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I’ve wanted to do this for a while, so why not now?! It may take a bit for me to get your picturing to you, since I’m a bit busy with the Egg Hunt and such, but I sure will try! Yay!

Single Picturing Form






Group Picturing Form (Please, Label the first person/animal with A or their name, and then write, for example, under Gender, “A:Female B:Female C:Male, and so on. This helps me get a lot less confused. Thanks!)

How many people/animals in group? Animals: People-Types:






Animal Picturig Form




Special Appearances: 


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Name: Felicity Carter

Gender: Female


Personality: Fun, excited, rude, happy, witty, joyful

Appearance: Long black hair in two pigtails, a crop top, high-waisted denim shorts or a pleated skirt, lace up grey boots, hoop earrings and cuff earrings, pale skin, grey eyes, rings... yeah!

Other: nope! Thanks

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Cool! Can I get a group picturing for some of my OCs?

How many people/animals in group? Animals: 0 People-Types: 3

Names: Xena, Akela, Feonah (I'll put the rest of the answers in this order).

Genders: All female

Personalities: Xena is kind, smart, and is good at healing and learning languages. She's a witch. Akela is an elf who is kind of sarcastic but has a good heart and is very loyal. Feonah is an air elemental who has a major soft spot for any animal and is extremely gentle and kind of Luna Lovegood-esque. 

Appearances: Xena has waist-length weavy hair that changes upon her mood. In this picturing it can be purple. Her skin is tan and she is medium height, wearing boots, leggings, and a tunic, and holding a wand. Akela has long, straight brown hair, is part Asian, and wears greens and browns, mostly leggings, boots, and an elf hunter jacket thing. She's a little shorter than Xena. Feonah is wearing a mid-calf blue dress. Her hair is a little past shoulder length, wavy, and silvery-brown. She has big brown eyes and is short.

Other: They are all around 12-14

Thanks!! This is kind of a lot so take your time :)

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4 peoples, no animals 

Names: Celeste(A), Lucia(B), Charlotte(C), Jeffery(D)


A.) Female 

B.) Female

C.) Female

D.) Male


A.) Celeste is quiet and shy, with a lot anxiety, is sort of a pushover, but everyone loves her since she's gentle and thoughtful even if she doesn't realize it.

B.) Lucia is scheming and mischievous, but is incredibly loyal and can get jealous easily, is extroverted, and tends to try to flirt with Celeste(who either doesn't notice, pretends not to notice or gets so flustered that Lucia has to stop)

C.) Charlotte is sort of stoic at a first glance and incredibly skilled with magic and swordsmanship, actually has a wry personality with a dry sense of humor, and exudes a wide, almost tired atmosphere when she has to do a bunch of tasks that she, of course, completes flawlessly without breaking a sweat; she also longs for human connections but tends to scare people off with her skills/serious first impression, is unwavering and very protective of the people she is close with

D.) Jeffery is really capable too, and has a lot of the titles that Charlotte is more than competent enough to have, but offered him instead, he admires Charlotte greatly and always does his best praise her at any chance he gets (he means it, and lowkey has a crush on here, but sadly, all of his attempts are wasted in vain because she is an oblivious fool in that aspect), he is resourceful and well-connected, and is glad to work from the shadows to assist Charlotte in any way as well as make sacrifices to make her happy(selfless, I guess, then)


A.) Light, shoulder-length candy-floss-pink hair with a slight wave, one eye is clear light blue, the other is a deep dark-chocolate-brown, fair skin, she usually wears a small, shy smile and plain but cute clothes

B.) Lucia has cascading, curly dark-blue hair and reddish-pink eyes that always hold a mischievous gleam in them, has dark olive skin, she often wears pirate-y/combat-y-looking clothes for some reason and has an infectious grin

C.) Charlotte has straw-blonde hair that is always pulled back in a tight high-ponytail, sharp golden eyes that resemble a large cat's and has slightly tanned skin; she often wears a swordsman's/equestrian's outfit and has a serious look on

D.) He's honestly pretty pasty with ash-black hair and round light brown eyes, he also tends to wear formal-er clothes like a suit or swordsman's outfit and is always looking towards Charlotte, perhaps with a faint smile

Others: N/A

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