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You’re sitting on

You’re sitting on your couch, bored out of your mind. Suddenly, you hear the clatter of the mail slot in your door and the light thud of letters hitting the floor. Slowly, you stand up and trudge over to the front door of your house. You vaguely survey the mail through tired eyes. Only when you bend down to pick it up do you notice anything out of the ordinary: a small package made of a material similar to shimmery silver foil that, despite its size, is quite heavy. You set down the other letters and bring the package over to a table and slice it open with a pair of scissors. Inside is a small, black device that doesn’t look unlike one of those artificial intelligence Alexas. You reach out to touch it and as soon as your fingers graze the black metal, you withdraw your hand as though electrocuted. A small, hologram of a woman has appeared on top of the device, flickering in and out of focus. The woman is short, with dark brown skin and aviator goggles perched in her shoulder-length dark hair. You strain your ears to listen.

“Congratulations, CBer,” the woman says in a cool and slightly melodic voice. “You and nine others have been invited to join the Starry Dragon on a star cruise across the solar system. I am the captain, Andromeda Callisto. If you would like to attend, reply no later than April 30th by filling out the form.”

You furrow your brow, confused. What form? But your question is soon answered as a buzzing sound comes from the device and a piece of paper materializes in front of you. You pick it up, reading the delicate silver letters: 



Companions (please fill out a form for them as well):


Age, or the Age You Appear to Be:



Packing List: 

Pick a Number: 


“Up to three of your AEs and/or CAPTCHAs are welcome to come,” Andromeda continues. “If you do decide to take part in our star cruise, we will pick you up on May 3rd.” She nods curtly, and with a “bloop” sort of noise, the hologram blinks out. 


This is my first time doing a ski lodge! I honestly hope I’ll be able to finish this, unlike all those stories I’ve written....*looks regretfully at my writing notebook* 

You’re welcome to guess me, but I don’t think you will >:) 

Oh yeah, I would have posted this sooner but I was having serious trouble coming up with a name for the space ship. “The Starry Dragon” is probably the best I’ll come up with.... But if anyone has any better ideas for the name of the ship, I’d love to hear them. :) 


@Admins, Castillo is a fake last name! :)  

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A couple of important announcements/refreshers!

1. I will be accepting ten CBers, no more, no less.

2. Every CBer is entitled to bring up to three AEs and/or CAPTCHAs. Please fill out a 

form for them as well. 

3. I will be accepting entries until April 20th. 

4. I’ll take some time to plan a bit, and will *hopefully* post the first segment on May 3rd (as my schedule’s full on the 1st and 2nd). 

5. Due to school starting back up and summer camp in late June and early July, there may be sometimes when I don’t post that frequently, but I will find time for this ski lodge.

6. This ski lodge will not be held responsible for any injuries suffered in the mind, body, or spirit. 

7. Trust no one....

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Name: Kitty Cat


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): Quinn, I talk in bold italics

Gender/Pronouns: They Them, non binary

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: I look 13 but I'm 12

Appearance: Sort of wavy Long brown hair in a ponytail, real cat ears, REAL cat tail, big grey eyes, black lipstick, Pale skin, this, no muscle, a black leather jacket, black jean shorts, fishnet leggings underneath, hoop earrings, an anime shirt or graphic tee, black pump sneakers or long black boots, choker necklaces (all black, maybe some with a moon charm, I'm always switching them around.)

Personality: Fun, bubbly, loves animals, witty, AND I don't like little children.

Packing List: Clothes, sketchbooks and notebooks, pencils and pens, toiletries, drawing tablet and pen (apple products)

Pick a Number: 22

Other: nope


Name: Quinn


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): I am the companion

Gender/Pronouns: She\They

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: I look to be 14 but I am simply 13.

Appearance:   Long blonde hair, in two buns, curly hair, pale skin, a choker, combat boots (black), A cropped tee, ripped white jeans, Big outragous earrings.

Personality: Boring as Kat says, funny but snarky, sarcastic.

Packing List: Pretty much the same stuff as kitty

Pick a Number: 16

Other: no


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Name: Summer


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): I will be bringing... hmm, let me see. Ski Lodge, anyone?

Obviously not.

It's in space...

Did you not hear me?

I'll go! If that's not too much trouble.

<takee> <mepls!>


So that would be Winter and Autumn. I'll put their forms below. 

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her.

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: I'd say it changes depending on what I'm wearing, but probably in the mid-teens.

Appearance: Short brown hair with teal streaks, green eyes, sweatshirt and jeans, and I’m rather short for my age.

Personality: A total nerd, but I’m also cheerful and love laughing. Kind of quiet sometimes.

Packing List: A cell phone, a stack of library books, a Swiss Army Knife, and a portable chess set (hey, why not?).

Pick a Number: 737

Other: Below are Winter and Autumn. 

Name: Winter


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): Well, I... believe I am a companion?

Gender/Pronouns: Male, he/him pronouns

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: I... don't appear to-- um, to have an age? I think? Will that be a problem? I kind of look teenagery, I guess...

Appearance: Well, gosh. I have black hair (like, really black) and pale skin, so people sometimes say I look like a vampire. (I’m not, though!) And I have golden eyes, and I wear this navy t-shirt, and jeans, and sneakers. I think that’s it.

Personality: People have said I’m sweet and a little awkward. I agree with the awkward part, but I don’t know about sweet. I’m definitely not the best judge of that. I’m extroverted, although I sometimes have a hard time starting conversations. And… I’m kind of sensitive, so maybe don’t tease me?

Packing List: Can I bring... candy? It won't spoil, right? I'd like to bring a jar of jelly beans, please. And a little wooden box, to keep nuts for Autumn.

<imnot> <asqui> <rrell>

Ack, yes, of course! Sorry. Not nuts. Just... um, sorry, what do foxes eat?

<sighh> <never> <mindd> 

Pick a Number: 10? I guess 10... this isn't going to determine how soon I'm going to die or anything, right? Um, just checking...

Other: That's probably it.

Name: Autumn


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): <immaa> <compa><nionn>

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 1 year old, but she's a fox, so that doesn't really mean much.

Appearance: <great!><epicc!>(no, she just looks pretty typical for a fox.) <heyyy!>

Personality: Silly, kind, curious.

Packing List: <defin><itely><nottt><nutts!> I'm sorry, I really am! 

Let's just say she's bringing nothing. 

Pick a Number: 3.7

Other: <nopee>

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Name: Silver Crystal


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): Topaz, one of my AEs.

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: Early teens

Appearance: Long brown hair, Asian, silver and white shirt, bleached jeans, black and white vans.

Personality: Talkative, shy in front of large crowds, competitive, nice.

Packing List: Essentials, notebook, pencils, phone, charger, laptop, flashlight, scuba diving gear, tranquelizer gun, rope.

Pick a Number: 17

Other: Nope!


Name: Topaz


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): Silver

Gender/Pronouns: They/them

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 15

Appearance: Wavy medium length orange-yellow hair, dark skin, brown eyes, tye-dye t-shirt, shorts, sandals, topaz earrings.

Personality: Friendly, hates lying, kind of random, gets angry when someone's messing with them/their friends, but otherwise pretty chill and likes to hang out with friends.

Packing List: Same as Silver, also some material for friendship bracelets.

Pick a Number: 0

Other: ~

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Name: Zealatom 


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): No-Yes. You weren't supposed to be here! Why? I'm stuck in the AE dimension anyway. Fine. Lindel is coming to. YAY!

Gender/Pronouns: he/him

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 13

Appearance:  Tall, thin, with black hair, wearing a purple hoodie.

Personality: positive, easygoing

Packing List:  Earphones, tea and a mug.

Pick a Number: 9



Name: Lindel


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well):none

Gender/Pronouns: he/him

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 13

Appearance: tall, thin, with red hair and blue T-shirt.

Personality:  Destructive, creative, and a bit lazy.

Packing List: bombs, matches, and a remote.

Pick a Number: 0


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Hmm. Fun!

Name: NiteSkiies

I am a CBer.

Companions.... Hrmm.... there are four AEs and three Captchas... who do I take?... Who’s been the best behaved? Hrm. I will bring my AE Thorn HEY!! Sorry *shrugs* you guys are in another ski lodge- ^I’m not!^ ooooo- forgot about that. I’ll stick ya in somethin.

Gender: Female

Age, or the Age you Appear to be: Check my age. I appear to be somewhere between (it changes) thirteen all the way to 20. It just depends on my mood. Sometimes when I want to be a bit more childish I choose a lower age look.

Appearance: Swirling hair, which can be any color, usually a deep navy or very light lilac. My eyes are pupilless, and strikingly a very light green, although they can change as well, it take VERY deep emotions to change them. If a friend or one of my companions dies, then my hair and eyes will most definitely change light grey. I have elvish ears, and I always wear dangling or hoop earrings, with planet or star decorations on them. My outfit changes frequently, but usually it’s in shades of purples, navy blues or grey. 

Personality: Sarcastic, Competitive. I think about things a lot, and don’t ever overlook a small detail.

Packing List: My many dream catchers, my scetchbook, my glitter (you never know when you may need it) my stuffed red panda, baby skunk and hedgehog (to remind me of my CAPTCHAS), 15 pencils (mechanical, of course), and my phone. Oh, also a magic can of spray paint, which never runs out and can change color.

Pick a number: Infinity.

Other: I have to go, so I will fill out Thorn’s bio soon! 

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Reserving! This looks so fun, I'll fill out the form this afternoon.

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This thread has a name now! Not much of a title, but better than "..."! Did you do this Admins? If so, thank you! 

Since I'm already posting something, can I ask Zealatom to please change Lindel's number, since Topaz (Silver Crystal's AE) has already chosen 0 as their number? Thank you!

-Andromeda Castillo 

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Ok, here's my form!

Name: Leo


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well):

Gender/Pronouns: she/they

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 14

Appearance: short, pale skin, hazel eyes, really short brown hair

Personality: determined, quiet, funny, defensive, anxious, smart, sacrastic

Packing List: my laptop, ear buds, and my sketchbook

Pick a Number: 15


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Of course! My number will now be 31!

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