Chatterbox: Pudding's Place

A loud creak on the window wakes you up. Wait, what?, you think, reaching for the lamp. You click it open and see your pristine white desk, a pen jar, your drawers, your bed, a rug, a couple of leaves- wait, a couple of leaves?? The leaves are in blue, green, red, and orange. Curious, you pick them up. They have cramped, curly writing on them. 

Bored of school? Tired of people bossing you around? Well, we’ve got a vacation for you. A real vacation, mind you, not a fake one. There are totally no murderers. Why would there be? Anyways, I’m Shén Mì, and I’m going to assume you’re reading this. You’ll be invited to a stay at Illustris Somnium, a peaceful, beautiful, place. You’ll be a guest of honor, since we’re celebrating! You’ll find out soon. You’ll be introduced to Shén Huà, Láng, and Lóng! They’re super fun, unlike me, who’s supposed to be the grouchy one. And then there’s a beautiful-- Oops, I’m not supposed to spoil the details. Gah. Plus there’s magic! Lots and lots of it. 


Please fill out the form below if you’d like to attend. 

At this time, the introduction has already filled out 2 leaves, green and red. You toss aside those two and move on to the third, which is orange. 





Perceived Age:





Mysterious or Mythical: 

Red, Green, Blue, or Orange?: 

What You Would Do If Someone Got Murdered (Which Definitely Will Not Happen, Of Course): 

You move on to the next leaf, scanning the third carefully to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Then you realize the last leaf is blue and promptly fling it upon the floor and back away. A blue leaf? Leaves can be green, red, and orange, but a blue leaf? Is it dyed? Leaves aren’t supposed to be blue! But you read it anyways, because it seems totally innocent and there is nothing suspicious about a blue leaf. 

We hope to see you at Illustris Somnium. A side note, careful where you step! I think we miiiiiiiiiight have ACCIDENTALLY pushed a needle into the carpet. You’re welcome. Also, er, just write the form on a piece of new paper WITH AN OLD FASHIONED PEN IT ONLY WORKS WITH AN OLD FASHIONED PEN, fill it out, and a portal will appear. You’ll be~ Oops, no details, me! No spoiling anything! 

You trod over to the door, then let out a scream. The letter was right. There was a needle. You sigh and go to get some tea and bandaids and whatnot, while pondering the letter. Will you go? Probably. You need a break. You open your mother’s office’s door, and snatch an old-fashioned pen and a piece of paper, then scribble and fill the form. 


Fill out the form and submit it by Jan. 31st. Welcome.


Shén Mì and Shén Huà

submitted by Shen Mi & Shen Hua, age Ski Lodge!, Illustris Somnium
(January 21, 2021 - 2:53 pm)