimes I get philosophical. I'm rather worried about people judging me so I tend to not do weird things unless everyone else around me is being weird, because then it would be weird not to be weird, if that makes any sense.

Packing List: toiletries, various changes of clothes, a pair of pjs, a laptop, a supply of books that hopefully won't run out, hiking boots, a large thick blanket, and a coat.

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CBer Name:Sterling

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Appearance: Long midnight blue hair, olive skin, grey eyes, tallish.  I'll be wearing a short turquoise dress, denim jacket, white leggings, and black combat boots.  Oh, and I always wear silver earrings shaped like birds. 

Personality: Slightly shy, creative, passionate, impulsive, stubborn, bookish, curious.

Favorite Animal: Wolves

Packing List: Clothes,sketchbooks, pencils and pens, books, camping gear, bow and a quiver of arrows.

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CBer Name: NoOneKnows

Gender/Pronouns: Female she/her

Appearance: Blond hair and a pink, blue, and gold hat, black sweatshirt with white bands of white on the sleeves, black fuzzy pants.

Personality: funny, kind, awesome, 

Favorite Animal: AHHHHHHHH idkkkkkkkk. ummm... uh, hmmm. ummmmm... Oh! A fennec fox!

Packing List: my phone, a notebook and pen, a camera, clothes, PJ's and my plushie (for a pillow) 

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SLOTS ARE FULL! The first chapter will come out either later today or tomorrow.

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(December 19, 2020 - 10:35 am)

Day 1, Part 1


Princess Juniper stood on the sidewalk with her head down, hoping the people around her wouldn't notice the large duffle bag slung over her shoulder. She had already been on the recieving end of a few strange looks. But now, there seemed to be no one around. She checked her watch quickly. 12:58. Just a few minutes. She had gotten to her pickup spot earlier than strictly necessary, but she didn't want to miss her ride. Now it seemed that she had been worried about nothing. She glanced down at her watch once again. She should be getting picked up in just a few seconds. What would she be in, anyway? Suddenly, a cloud of gray fog swirled down, making it nearly impossible for Juni to see. She felt the ground disappear under her feet, and she screamed soundlessly. Then, she was, quite suddenly, sitting on comfy upholstery. She opened her eyes, which she hadn't been aware of closing, and looked around her. She and some other CBers were sitting on soft, velvety green seats. It took her a few moments to realize that they were sitting in some sort of bus with blacked-out windows. Well, not really blacked out. More like greened out. Juni turned to the CBer beside her. "Hi," she said cheerfully, happy anticipation flooding her, "my name's Princess Juniper, but you can me Juni." The brown-haired Cber smiled and said, "I'm Kitty Cat. This trip is going to super exciting!" A pale-skinned boy jumped into the conversation with, "I'm moondemon. What are you most excited about?" Kitty tilted her head to one side in a thoughtful gesture. "I'm not sure," she admitted, "the letter didn't have much detail." Suddenly, another CBer shouted and pointed at the windows, which were now transparent, like windows are supposed to be. The green and brown of trees flashed by, and the wheels of the bus crunched on a brown gravel road. Then, the vehicle stopped and a tall, elegant woman stood up from the driver's seat. "Welcome," she exclaimed, "to the Moonlight Forest! My name is Storya and you will meet my sister, Poetina, very soon. Please take your luggage to the largest building. You'll see it when you exit the bus. You will recieve further instructions there." 


Quill stood up, grabbed their bags, and stepped off the bus. They looked around them in amazement. There was a large, two-story log building straight in front of them. A thin, packed-dirt trail wound from the building in a circle in front of three other, smaller buildings. "Those are the cabins," a voice said behind them. Quill turned around with a start. Storya smiled at them warmly. "You'll get a chance to see your cabin later. For now, just head to the main lodge." Quill nodded and strode towards the largest building. Once inside, they placed their luggage down on a varnished wooden bench that had a paper bearing their name taped to it. Then, they sat down on the same bench and looked forward, to where a woman that looked similar to Storya, but with sharper features, was standing behind a laptop and looking towards a sheet tacked to the wall. Quill turned their gaze that direction, too, and saw that a slide was being projected onto it. There were three lists on the slide, but the lighting was bad and they couldn't quite read them. Soon all the CBers were sitting beside their bags on benches around the large room. Storya strode in therough the wide doors and up to the podium where, Quill assumed, her sister stood. Storya smiled at the other woman and stepped up beside her. "Hello, welcome, and good afternoon!" her voice echoed around the room. "I am, as you already know, Storya, and I run most things here. My sister, Poetina," she gestured at the woman beside her, "runs everything else. She is," her voice took on a tone that warned against - Quill wan't sure just yet, "a mute." Her tone now brokered no further explanation and didn't invinte questions, so Quill refrained from asking the ones theat were overflowing in their head. The lights in the room began to darken, and the words projected on the wall became clearer and easier to read. "There are three cabins that you can stay in," Storya continued, speaking warmly once again, "and you have all been assigned one. The cabin assignments are on the screen." Quill looked up at the wall and read, 

Wolf Cabin


Princess Juniper

Silver Crystal

Cougar Cabin

Ferocious Dragon



Bear Cabin

Kitty Cat 




"One the doors of the cabins are wooden engravings your cabin's mascot animal's pawprint. That is how you can discern between the cabins. When I tell you to, take your luggage and got to your cabins. Each bed in the cabins is labeled withthe name of a CBer. Please take your own bed. Alright," A bright grin spread across Storya's face, "Go in 3... 2... 1... go!" And the CBers tore off, out of the cafeteria, and down the packed brown footpaths to their cabins.


I will post a map of the Moonlight Forest in a few hours. I will also possibly post pictures of my brainstorming.

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I love it so far! Silver, Luna you're with me!!!!!

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Yayyy can't wait! This is so great so far :) I hope neither Luna or Juni is the murderer, or me, for that matter. But then again, what makes a good ski lodge but some mystery? Can't wait to see where this goes!

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This might sound a little concerning, but I think I want to be the murderer. I've been joining ski lodges for two and a half years, I ought to have been the killer by now! XD

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Actually... now that you mention it, being the murderer would be pretty cool. It would garuntee that I'd live to the end and not be killed off early. That being said, I still hope that you or Juni isn't the muderer, cause that's a one way ticket to an early death XD

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Here's a map of Moonlight Forest.


Screenshot 2020-12-19 at 3.14.26 PM.png
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Heh okay I can't take it anymore I have too many story ideas. This ski lodge is shaping up to be updated very irregularly XD


Day 1, Part 2


Ferocious Dragon laid his green backpack onto the amber-colored quilt of the fancy, canopied, four-poster beds of the Cougar Cabin. Everything in the small log building was a shade of gold, amber, yellow, or orange, except for the walls, which were brown-gray and worn.  On the bed across from his, moondemon was busy unpacking, stuffing clothes and other things into the drawers at the bottom of the bedframe. Dragon turned to look at the bed beside him, where Quill was alsounpacking, though they were being more organized, and not as messy and fast as moondemon. Feeling left behind, Dragon unzipped his bag and started pulling things out, too. 


Meanwhile, in the Wolf Cabin, Luna-Starr, Silver, and Juni were looking around at the furnishings in wonder. The only color that stopped the interior from being entirely grayscale was the brown of the walls. The bedframes were white, the blankets were gray, black, and white, the sheets were silver, and the drawers set into the bedframe had black knobs. The floor was covered with black and gray faux-fur rugs. They had all sat their bags on their beds and unzipped them, ready to begin unpacking. "How long are we going to be here, anyway?" Silver turned to the other two. Juni shrugged, and Luna-Starr said, "I'm not sure, either. The letter was very vague about everything." Juni replied, "I assume we're going to be here for about a week. That's usually how long these kinds of things are." Silver nodded, not quite satisfied but knowing that her cabin-mates wouldn't have anything else to tell her.


The Bear Cabin was just as big as the other cabins, but instead of three people, they had to fit four. the furnishings were all brown, fluffly, and cozy, which made up for the slight lack of space. Sterling set her clothes in neat piles on the shelf uder her bed, which was attached to the wall and made of wood of a beautiful chocolate-brown color. Her cabin-mates, Kity, Lumi, and NoOne, were also unpacking, in varying levels of neatness. The pretty patchwork quilts on the beds seemed cozy, and Sterling debated just taking a quick nap, but she didn't want to miss a single thing in this place. Everything was so exciting here! When she and all her cabin-mates had finsihed their unpacking, they stepped out of their cabin into the sunny clearing where the camp buldings were located. Storya waved at them from the grassy spot in the center of the clearing, where a few picnic tables rested. The other cabin members had all settled down and waved at the Bear Cabin members as well. Poetina glanced up and caught Sterling's gaze. The tall, sharp woman stared at the blue-haired girl in interest, examining her. A single thought ran through Poetina's head, Her mind is clouded, and then Sterling shivered and dropped her gaze. She plopped down at the same table as the rest of the Bear Cabin and stared at Storya as the elegant woman stood up and proclaimed, "Out first activity will be to take a nature walk! If you're lucky, we might even stay at Duck Pond for a while." Sterling straigthened excitedly, wondering what sorts of things might reside in the beautiful Moonlight Forest that surrounded them. 


The group walked in a single-file line through the forest, Storya in the lead, staking out a path through the thick clumps of trees and undergrowth. Vibrantly-colored birds sang around them, and they'd already spotted two deer. They'd even seen a family of rabbits. "We're nearly at Duck Pond!" Storya sang out, clearly excited to get there. Kitty Cat smiled, having realized eariler that if Storya was excited abuot this pond, then it probably was something pretty awesome. Then, one by one, the CBers burst into a huge clearing, gasping as they did so. A huge, clear pond lay before them, its clear blue water shimmering tantalizingly. The edges of the pond were thicketed by cattails and reeds, and a few spots of water near the banks were coated with green algae. Brown mother ducks made ripples in the otherwise-smooth surface of the water, and adorable, fluffly, yellow ducklings paddled along in lines behind them. When the ducks saw the CBers, Storya, and Poetina, there was a chorus of trills and quacks, and a huge splashing of water as all the ducks swam furiously to the banks of the pond. Hte ducklings nudged at the CBers' legs and shoes, wanting to be rubbed, and the mother ducks went to Storya, who held her hand out. A large, mottled brown duck, the largest female, in fact, laid her bill on the woman's hand and closed it's eyes blissfully. A big mallard with a glistening green head flew in a wide circle and then landed on the ground in front of Poetina, who knelt and put her face close to the duck's. She seemed almost to be listening to it. "I did tell you you'd like it here!" Storya called, a wide smile spread across her face. Kitty smiled back, rubbing two ducklings' heads and nudging another one's stomach with the tip of her shoe.

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I'm gonna post a new update just to keep this thing topped.


Day 1, Part 3


All the CBers were gathered in the cafeteria. They stood in line, waiting for spaghetti and meatballs to be plopped on their plates by a squat, plump, cheerful-looking old woman. Some of them had already recieved their food and had moved outdoors to sit at the picnic tables. Storya, holding the cafeteria doors open, smiled at each CBer as they passed by her. Poetina was sitting at one of the indoor tables and was scribbling madly on a scrap of paper with a purple ballpoint pen. Whenever someone walked past her, she would hurriedly flip over the paper or cover it with her arm. Once every CBer had received their food, Storya followed them out into the picnic table area. She sat down and pulled a baggie out of her pocket. It looked to be full of Rice Krispie balls. For a whle, the only sounds were the slurping of noodles and the sounds of the forest around them. Then, when all the CBers had finsihed eating, Storya stood up. "CBers!" she cried, her voice containing so much authority that everyone looked up at her immediately, "I have an important announcement to make. I'm sure you all know who your cabinmates are," here she looked pointedly at each person in turn, "and now, I will tell you why we have put you in cabins. Yes, for rooming reasons, but also because there will be a camp-long scavenger hunt. Your cabin will be your team. Wolf Cabin, would you please stand and come up here?" Luna-Starr, Juni, and Silver rose and went up to where Storya was standing. The tall, elegant woman smiled at them and pulled three silvery ribbons out of her pocket. She tied one around each girl's wrist. "These ribbons are a quick way to identify what cabin others are in. Would the Cougar Cabin please come, now?" As the Wolf Cabin went back to their seats, Quill, Dragon, and moondemon stood and walked over to Storya. The ribbons that were tied around their wrists were a shimmery golden color. The Bear Cabin recieved chocolatey-brown colored ribbons. Once every CBer had been outfitted with their cabin-colored ribbons, Storya spoke again, "There are maps and scavenger hunt lists in your cabins. You are welcome to begin straightaway. Thank you, and you are free to go!" The CBers looked around distrustfully, waiting for someone else to move first. Finally, they stood up and headed for their cabins.


Sterling stood in the Bear Cabin, staring at the map and list in her hands. The map looked pretty accurate, but it didn't describe much. The first item on the list was a four-leaf clover. Sterling knew from experience that they weren't easy to find, and one glance at her cabinmates confirmed the idea that they knew it, too. "Well," NoOne finally said, "should we go to the Clover Fields? That seems like the best place to look." Lumi and Kitty nodded, and Sterling took the lead, opening the door and stepping out into the watery sunshine. They trekked through the forest, repeatedly checking their maps to make sure they were on the right track. Eventually, they emerged from the thick forest into a large clearing that was carpeted with bright green clover. "Wow," Sterling breathed, "it's beautiful." Lumi had already gotten to her knees and stuffed both her papers in her pocket. "Let's get looking," she said, "the other cabins are already here. Look!" she gestured toward the far end of the huge field of clover, where the Wolf Cabin was sifting through the thick carpet of clover and where the Cougar Cabin was running around and looking for any glimpse or gut feeling of a four-leaf clover. The other Bear cabinmates squatted down and began looking around, attemtping to find the special plant. Then, Kitty stood up, their hair waving. "We should spread out," they said, "that way we have a better chance of finding it." Sterling nodded, stood up, and headed towards a promising-looking patch, where the clover had sprouted flowers and fat bumblebees were buzzing happily around.


It's a little shorter this time. 

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This is great!! I can't wait to see how the scavenger hunt goes!

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