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FanCBer Corner! :D

FanCBer Corner! :D :D

I wasn't sure where to put this but HeRe I am! Books/movies/TV shows are art, after all.

This is a place for fangirls/boys/women/men/others/semi-demonic oranges (or, ya know, i could just say "fangirls" because that is generally considered a gender/age/species neutral term, at least as a verb) to talk about our fandoms! 

We can argue over ships and characters, talk about what we did/didn't like in different things, make lists of fandoms, dump random thoughts about them here, etc.!  

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1: Mysterious Benedict Society. I am rereading the series, it's so amazing!!! I'm going to buy the Riddle Of Ages, then my set will be complete. When you think about it, Constance is really smart for only 4 years old, so I'm wondering what she'd be like when she grows up. As for ships...not really, but if I had to choose, then I'd say Reynie x Kate.

2: Harry Potter. OBVIOUSLY. I can't say this enough, but it's like the best series ever. I ship so many of these guys...I can't possibly list them all. I've watched the movies up to the 5th, but the last 3 are PG-13, so I haven't been able to watch them yet. Speaking of the 6th book (Half-Blood Prince), it was soooooo sad when Dumbledore died. Have you ever mourned the deeath of a fictional character?

3: Beyblade. I'm a serious fangirl over this one. I mean, if anyone else has watched it, you'll know it's a really action-packed anime, especially considering it's a TV show about spinning tops. I'll ship Valt x Shasa, Valt x Shu, Kit x Honey, and Free x Kris for this one.

4: ATLA/TLOK. Netflix is attempting to make a live-action TV show, but I'm not so sure, considering the disaster of the movie. It's literally considered "The worst movie of all time" by some. So many critiques on that movie. For a start, they pronounced 'Aang' as 'Ong'! And the actors were all white, instead of Asian! It was horrible! The cartoon was awesome, though, and I LOVED the plot developing. 

5: SheRa and the Princesses of Power. This was amazing, considering the LGBTQ+ representation! It totally rocked. I really wish there were more seasons, but it was a good ending. Entrapta was probably my favorite character, but I really liked Glimmer as well.

6: Carmen Sandiego. I. JUST. LOVE THIS!!! It's one of my favorite TV shows of all time, and I LOVE the animation style. The characters have such diverse backgrounds. As for my favorite character, I have to say a tie between Player and Julia. Player's just such a cute kid, he's like 5 years younger than everyone else, yet he's their secret weapon. And Julia is so amazing and brave, yet she's an awesome know-it-all (in a good way).


Does anyone have crushes on fictional characters? I do...even though it's kind of embarassing. Let's's a few.
-Player (CS)
-Free de la Hoya (Beyblade)
-Artemis Fowl
-Sal (Sal and Gabi Break the Universe)

Yes, I do have a fandom, it's @Moondrop7. If you guys are wondering. 

(Sorry, Admins, for the long comment) 

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I'm watching She-ra now! It's AMAZING!!! I love ATLA and LoK!

As for crushes on fictional characters, well, obviously. I have a large crush on Double Trouble from She-ra (who, by the way, is probably the best character in existence) a tiny crush on Bow from She-ral another small (medium?) crush on Catra from She-ra, a large crush on Penny from the video game Stardew Valley, a teensy crush on Abigail from Stardew Valley, a small crush on Carmen Sandiego, and that's all I can think of at the moment.

In She-ra, my favorite characters are Double Trouble (obviously if anyone didn't like them I would never speak to that person again) (ok maybe that's a little extreme but yeah), Catra, and Entrapta. I also like Hordak and Wrong Hordak. I basically like all the "villains" except for Horde Prime. I like the villains with a soft spot or a weakness XD

Have I ever mourned the death of a fictional character? Probably.

The Avatar movie looks disturbing. I will never watch it *shudder*

Back to the ATLA cartoon, I do not like the ship Kataang (Katara x Aang) at all. Or, like, any of the ships XD but mostly that one.

Now back to fictional crushes, I remembered a few more from LOK and ATLA:

Sokka, sometimes. Zuko (though like everyone has a crush on Zuko), Suki, sometimes Katara...and for LoK, Korra in the last season, and some of Su's sons who I don't remember their names *waves a dismissive hand* also about LoK, I love Korrasami!

BACK to She-Ra, I love the ship catradora!

Ok, that is all, finally XD

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I have definitely mourned a fictional character. I mourned Sirius more than Dumbledore. He was the best.

YES CARMEN SAN DIEGO IS THE BEST! We switched to Disney Plus for a while and now there are TWO WHOLE SEASONS of CSD that I haven't watched, which is UNACCEPTABLE.

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I am a fan of so many things!!!

Star Wars: I've loved it my whole life, and I especially like the newer movies/shows with female main characters like Rey and Ahsoka(she's my favorite character.) Also there's Grogu (aka Baby Yoda), the cutest little person ever to exist!!!!!!!  I actually like all of star wars too, I know there's some fans who don't really like the sequels or the prequels but I LOVE IT ALL!!! And the soundtrack...John Williams is a genius!! Star Wars has some of my favorite music ever. As for ships, after rise of skywalker I don't really know. I mean, I would be fine with either Rey x Finn, Finn x Poe, Rey x Poe, Finn x Rose, etc. However there is a ship I DONT like, which is Ahsoka x Lux Bonteri. I really don't like him at all, and I feel like Ahsoka deserves someone a lot better. 

Harry Potter: I've been a fan since I was 6 and my sister read my the first book. They're my go to if I ever can't sleep or something, and also I'm kind of constantly reading one on the side XD I think the movies are amazing too, even if they're not exactly like the books and even if they left out Peeves :'( and did a lot of other stuff but if I keep going this might turn into a rant so I'm just going to say I like the movies. My favorite book and movie is the Order of the Phoenix, partially because that's when Luna is introduced and she's my favorite character. I like listening to the soundtrack a lot. Harry Potter ships...well I really ship everyone who ends up together for real. Except I really wish Neville and Luna had ended up together. Also, Dramione drives me CRAZY and I'm not trying to offend anyone, but I feel like that would have been a REALLY toxic relationship. Okay this section is getting long XD

Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra: I just recently became a fan of this because I watched it when it came on Netflix. One of the reasons I love it is because it's so feminist, like there's a lot of powerful women/girls, and the show literally starts with Katara calling Sokka out for being sexist. And there's the Kyoshi warriors, and the part with Master Paku...anyway, my favorite character is Toph. The soundtrack is really well done too, and Leaves from the Vine always makes me cry. Also, the animals are SOOOOO cute, especially Appa and turtle ducks! As for ships here, I would say I really like Katara x Aang, Sokka x Suki, and Zuko x Mai. I also do kinda ship Sokka x Toph though...and for LoK I like Korra x Asami, Bolin x Opal, and Jinora x Kai. 

The Lord of the Rings: I read it when I was nine and am currently in the middle of a reread, but Ive  seen the movies a lot too. I actually really like the way the movies adapted the book.  even though it's very different and probably not what Tolkien would have envisioned, I think they do a great job of bringing it to life. Also, the action scenes are AWESOME, particularly Eowyn vs. the witch king and Helm's Deep. And the soundtrack is AMAZING!!! My favorite characters are Eowyn and Sam. I guess for ships...I do like Aragorn x Arwen, and I REALLY like Eowyn x Faramir...Sam and Rosie Cotton seem happy together but Rosie doesn't have much character so I don't have a huge opinion on that one, but overall I like it. 

Marvel: I've only seen most of the movies once, because I became a fan pretty recently, but I love them all. My favorite avenger is Spider man, but I also really like Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy. And Baby Groot is SOOOOO cute!!! Into the Spiderverse is one of my favorite movies, because the animation was really cool and I've never seen anything like it. Again, marvel also has good soundtracks (you can probably tell I love listening to soundtracks). I don't know about ships for this one cause I feel like there are a ton of characters and I don't know them all well enough yet. Oh, and also I really like WandaVision so far. 

Okay, this post got really long. @Admins, sorry it got so long. But anyway those are most of the things I'm a fan of. :) 

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I fOrGoT tO wRiTe ThIs sTuFf In My FiRsT pOsT XD

So actually most of the crushes I've had have been on fictional people lol:

Sokka from ATLA

Legolas from LOTR

Ezra Bridger and Poe Dameron from Star Wars 

Aand there might be more but I don't remember them.

Also, I have mourned the death of, like, EVERY fictional character I've ever been attached to who's died. Dobby, Fred, Dumbledore, Lupin, Tonks, Obi Wan, Han, Luke, Leia, Kanan, Ben Solo, Gandalf (for a while until he came back), Boromir(less for him than anyone else, it was super sad when he died but he's just not my favorite character), Vision, Iron Man, Black Widow, and in LOK I was sad about Aang, Sokka, Iroh, and everyone else from ATLA who wasn't alive. 

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I'm such a fangirl lol.

ALTA: I lovelovelove ALTA soo much. I love all of the characters, escpecially Katara, Toph and Suki, because they're all super awesome girls. I loved the setting, and the element benders idea is something that I still think about on a regular basis. Of course, the animals are *adorable* and Appa is the best pet ever XD I liked Katara x Zuko more than Katara x Aang; I thought that Aang was more like a brother to Katara, but I did like Zuki x Sokka. I didn't really get into LOK that much, but from what I've seen it's pretty cool. 

Percy Jackson & other RR books: Rick Riordan is probably my favorite author ever. I love every single one of his books. My favorite series of his would probably be HoO, then MCGA, then PJO, then TOA, and last but not least, KC. My favorite character ever is Reyna Avila Ramirez-Arellano; she's maybe my fave fictional character in existance (besides Alex Fierro). Alex Fierro is honestly so amazing as well. I also love Nico, Annabeth, Piper, Hazel, and pretty much everyone (not Octavian). I ship Percabeth, Solangelo, Fierrochase, Blitzstone, Jasper, Frazel and Theyna. I do NOT like shipping Percy with any Hunters of Artemis (ex. Pertemis, Perlia, Perianca, Preyna, Perzoe, etc), but most ships are cool. RR is such a great author :)

Harry Potter: This is a classic. I love the characters, such as Hermione, Luna, McGonagall, and more. I think that the character development was really good for most characters. I ship Hinny, Dramione, Romione. One thing about HP is that I think it has a lot of plot holes and Harry was a kind of boring protagonist compared to his friends, but overall it's a great read. The movies are pretty good too, even though I've yet to see the last one (Deathly Hallows Pt. 2).

Marvel: These movies are amazingggg. My favorite is probably Thor: Ragnorok just because it's soooo funny. I've watched it like a thousand times. I love all of the characters and iconic fight scenes, my favorite characters are pretty much all the awesome girls, and also Hawkeye and Thor because they're just really fun characters. I'm watching WandaVision right now, which is really good. I can't wait until the other Marvel movies in the MCU come out XD

Lord of the Rings: Really, pretty much anything and everything Tolkien. I've read most of his books (including the Silm) and he's just such an incredible guy. I also love the movies, and while they weren't as good as the books they did a pretty great job of creating the world. From LotR my favorite characters are Legolas (who I definetley never had a crush on), Eowyn and Sam. I'm just a little bit Legolas-obsessed XD The 'I am no man' scene is simply amazing and I didn't dislike Eowyn x Faramir at all. I don't really love any LotR ships (Arwen x Aragorn is cool) but I guess that's because the series isn't very love centered. From the Silm, my favorite character is Maethros. I'm admittably obsessed with the Sons of Feanor and basically everything from the First Age of Middle Earth. I'm a hardcore Maethros x Fingon shipper, more than any other Tolkien pairing.

This got really long, sorry @admins for that. Anyway, thanks for listening to my ranting :) 

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List of fandoms! Yay!

1: Pokemon. This one is the big one. I've been in pokemon since I was four and never stopped. I've played every Pokemon main game since Diamond and Pearl, and every spinoff I'm interested in. I've also watched almost the entire anime as well. The fangirl is strong in this one. Btw, my favorite pokemon is Eevee (obvious choice but still) and my least favorite, according to a list maker, is Swalot? I mean, okay, that's understandable XD. 

2: Kirby. I've also been in this since I was 6 and played every kirby game on every available device I have, but still this isn't too strong a fandom. It's still a nice game series, and whenever I want a casual platformer I go toward kirby games. Also, the kirby anime exists. It's both cringy and charming at the same time. 

3: How to Train Your Dragon. I mostly put this since I'm oddly obsessed with this fandom XD. I love the characters and stories, and the bond with Hiccup and Toothless is so strong and sweet. The soundtrack and visuals are amazing, and the dragon designs are mostly unique and memorable. I love the movies and the tv shows. Besides the generic Night Fury, Light Fury and Night Lights, my favorite species has to be the Triple Stryke. 

4: ATLA and LOK. Yeah okay, okay, this is obvious, and everyone's picked it. But I have stuff to say too! First of all, I actually heard about this show late 2020 from my newly obsessed friend, and decided to watch it with her. I recently finished with both series, and they were so good! Great story, great characters, great visuals, great EVERYTHING. ATLA is admittedly better than LOK, but the matchup is close in my opinion. My favorites from each show seperately are probably Toph and Varrack. 

5: Undertale and Deltarune. This fandom is... interesting. I'm not one of those strange memers and hot-tempered fans that gives the series a bad reputation. I just love the story, characters, and concepts of this game. Deltarune is less liked, but it's not even a finished game, so I'll reserve my opinions until then. Undertale is a great game though, but ti often gets overshadowed by its often stupid fandom. 


I obviously have more (maybe I can even touch upon fandoms I was in as a kid ooooh) but right now, I'll stop.

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Oops, I forgot book edition. You're going to hear a lot of my opinions today XD. 

Wings of Fire: Warning, all of these will mostly be super popular. That's just how my brain works. So yeah, first off, Wings of Fire. Admittedly, I haven't read the third series, due to my parents only allowing the first ten books to be read (it's a long story and I'd rather not get into it), but I have heard things from my friends and I've seen what the new tribes can do. So cool! Anyway, this series is great! I love the characters and the world and the tribes. Off point but I also love the Roblox game. And, (this may not be true, but I've heard it is so) I've heard that Tui heard of the game and said she hasn't played it, but she things she will like it. Anyway, great series. And Quibli is most lkely my favorite.

Harry Potter: The 'duh' one. This series is too great! Even though Harry is rather bland, like another person said, most of the characters are great! It's hard to choose a favorite. Mayyyyybe Sirius. Anyway, I love the world and enviroments, and the spells and creatures are amazing. I also have all the illustrated books so far, and the illustrations are stunning. Anyway, great series overall. 

Survivors: Don't worry, I have the Warriors series!... Now I just have to work my way down my booklist to get to them XD. But until then, it's time for me to talk about Survivors! It's made by the same author of Warriors, and it's basically about dogs and how their lives are affected after their humans mysteriously disappeared. But they came together and form a pack. The characters are great, the mystery is great, it really makes you love how wolf packs work, and the culture of wild dogs are really awesome. Pretty good series. 

Bone: I heard an admin suggest this to someone and I thought, "Ah, someone of culture". Anyway, this is an awesome series! Apparently, it's kinda popular, but I never hear anybody talking about it. The series looks kinda silly at first, and it is in some parts, with humour and fun. But it also gets dark and impactful, with an excellent story. I love the characters and story in this. It's just too fun. I admittedly haven't read anything else besides the main series (like the coda or prequel series) but it's good! Check it out! 

There, done. At least for now *evil smile*

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So I don't actually know most of these fandoms. I mean, I know of them, but I haven't seen/read any of them except the ones I'll include below. Sometimes I feel like I've lived under a rock my whole life... but by choice... anyway:

Harry Potter - TBH, the longer it's been, the less I like the books, and especially with *gestures widely* everything going on with JK Rowling. But I do like the fandom, especially since there are so many fandoms I'm not part of and so many things I like that don't have active fandoms. At this point, I think I like the HP fandom, HP world, and HP fanfic more than the base content. My favorite characters are probably Hermione and (book) Ginny, and totally coincidentally my favorite ship is Hermione/Ginny. Also Sirius/Remus, obviously. MoonKitten, I too totally mourned (SPOILER) Sirius more than Dumbledore, though that might have been because I had Dumbledore spoiled for me for a really long time.

Mysterious Benedict Society - I was so happy to see this on Moondrop's list, because it's one of my favorite series of all time! You definitely should read Riddle of Ages. It's kind of different from the base series, but it is really interesting to see the characters grown up. (It's never specified in the book, but I believe it takes place roughly five or six years after the first book, so Reynie and Sticky are 16-ish, Kate is 17-ish, and Constance is 7-ish.)

Ranger's Apprentice - This is one of my favorite series for rereading, although the base series was much better than some of the most recent books. (Ahem, The Missing Prince, which is practically a duplicate of The Sorcerer of the North but less good.) My favorite character is Alyss, so I was understandably very annoyed when (SPOILER) John Flanagan killed her off. Sigh.

NCIS - A somewhat old TV show, and one that I don't think has a very active fan base at all, but my family and I watch it almost every night. I love how procedural it is, funnily enough, because it's very soothing to know everything's going to work out in the end. My favorite characters are all the women, so you can understand why I was very very extremely hugely upset when (SPOILER) they had to kill Kate. I'm still annoyed about that, even with it being several months since we watched that portion. At least she was replaced with Ziva, who's now my biggest celebrity crush.

Averno - My biggest obsession at the moment, and the one where I'm most active in the fandom. (I actually have an Averno fan account on social media, though I obviously can't post it here.) I could fangirl about Averno and Willow and Over and Out and Dazed and Live from Averno and so on for hours (and I have lol), but this comment is already getting very long, so I think I'll cut it off here.

Thank you and apologies for reading through such a long post, Admins! Cookies to you!

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Okay for the Ranger's Apprentice: ahhhhhhhh I agree with literally every statement you made there.

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The Mandalorian!!! I can't wait until the next season is out, or at least the Book of Boba Fett. Grogu is ADORABLE, and the Mandalorian is AWESOME, and Cara Dune is AMAZING, and then there's Bo-Katan, and remember that team that tried to double-cross the Mandalorian, and then he tricks them? That was an awesome episode. Ooh, and Fennec. Hmm, what else? Anyway, I love Star Wars (although I have a strange memory loss for the movies; there are like eight scenes from the entire first trilogy that I remember, and I only remember the original one because I've watched it twice.), and the Mandalorian is probably my favorite.

Also, who's read the HTTYD books? They're overshadowed too often by the movies, but they're amazing. Toothless and Camicazi are probably my favorite characters. And Cressida Cowell is just a great writer. 

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These are not arranged in any specific order, unless you count "whenever I remembered them" as an organization order. 

ATLA: Warning- I have never watched the series. I've watched snippets of it, but never an actual full episode or anything. I've just read some canon after-the-series graphic novels, which I LOVED. Because I know next-to-nothing about this, I don't really have any ships, but Zuko's probably my fave character, because I don't know any main storylines.

Harry Potter: As nearly everyone else has said, DUH. The Harry Potter books are probably what got me into my obsession with fantasy novels. They're deep and resounding, and they just sort of hooked me in. I've read the series nine time over and have a paperback copy of every single one of the books, in a special place at the top of one of my book totes. 

Ranger's Apprentice/Brotherband: Okay so my cousin actually introduced me to these books, and although it seems a bit male-geared, any fantasy lovers would like this series. Brotherband is pretty good, too, although it's a lot more technical and there are long, winding descriptions of, like EVERYTHING that Hal invents. The characters are endearing, though.

Warriors: I used to be completely obsessed with these books, but then I sort of grew out of it. Now, I'm rereading the series and realizing just how many books there are. But I do love how, somehow, even though there are several authors working on the series, the writing style stays consistent. The characters are fleshed out and they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

I am probably in many more fandoms, but I can't remember any others Tongue out

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re: Ranger's Apprentice/Brotherband-- yes, the descriptions of his inventions are so long! Tbh, I usually skim through them and end up not understanding how they work at all, just like how I don't fully know how all the ship-related things work either, but it doesn't tend to hamper my enjoyment of the books at all :) I do agree that they're very male-geared, which is why I'm disappointed that the Royal Ranger books aren't as good as the base series, since there was so much promise there. I did love The Emperor of Nihon-Ja simply because Alyss and Evanlyn played such a large part in that plot; it's one of my favorites in the series!

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