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Hey CBers! Since I'm bored and need stuff to draw, I'm rebooting my picturings thread! Again. I'll draw CBers, Æs, OCs, and CAPTCHAs! I'll also draw group picturings, but those will obviously take longer. Also, most of my art is digital these days, but if you really want your picturing to be traditional art, let me know and we'll work something out. 



Age (or the age you appear to be):  



Basic personality:

Pose (optional-- if you can't decide I'll try and come up with something that fits your personality.):

Background (optional): 

Favorite color: 

Portrait or full body: 

Anything else I should know:   





Background (optional):  

Favorite color: 

Portrait or full-body:  

Anything else I should know: 


Names and ages of group members: 

Genders and appearances of group members, one at a time:

Personalities of group members, one at a time:

Poses (optional):

Background (optional):  

Relationship between group members: 

Anything else I should know:  

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(January 4, 2021 - 11:27 am)

Can you draw my new AE, Windracer?

Name: Windracer

Age: Somewhere between 17 and 20

Gender: Male

Appearence: Spiky red and orange hair the goes in all directions, face has a lot of scars and tatoos, very tan skin, always has a smug face. Preffered clothing is leather jackets and ripped jeans, aviator glasses, and a katana strapped to his back. 

Basic personality: Chaotic, loves cars, explosions, crime, having no consequences, and street fights.

Background: Something like an alleyway or warehouse. Or an explosion behind him.

Pose: Leaning on a car, swinging his katana, being a public nuisance, etc.  

Favorite color: Crimson 

Portrait or full body: Full body

Other: N/A

Can't wait to see it! 

submitted by Lazerbat
(January 4, 2021 - 12:07 pm)

I'm signing up for picturings right and left... but I love seeing people's interpretations of a description!

Name: The Sage Wolf

Age (or the age you appear to be):  tween-ish, teen-sh

Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: Dark brown, mostly straight hair with sage streaks just past my shoulders; light brown eyes; rust/dark green colored clothes; wolf tail and ears; (sorry this one's so specific) rose-gold arrow ring

Basic personality: Shy but extroverted at times

Pose (optional-- if you can't decide I'll try and come up with something that fits your personality.): Standing, one hand on hip

Background (optional): Nothing

Favorite color: Green, specifically sage

Portrait or full body: Full body

Anything else I should know: Thanks! 

submitted by The Sage Wolf
(January 4, 2021 - 2:21 pm)
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(January 4, 2021 - 4:24 pm)

So, sorry but this is going to be long (I have a lot of AEs and CAPTCHAs, mk?)

Names and ages of group members: Nightfall DreamFire (me) - 11, Angel, 11, Demon, 11, Electro, N/A because they're a robot, Stormfly, 13, Galaxy, 14, Timeshifter, 15, Burn, 17, Ocean, 18, Chang'e, 15, Orion, 14, Breeze, 10, Ashling, 12. Selene, 13

Genders and appearances of group members, one at a time: 

*sighs* this is going to be long. 

Nightfall DreamFire - Im just the tall person with a dark cloak that covers everything except for my pale hands which have a sapphire ring on one of the fingers. My face is shadowed by the cloak. pale skin. they/them nonbinary

Angel - The one who has fancy angel wings that are a blinding white, a glowing golden halo, with a tank top and jean shorts. pale skin. they/them genderfluid

Demon - The one who has red and black horns and dragon wings, looks super similar to Angel. dark skin and red tank top with black jean shorts. 

Electro - Robot. Just make it as robot-like as possible. they/them. Actually two robots. 

^We are technically two robots.^ 

Stormfly - Black and white old fashioned dress. Boots. Gray hair in a ponytail. she/her. dark skinFemale

Galaxy - Galaxy-colored hair with white dots, up to their waist, t-shirt and black pants. one purple one blue eyes. barefoot. ae/aer nonbinary pale skin

Timeshifter - the same as galaxy. they/them genderfluid 

Burn - Dark red flame-y hair, deep red eyes. T-shirt and jeans. Fancy shoes. he/him cis male dark skin

Chang'e  - Fancy. Fancy silk dress. Etc. I will not be going into details. Pale skin. she/her cis female

Orion - Fancy tuxedo. Dark skin. he/him cis male 

Ocean - I haven't done their appearance much, just do them how you imagine them. she/they. 

Breeze - look at Ocean. 

Ashling - look at Breeze.  

Selene - Look at Ashling  

Personalities of group members, one at a time: Im really shy, Angels super angelic, Demon super demonic, electro ambivert/monotone/no feelings, Selene super super shy, ashling unfocused, Breeze breezy (haha no pun intended), Ocean ambivert, Orion self absorbed, Chang'e even more self absorbed, Burn kind, Timeshifter and Galaxy polite, Stormfly rude. I think that's all. 

Poses (optional): Hanging out in a tree :) 

Background (optional): A tree! 

Relationship between group members: Im the 'mistress' of the crew, angel and demon are twins, timeshifter and galaxy twins, burn was the main problem, chang'e and orion are absolutely annoying, selene mostly avoids everyone, electro the peacemaker, stormfly mischeif maker. 

Anything else I should know: n/a

submitted by NDF+Crew, age Varied, DreamWorld
(January 4, 2021 - 5:22 pm)

Nightfall, your characters look really fun to draw, but 14 people is more like a full-on paid commission, and since I’m doing this for free, this picturing is going to be something I’m working on in the background, okay? I promise I’ll get it done, but the other picturings are going to take priority. Thanks for understanding! 

submitted by Win@Nightfall , age Classified, Enceladus
(January 4, 2021 - 7:33 pm)

Oh, that's alright! Meh I probably have too many anyways (AEs)


submitted by NDF, age they/them, DreamWorld
(January 4, 2021 - 8:26 pm)

I finally finished your group picturing! I hope you like it. Some of the descriptions were a bit vague so I hope I got everything right. 

submitted by Win@Nightfall, age Classified, The Morning Star
(January 11, 2021 - 10:21 am)

:O Wow! ITS SO GOOD I MUST REPAY YOU...*thinks* Alright, I suppose I'll do a picturing for you, but it'll take some time, seeing I'm very busy.

AGAIN THANK YOU!!! ITS SO SO SO GOOD AND I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU TAKING THE TIME OUT TO DO THIS!! My AEs really love it too, just I won't have them say it because..well....*gestures to them* It's like a bunch of people, so yeah. I'll have a few of them say thank you, though. 


That's quite enough, Demon.

-Thank you! It looks amazing!-

~~NDF+Angel and Demon 

submitted by Night@Win
(January 11, 2021 - 11:52 am)

You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it! I just realized that I forgot Electro, though, so here it is with them -- sorry about that!

submitted by Agent Winter@Night, age Classified, Enceladus
(January 11, 2021 - 2:15 pm)

Name: StarSong for this, but call me Song :)

Age (or the age you appear to be): 13

Gender: genderfluid, they/them

Appearance: For this one, since Im StarSong, I'll have white and yellow marbled hair, one yellow one white eye, pale skin, and just a random outfit that you can decide

Basic personality: ambivert! im very positive and always changing! 

(i actually have a personality disorder.)  

Pose (optional-- if you can't decide I'll try and come up with something that fits your personality.): I dunno. 

Background (optional): A galaxy please

Favorite color: blue! 

Portrait or full body: full body

Anything else I should know: n/a

submitted by StarSong, age 13, Floating among stars
(January 4, 2021 - 5:37 pm)

Name: Honeybee

Age (or the age you appear to be): 12

Gender: Female, she/her

Appearance: Shoulder-length brown hair, light skin, hazel eyes, a few freckles, white converse, sweater, yellow suspender skirt with embroidery of bees and flowers, tallish flowery socks, flower crown of dandelions

Basic personality: Funny, kind, smart, awkward, the mom friend

Pose (optional-- if you can't decide I'll try and come up with something that fits your personality.): decide, I guess!

Background (optional): maybe just a solid color.

Favorite color: blue, purple and yellow. My most favorite is lavender, though!

Portrait or full body: full body, please :)

Anything else I should know: um...I don't think so :)

submitted by Honeybee
(January 4, 2021 - 6:03 pm)


Names and ages of group members: Yves "Jamboree" Dìomhaireachd (Teen), Alexander Uaireadair Rìoghochad (Teen), Leo Comadaidh (Teen).

Genders and appearances of group members, one at a time: 

Alexander, Male; Average height (Though probably shorter then the others), and has very pale skin, almost white. He has a small zigzag scar under his right eye. (He says he got it years ago, but it's still bright blood red. Black hair that looks like it needs a haircut, with a streak of white. Eyes that look dark green in the middle but fades into dark blue around the edges. He's actually pretty fashionable! His usual clothing is a very nice and fancy black coat, with a tan colored turtleneck underneath. Black pants.

Yves, Male; Dark raven wavy hair that's usually messy, and has an slight odd blue tint. Fair skin with navy blue eyes, that has hues of emerald green, dark purple, and even occasionally gold. Average height, and somehow always caught up with guys fashion trends... 

Leo, Male ; Chestnut skin, white hair usually done in a quiff hairstyle, pastel green eyes, and kind of tall.

He usually wears graphic t-shirts with a unzipped hoodie over it, or just his favorite pastel green hoodie. Black jeans, occasionally ripped. He always wear sneakers.

Personalities of group members, one at a time: Yves is the comedic theatre kid, Leo's practically the same but less Shakespearean and a lot louder, and Alexander is the quiet kid who somehow got stuck with them and pretends to be 100% done with their shenanigans, but honestly loves 'em.

Poses (optional): Hm... I'm not quite sure, probably them messing around or a group photo!

Background (optional): I want to say somewhere outside in a town or a city.

Relationship between group members: Best friends

Anything else I should know: You're an amazing person Cool

submitted by Sammy E, age Immortal, The Everlasting Mansion
(January 4, 2021 - 7:15 pm)

Here's your OCs, Sammy! This took forever, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. I hope you are too! Let me know if you want anything changed!

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(January 7, 2021 - 12:09 am)

Here's your picturing, Honeybee! Hope you like it, let me know if you want anything changed! 

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(January 5, 2021 - 8:18 pm)

Oh shoot, I forgot the flower crown! Here it is with the crown. Sorry! 

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(January 6, 2021 - 12:09 am)