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Hey people! Unfortunately because I lost a bet with Dove, I havta let Wreath take over this thread...

Wreath: Okay, hey people! 

So we're asking for a group picturing, here's our appearances! 

Wreath- literally looks like a goddess. She has flowing blonde hair, with gray eyes and blue specks in them. There's an olive wreath on her hair, and jangly gold bracelets on her wrists. She's wearing a white toga and is barefoot most of the time. Tanned skin. 

Wren- Quite literally the same as Wreath, except she doesn't have the bracelets and has wren wings instead. Also, dark skin. 

Wren: We're both daughters of Athena. (yes, I am taking this route...) 

Skylark- Is quite literally the Queen of the Skies. Basically the equivalent of Zeus. They have long, curly copper-colored hair, with a sky-blue kimono that has white flowers imprinted on it. They also have jade-wings- wings made of jade. They can still fly. There is a copper-and-gold-colored ribbon that winds around their kimono. They're barefoot and have a staff. The staff's 'pole' as we call it, is sapphire-blue- made of sapphires. There is a golden 'snaptch' as we call it, basically a thing that holds a sky-blue-diamond. The 'snaptch' has feathers- in multiple random colors- adorning it. Quite literally white skin. blue sapphire eyes. 

Dove- Has a white dress, like a bridal dress but fancier. Barefoot and wears a white veil, along with light makeup. Is probably the most beautiful- daugter of Aphrodite. Pale skin.  multi-colored eyes. 

Swallow- Dark skin, with a tuxedo. Red ribbons flying out from his sleeves. Red eyes as well. Barefoot. 

Skaya- Goddess of Magic. Whatever you think is fitting. 

Until we meet again, 

Skylark and Wreath 

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(February 28, 2021 - 4:51 pm)