Chatterbox: Pudding's Place

Snow slashes the night air, its high howls filling the empty chasm. 

A large warm-looking mansion stands in stark contrast with the deep purple sky, which is flecked by thick flakes and hangs above a residual blanket of ice-woven fog. 

Through it all, the slight crunching of a figure trudging through the knee-deep snow grows all the nearer. 

It is nearly time.


Gender: (Can be non-binary, unspecified, or untrue irl)

Basic Appearance:
Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: (preferably Victorian masquerade-style and detailed, if possible)

Packing list:
Biggest motivation(s): (bonus points if it’s evil)

Biggest weakness(es): (food, type of person, weather, etc.)

Most misunderstood part(s) of you:

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: (on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being absolutely, ridiculously stubborn)


[This form may be filled out by a CBer, AE, or even OC as long as it is properly filled out for each. There will be no clear discrimination in the course of the story (probably). Please keep in mind that characters may be subject to harsh physical conditions, moral dilemmas, plot armor, bodily harm, loss of authorial intent, and even death (a process that possibly includes resurrection too?). Additionally, certain information about characters may, at times, be extrapolated or completely fabricated as seen fit. We ask that the consumer only join if they are fully aware of and accept these terms, and thereby clear us of any liability in future events.]



P.S. Expect updates within two weeks to a month at absolute most

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Chapter 1: 

You shuffle through a sea of cold fluffy powder, ever closer to the hulking establishment that stands, pronounced, the top of the hill. Your breath seems to freeze solid mid-air, and you’re inordinately glad to have finally rea

ched the door. It’s truly a wonder you were able to make it at all.


Pausing for a mere moment at the steps; the full glory of the towering fuchsia facade, dappled with white and magenta trimmings and all stained a faint violet in the night, greets your eyes. It’s a splendid wide Victorian structure, perhaps once intended as a residence, but now really only giving off the impression of a hotel. A very old, fancy, and well-maintained hotel. 


Just about any starry-eyed tourist might have stopped right there, gaping at its beauty, letting it tickle their imagination and romantic fancies…! But not you. No, you are very cold, and there is no way you are going to just stand out here in a blizzard. However, you do hesitate when you realize that you have to grab the metal knocker. Your gloves aren’t that thick, and really tend to prefer staying jammed into your pockets, instead. Oh well. 


After taking just a couple of solid raps, the doors swing open without so much as a squeak. 




No, of course not. What a ridiculous thought. 


You glance around, the light cast by the golden candles plunging you into a sudden wave of security and strange sort of nostalgia. Stripping off your snow-soaked woolen mittens and hat and scarf, then shedding your thick outer-coat, you finally feel the warmth sap into your fingers and gloss over you. Much better.


With the immediate discomfort of the cold quickly dissipating from your mind, you can finally take the chance to notice the details of your surroundings. One word springs to mind: 




Between the ornate wallpaper, the enormous chandelier visible in the high-ceilinged next room over, all the gold and jewel-encrusted braziers that dot the long corridors and sprawling rooms, and the vast expanses of polished floor that every now and then are zig-zagged by fine carpets; there’s even a huge grand-staircase that curves into a pair of balconies. Someone had way too much time and money to blow when they were building this place.


A bit cowed by the extent of this place’s resplendence, you decide to look for a rack or something to hang your heavy winter-wear. No, to be honest, you should really be looking for an entire coat room. 


It’s going to be a long night before you can settle down.

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To the very tippity top!!!!!

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Name: Luna.
Alias(es): None. Unless I need one?

Gender: female

Basic Appearance: Black pixie cut, short around the ears with bright blue and purple streaks. My left eye is bright purple; the right is bright blue. A small, luminous star glows on my left cheek.

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: pirate and steampunk costumes. Can't do hoop skirts, sorry.

Packing list: clothes, toiletries, books, notebooks, pencils, phone, laptop, headphones, phone + laptop chargers, a lightsaber

Biggest motivation(s): to bring all of the opposites of evil to everyone, to avoid failure, to have a good future, to share my ideas that will hopefully help or be enjoyed by someone

Biggest weakness(es): (I'm just listing things I'm bad at) feats of physical strength, situations where I have no direction or instruction whatsoever, math, I hate being late to things, terrible at socializing

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: I'm not misunderstood at all to my knowledge.

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: I guess a 6 or 7

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I'll enter with several of my OCs (as many as you'll take) as a bit of a character-developement exercise, if that's okay with you. I'm excited to see what shenanigans you put them through. :)

Name: Max

Alias(es): Forest

Gender: Male, he/him

Basic Appearance: Max is white and has brown eyes and short, curly brown hair that likes to flop all over the place. He's a bit short for his age and kind of pudgy (not fat, just not thin either). He tends to wear sweatshirts and other comfy clothes.

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: He would hate to wear Victorian-esque clothing. The wackiest thing you could find him in is either a blanket burrito or a cosplay for his video game character (but we all know he'd take it off immediately after the picture). 

Packing list: Phone, computer, math notebook, case of writing utensils, puzzle book, a couple emergency snack bars, clothes, toiletries

Biggest motivation(s): Being part of something, having people think highly of him, living up to expectations, being useful

Biggest weakness(es): Bullies, spinach, hot weather, physical activity (especially running)

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: Actually, he's misunderstood in quite a lot of ways, because he always presents himself as what he thinks people want to see, so much so that even he isn't sure what he's actually like beneath the layers.

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: 8


Name: Alex

Alias(es): Glacier

Gender: Non-binary, they/them

Basic Appearance: They’re Black, have short, thick, dark hair, and love to wear bright, funky clothing. They often wear huge hoop earrings, and they want to get their nose pierced, but their parents won’t let them.

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: They're all for wacky clothing and would leap at the opportunity to wear Victorian-esque fashion. They'd prefer a suit, but one as elaborate as possible.

Packing list: Phone, computer, deck of cards, Kindle, folder of D&D character sheets (just in case someone else there also plays), clothes, toiletries, emergency bar of dark chocolate

Biggest motivation(s): Discovering something new, defending their friends, finding quirky jewelry and other fun objects

Biggest weakness(es): People who anger them, white chocolate (blech), electronics that don't work (which will derail them for as long as it takes to fix them)

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: Their friends, especially Max, appreciate them always being there for them and defending them, but Alex worries that they get angry too quickly and wish they were more like Max, who never seems to react to any situation. (Of course, Max wishes he was more like Alex, who always seems to have the perfect witty comeback and knows what to do.)

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: 4


Name: Rebecca

Alias(es): River

Gender: Female, she/her

Basic Appearance: Rebecca is a bit taller than average, has round red glasses, and is Vietnamese. Her hair is straight, black, and shoulder-length, and her face is kind of pointy: not so much that she looks harsh, but enough that it's distinctly non-soft.

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: She's an actress and so has worn her fair share of costumes, but her favorites are long, flowy dresses. They're actually rather impractical most of the time, which is why she loves having the opportunity to wear them for an occasion.

Packing list: Two notebooks, Kindle, several paper books, flute, two pens, three pencils, clothes, toiletries, all neatly packed in an aesthetically pleasing black suitcase

Biggest motivation(s): Having power, organization, being part of a group, having people look up to her, being applauded

Biggest weakness(es): Other people who also want to be in charge, chocolate cake (as in, she'll eat too much of it), that type of really annoying drizzle

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: People who don't know her (and sometimes even those who do) see her as bossy, and she's ashamed to admit that she can be, sometimes, but really she just has a set picture in her mind of how situations should go, and she knows she can get there most efficiently by being in charge herself.

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: 4


Name: Jasper

Alias(es): Plateau

Gender: Male, he/him

Basic Appearance: He’s white, has light brown hair (cut short at the sides with a long bit in the middle), and is decently tall. He usually wears funny t-shirts and sweatpants or athletic pants. He's pretty conventionally attractive, though he'd be the first to deprecate his own looks (jokingly, of course).

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: If there was an actual reason, he could be persuaded to wear something fancy, but in the realm of wackyness, he'd be more likely to wear a onesie or a taco suit.

Packing list: Phone, computer, frisbee, joke book, camera (for recording YouTube videos, which is his latest hobby), clothes, toiletries

Biggest motivation(s): Making people laugh, having fun, winning, keeping his friends safe

Biggest weakness(es): Having to sit still, being silent

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: Some people get annoyed at how he makes light of every situation, even the serious ones, but it's really the only way he knows to cope. Growing up, his parents and everyone he knew were constantly in dangerous situations (it comes with growing up in a secret society), and they all treated it as normal, so he was implicitly taught he had to as well. He jokes to cope with fear. {note from the author: I actually didn't realize this myself about Jasper until I was writing this, but it just gave me a new insight into his personality!}

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: 6 or 7

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Ooh, I must've missed this one! Here's some more characters to throw into the mix (if it's not too late to apply?)


Name: Charlotte 

Alias(es): Charlie, Scarlet Rose

Gender: Female

Basic Appearance: Fair-ish complexion, straight light brown hair in a long round-ish(like, no sharp angles) almost bob (with bangs and a bubblegum pink streak), dark brown eyes that sometimes hold quite the evil glint; she's quite thin, and her theme is pastel pink and varying shades of brown or dark red, always has very light pink nail polish on

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: Light-weight Renaissance dresses, she secretly can't stand those kinds of fancy things

Packing list: Cake, nail polish, black eyeliner, a brush and other toiletries, 12 different pairs of earrings and a couple packs of gum

Biggest motivation(s): To TAKE OVER  THE WO- ahem, I mean, become a better person and make new friends. More specifically, to look good while going about it.

Biggest weakness(es): Dogs, orange juice, bloodstains

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: Most people think she's a sociable angel, but in reality that's all a façade, she's really quite terrifying. She also has a rather carefree, happy-go-lucky, popular-girl atmosphere about her, but yeah, that's all to throw everyone off guard when she does get down to business.

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: probably a 4 or 5


Name: Alistair

Alias(es): Aster, the Twilight Master, twinkle-boi (ah, we've been told to omit that last one)

Gender: Male 

Basic Appearance: Light skin tone, short dark nearly-black straight hair, thin-ish violet eyes and a winning smile

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: STEAMPUNK AND TOPHATS FOR LIFE

Packing list: A jar of pickle, his tool kit and magical waist-bag-thingie (sorta like Leo's from Percy Jackson)

Biggest motivation(s): Moving forward with new innovations and technology, learning new things, getting along with people for as long as possible

Biggest weakness(es): Sidney, losing his tool kit, puppies and doe-eyes

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: He’s sort of manipulative, and is naturally good at convincing or persuading people. He can also come off as being flirty sometimes, but… That's just Alistar for you(in others words, he's not trying, it just sort of happens).

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: 3 until you use doe-eyes (then it's maybe an 7 or 8)


Name: Lily

Alias(es): Silver lantern, steel lily, 

Gender: Female

Basic Appearance: Copper skin, with round melted-chocolate coloured pumpkin-seed eyes and a soft but defined chin and features, the harshest thing about her face is her glare, but that's just because she's sorta serious and doesn't realize it; she has dark brown hair tied up in a bun most of the time, her colour theme is black/grey with purple or blue

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: She'll put up with anything "decent" from that era, dresses included, maybe pirate-style?

Packing list: A container of french fries, toiletries, a couple extra black hair bands and scrunchies, French Vanilla chapstick, a box of macarons, a sketch pad and her mysterious art box(with literally every art thing in it), and her blue phoenix-parakeet-thing?

Biggest motivation(s): Helping the people most would overlook, improving herself, general justice

Biggest weakness(es): Young children, cute cats, someone in need, twilight or even just quiet scenes in general (they secretly make her feel very sad for some reason)

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: She can often be misconstrued as disliking people, but that's just because she's serious and dedicated to whatever she's doing; seen as boring because she's quiet, but she has a dark past (oh, did I forget to mention she has a dark past?), former actrice and a time/dimension traveller. No, don't ask.

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: 9, although it may not always seem like it


Name: Sidney

Alias(es): Kiro, Helios, 

Gender: Male

Basic Appearance: Medium-light brown skin(technically "black"), straight bleached-white hair, chiseled(?) physique, 

Wackiest Fashion you'd feasibly endure: Boi, he'd look good in anything, and he'll be fine wearing with it too. Suits aren't his really his thing, but again, he'll put up with really anything. (I feel like turquoise or yellow would work really well with him, though)

Packing list: Chocolate milk, comfort snacks, plain chocolate covered pocky, an extra pair of sneakers, a tiger cub

Biggest motivation(s): Making people smile and/or laugh, supporting his friends, taking vacations in the country (he deserves it)

Biggest weakness(es): Gardening, being tickled, can be trusting of his friends almost to a fault (but is still quite clever and discerning), animals (they're just too cute!)

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: Um, not to be disagreeable but… I don't think there is anything? Maybe people underestimate how intelligent he is because of his rather carefree attitude?

How easy to sway/easy-to-sway are you: 9

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Name: Minerva

Alias(es): Victoria

Gender: Female

Basic Appearance: Wavy brown hair, maroonish-brown eyes(change with the lighting), raspberry jacket that exudes ABSOLUTE FLUFFINESS, always wears black or at least dark sweatpants, and ALWAYS wears crocs

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: She would wear a very long dress, like so long you can't see her crocks, and it would be dark aqua or maroon.

Packing list: Chocolate, cat, extra pair of crocs, gameboy.

Biggest motivation(s): To win every game… no, to win EVERYTHING!!!

Biggest weakness(es): Flirty people, dogs.

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: People think she’s mean all the time.

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: 4


Name: Pearl

Alias(es): Diamond

Gender: Female

Basic Appearance: A ginger, wears a white school uniform with a dark green bow, skirt, and trimmings, Rose-dawn sneakers, always smiles unless she is thinking about fallen food, and has a long wavy ponytail all day, everyday.

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: Anything knee length or longer.

Packing list: extra plates, sneakers, and spaghetti.

Biggest motivation(s): To live a long happy life.

Biggest weakness(es): fallen food, heat.

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: That she cries about a lot of things(she only cries when she thinks about food that she dropped 5 years ago).                                        

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: 9



Name: Rosey

Alias(es): Violet

Gender: Female

Basic Appearance: long wavy dusty rose hair, dark pink eyes,   .

Wackiest fashion you’d feasibly endure: School dress code.

Packing list: Knife(TOTALLY for sushi), soulsand(great adventures put their soul into everything they do, but true adventurers put OTHERS’ souls into it too.... At least according to Minecraft) 

Biggest motivation(s):Destroy all spiders.

Biggest weakness(es): Heat, spiders, familial love.

Most misunderstood part(s) of you: That she is a nice and caring person.

How understanding/easy-to-sway are you: In act: 10 Out of act: 0



Ralsei says indua!!


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Darkness fills the arid night. 

A harsh sand-filled wind brushes against the shallow sandstone structures. The smooth limestone of a sharp, sloped surface is outlined by the moon; star-sprinkled skies seeming to blink, signalling what is to come next.

A dark figure blends into the moonlit outline.

They slowly peer around before bounding into a passage, slipping into an inner chamber, smoothly flipping down and landing with a soft pad. They glance around, eyes adjusting to the sudden lack of moonlight inside the structure.


The figure flinches, eyes wide as they eye the arrow impaled in the wall next to them.

Of course, that's to be expected, They try to reassure themself. What kind of ancient treasure would be left behind without some sort of protection? 

They continue on, if not a tad uneasily; the light padding of their feet the only sound until...

The figure freezes.

No... It couldn't be...?

A soft hissing sound fills the corridor ahead At first only barely noticeable, it suddenly swells to consume the figure's full attention. So focused are they in locating the deadly source, that they don't notice the other figure behind them, creeping closer. 

At least, not until it's too late.

They suddenly feel a sharp kick connect with their legs, and wheel around to face their assailant. However, due to the disadvantage, they can only put up a short scuffle before being forced into the dark pit that lay not far ahead. 

A hard thump echoes in the enclosed space.

It only takes another moment for the sharp hiss to become even louder. There's another wriggling sound as the first figure tries to claw their way out, and then a choked scream, cut short.

The hissing subsides. Then silence.

"Thanks for your help. ...Old friend." The attacker's voice rings out, smooth and velvety.

Alone they stand, almost forlorn, something in their hand glinting when the step away and into a ray of moonlight.

"You've been very helpful to me." 

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[Another perspective]

Dry darkness fills my senses. 
Shadows creep and shift around me as I close into range of my target. The splendor of such a huge, sacred piece of architecture is intimidating. 
The sloped limestone walls come to a peak at the Weeping Star of the East, and the pale silver light reflects off of the pristine outline of the structure. Through a tall, thin entranceway the inside of the monument becomes visible. I can’t help but hold my breath as my gaze falls upon the ancient, cracked frescoes, with faded patches and chunks missing, which dot the interior. They seem to hold such a deep history that it feels wrong to intrude upon them. Countless statues line the pillars and corridors, their polished stone, precious gems and metals twinkle mischievously in the faint moonlight. Their hollow eyes seem to bore into me, as if judging my every action.
I wonder if the legends are true… Maybe-
No, there’s no time for that, I’m a professional now. I have a job to do. I steel my resolve and cautiously take a step in.
And it’s a good thing I am careful, because the moment I cross the threshold of the inner chamber, a resounding: TWACK! sounds against the wall beside me. I hadn’t even been able to react to the arrow that had zipped by my ear. 
But of course, that’s to be expected. It would’ve been more surprising if there hadn’t been a lighting-speed trap aimed at my face, especially here. 
Just great.
I hesitantly step forward, muscles braced for another sudden attack.
And… Nothing. How reassuring.
I relax my stance ever-so-slightly, still on guard, but loose enough to walk comfortably.
Ah, what was that? I could have sworn I heard something... I continue on, forcing myself to act unphased. Is someone else in here? Maybe it’s just-
My train of thought is cut off when I hear the sound again. It’s much clearer this time.
My steps finally falter. I certainly hope it’s not what I think it is.
I squint, desperately scanning the room. Good thing I noticed it in time. But what is that? a mat? A rug? No... 
Looking back, perhaps that’s where I made my first mistake. Or perhaps it was a mistake going into there in the first place. Maybe I should have listened to my inner-coward and dealt with whatever consequences were later. Maybe then none of this would have happened.
The realization hit me:
It must be- 
But before I can finish my thought, a sharp pain runs through the back of my legs and they buckle. I spin around, grasping at air as a hooded, masked figure leaps back. They’re quick! I do my best to fend off my attacker, but this skirmish was already over the moment they pounced on me. 
Despite my best efforts, I am helplessly driven back to the dark rectangle. They swipe at me and it misses, but they immediately lunge at me again, without a trace of hesitation. That does the trick. I teeter for a split-second, trying to twist away at the same time but accomplishing neither.
Before I can even process the situation, half of my body is crushed into the ground; a dull, throbbing ache biting at my shoulder and hip and spine and the base of my skull, threatening to render me unconscious. It’s so fierce that nothing seems real. 
I can’t hear or anything as I roll around in pain, just trying to make it stop. Even the threat of snakes can’t get me to think straight at this point.
I’m only snapped out of this when I feel the fangs. Well, I don’t, actually.
I just feel the spreading, cold tightness and the sticky, warm slickness on my neck.
I can vaguely make out the outline of the snake that I presume just nabbed me. I hazily whip out a dagger and slash at it. Got it. Slowly, my hand trembling, I manage to crush the head. 
I’m pretty sure I see the dull shine of more scales, but they quickly recede into the darkness as if frightened of me. I think they must be confused. That’s my job. I exhaustedly rifle around my belt and tear a small glass bottle free, gulping most of its contents down in one go.
The only thing I know is that it’s quiet after that.
My head spins and everything blurs as I wait for the effects of the venom to wear off. 
I miss the team… I should have convinced them to come instead. They wouldn’t have let this happen.
I blurrily think I hear a voice at the edge of my periphery, but it’s probably just a hallucination…
At least that’s what I think, until I see her.
There, silhouetted by the moonlight like an ethereal figure, her deep green, catlike eyes. They flash in triumph before she slips soundlessly into the night.
My voice comes out hoarse, and I’m the only one left to hear it, but I can’t help myself.
I’d recognise those eyes anywhere.
A lone figure leaps up and lands atop the monument in a crouch. Her dark mask covers the bottom of her face and her cloak’s hood obscures the rest. Only her eyes are visible, and they seem to shine, even with her back to the moonlight.
When she straightens up, you almost feel bad for her. 
Until she speaks, that is. The menacing tone dripping off her tongue is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine.
"You've been very helpful to me." 
She bends her knees slightly, as if ready to pounce.
"Now for the rest of them." 
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