Ski Lodge Revival!

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Ski Lodge Revival!

Ski Lodge Revival!


All CBers, AEs, and CAPTCHAs still have their spot. We have more spots open, however. 


Yes, this is a revival because for some reason I want to start over. And everyone's forgotten about it and nobody's topping anymore (TOPTOPTOPTOPTOP!! is me)


"ARGH THIS IS TORTURING ME!" you yell as you fling yourself on the couch and glare at your homework angrily. You realize you're still holding your pen, and in exasperation, hurl it across the room, where it lands, completely still. 

A second later, a paper flies out of your paper tray and floats toward the pen. The pen begins to write. 

I must be hallunciating, you think. 

However, the paper then flies into your hands, and you can feel it, proving that it's real. 

You go ahead and read it. 

It says, 

'Dear Reciever of This Letter, 

Are you tired of homework? Exhausted from quizzes? Well, we've got the vacation you need! It's a vacation in a mansion, specifically, the Calumial Mansion. You'll have everything you need there! 

If you'd like to go, please fill out the sheet below. 





Luggage {Please specify}:

Is time real, and why/why not?: 

All beings coming must fill out this sheet. If you do not, then you are not allowed to be in this vacation. Thank you very much. Please simply write out the form and submit it, then you will be transported in due time. This vacation begins 12/20/2020. Plenty of time for you to prepare. 

~Golden and Callumi'

You scan the paper again, just as another slip falls onto the paper. 

It reads, 

'We are not responsible for any injuries or fatalites in our property. Please be careful.' 

You sigh. Well, if it means getting away from homework, you're in.  You scribble down the sheet and wait. Only 10 more days. 


You may notice the sheet is modified a little. 

Those of you who entered previously, please refill if you have time. You will still be included even if you do not fill it out, but I cannot add the big [OMITTED TO KEEP SPOILERS OUT OF THE WAY], so please, if you can, fill it in. 

Thank you so much!



submitted by Golden & Callumi
(December 14, 2020 - 1:00 am)

Name: Miss Autumn

Personality: Sassy, daredevil, has a dark side and is less proper then people assume

Appearance: Brow hair, freckles, brown eyes, skinny jeans, tie dye sweater with flowy short sleeve top over it


Luggage {Please specify}: Golden duffel bag with a silver dress, pink kitten heels, cropped sweatshirt, leggings, sneakers and kindle 

Is time real, and why/why not?:No this time isn't real because I rule all

submitted by Miss Autumn, age 10, Shimmer City
(December 14, 2020 - 9:52 am)

This is Buttercup's sheet!  

Oh and for my sheet I forgot to include that my gender is Girl and my pronouns are She/Her 

Name: Buttercup

Personality: Loyal

Appearance: Brown wings and coat

Gender: Girl She/Her

Luggage {Please specify}: Hay

Is time real, and why/why not?:dibih!

submitted by Miss Autumn, age 10, Shimmer City
(December 14, 2020 - 9:57 am)