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Ski Loooodge

Ski Loooodge


You unzip your coat and look around you in wonder. The snow that had lain on the ground for months is finally melting, new grass blades are poking their tips up from the soil, and the clouds are disappearing. You open the door of your house to go back in, before realizing that the weather is too nice to stay inside. You turn around and continue down the street. A soft, gentle breeze whistles through the budding tree branches and you smile and close your eyes in bliss. Suddenly, you open them again as something smacks into your face. You peel it off and look at it, about to throw it away. But something stops you. Instead, you look at the object. It's a piece of paper. No, an envelope. A slightly stained, old-looking one, but still an intact envelope just the same. You see a faded name on it and peer more closely to read it. It's your name! You rip it open with growing curiosityand pull out an abnormally thick sheet of paper. It reads,

Hello, CBer! You are invited to join us for a vacation at the Moonlight Forest to enjoy the beautiful spring weather! Cabins and food will be supplied. There will be many activities to participate in, as well as large expanses of forest to explore. AE's and CAPTCHA's are not permitted to come. Please fill out the form below.

CBer Name: 




Favorite Animal:

Packing List:

Be ready to be picked up at precisely 1:00 next Wednesday at the place you recieved this letter. We await your arrival!

~Storya and Poetina

You read over the letter again, look around you to mark the exact spot where the letter hit you, and head home to fill out the form in the letter. You skip along the roadside giddily, happily anticipating a camping trip to the Moonlight Forest, wherever that is. What you don't notice is another piece of paper on the sidewalk behind you, crumpled and muddy. It's marked by a large blot in a red substance that looks suspicously like blood. If you turned around to look, you might have been able to tell that the marking on the paper looked quite a lot like a bear pawprint...


This is my first ski lodge! Feel free to guess me. Also, this ski lodge is a little different than most in that there will be clues that you can solve to find the murderer, and you can recommend things to me that you want your story-self to do. There are 10 slots and I'll start on Dec. 20, unless the slots become full before that.

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These are amazing! Sorry I would have commented earlier. My dad took away my chromebook for the holidays!

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(December 28, 2020 - 5:20 pm)

Oh my gosssshhhhhh Storya and Poetina this is amazing! I love the details you go into, and how everything is color coded and ahhhhhhh I'm sososorry I haven't commented yet, please keep writing, I'ms o excited!

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Ahhh sorry I haven't commented earlier! I love the colors for each cabin- especially because the silver for the Wolf Cabin is literally my name XD I'd like to think that I'm good at scavenger hunts, but we'll so how this turns out. Keep up the good work!

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Day 1, Part 4


The Wolf Cabin CBers were carefully sifting through every clover within a three-foot radius of their group. The spring sunlight was making them all hot and a little sweaty, but they continued their monotonous work. Suddenly, at the far end of the field, there were a few noises. Silver Crystal looked up quickly in the direction the sounds had come from. There was nothing there. She shrugged to herslef and turned back to the green swaths of clover. Then, Storya was there! No one was quite sure how she had gotten there without any warning. "I forgot to tell you," she said, "the first cabin to find a four-leaf clover gets first pick of ice cream toppings tonight." The Wolf Cabins shot up their arms on a cry of delight. "Something more to work towards!" Luna-Starr exclaimed, turning back to the clover and searching energetically. Silver and Juni followed her example, looking at clover after clover. There were more shouts of excitement, signalling that Storya had told the other cabins aobut the first-dibs-on-ice-cream-toppings prize. But it was too late for them. Only minutes after storya had given the Bear Cabin their extra motivation, Luna-Starr screeched with delight. "I found one!" she yelled, to cries of delight from her cabin and moans from the others. Storya came over and checked the clover. "You got one, alright," she validated. The Wolf Cabin erupted into cheers once more. Then, there was a plaintive question from over where the Bear Cabin was. "Where's Sterling?" Lumi asked. "moondemon's gone, too!" Dragon called.


Nearly an hour of frantic searching yielded no reults. They searched all over the clover fields and in the woods beyond. Just then, moondemon entered the clearing. "Hey, guys!" he called, "What did I miss? Did someone find a clover yet?" Quill shook him. "Where were you?" they screeched. "I was just looking for snacks!" he said sheepishly, "But Karina, the food lady, kept me there and fed me too much." Dragon sighed. "We were really worried!" he exclaimed. Then he glanced over towards the Wolf Cabin girls. "The Wolf Cabin found the four-leaf clover and is getting first dibs on the ice cream toppings tonight." "What!" moondemon shrieked, "Why did I not know about this?" "Becuase you left, duh," Quill retorted. "Do you know where Sterling is?" "No," he replied, a little confused, "why would I?" "Because she's missing, too!" Dragon said. Storya came over, looking worried. Poetina was by her side, which was strange enough, seeing how rarely Poetina had been withthem this whole day. Even weirder, however, was that her eyes were flashing in kaleidescope colors. Tiny reflections of their light danced on the clover leaves. Quill tried their best to look away, but the tiny lights were very distracting. Storya glanced over at them, and Quill looked away quickly and guiltily, aware that she shouldn't have been staring. Storya flashed them a quick smile as if to say it was all right, and then she began to look worried. The sun was slowly sinking over the tops of the trees. Suddenly, Sterling burst out of the darkening woods, her clothes torn and a bloody scratch on her face. "A-" she gasped. Her cabin mates rushed to help her and to hold her up. "A bear-" she managed to get out. Storya, who'd been looking relieved, frowned deeply. She began to look genuinely concerned. "A- a bear attacked- attacked me!" Sterling finally gasped. Poetina's expression didn't change, but her kaleidescope eyes grew considerably darker, and the colors red and blue began appearing among the others more often. She seemed to be growing angry and afraid. "Let's get you to the infirmary," Storya said finally. She glanced quickly at Poetina, who nodded and took off in the direction of the camp.

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Oh no... poor Sterling :( I wonder if the attack was an accident or not...? Also, what's with the flashing kalidescope eyes?

On the bright side, us Wolves get first pick of ice cream toppings tonight!! Probably rainbow sprinkles with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on mint chocolate chip ice cream. Or not... it's too hard to decide XD Can't wait to see what happens next! 

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Oh hey, I guess I'm lucky!

Poor Sterling! I hope she's okay.

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Thanks, Storya and Poetina, Lucy in the Sky is in my head XD 

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ahhhhhh this won't top

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Wow! This is amazing writing!

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oOoOhh this is great. its so much funnier that a lot of old ski lodges i read! hope i dont get eaten BY THE BEAR!

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