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You’re sitting on

You’re sitting on your couch, bored out of your mind. Suddenly, you hear the clatter of the mail slot in your door and the light thud of letters hitting the floor. Slowly, you stand up and trudge over to the front door of your house. You vaguely survey the mail through tired eyes. Only when you bend down to pick it up do you notice anything out of the ordinary: a small package made of a material similar to shimmery silver foil that, despite its size, is quite heavy. You set down the other letters and bring the package over to a table and slice it open with a pair of scissors. Inside is a small, black device that doesn’t look unlike one of those artificial intelligence Alexas. You reach out to touch it and as soon as your fingers graze the black metal, you withdraw your hand as though electrocuted. A small, hologram of a woman has appeared on top of the device, flickering in and out of focus. The woman is short, with dark brown skin and aviator goggles perched in her shoulder-length dark hair. You strain your ears to listen.

“Congratulations, CBer,” the woman says in a cool and slightly melodic voice. “You and nine others have been invited to join the Starry Dragon on a star cruise across the solar system. I am the captain, Andromeda Callisto. If you would like to attend, reply no later than April 30th by filling out the form.”

You furrow your brow, confused. What form? But your question is soon answered as a buzzing sound comes from the device and a piece of paper materializes in front of you. You pick it up, reading the delicate silver letters: 



Companions (please fill out a form for them as well):


Age, or the Age You Appear to Be:



Packing List: 

Pick a Number: 


“Up to three of your AEs and/or CAPTCHAs are welcome to come,” Andromeda continues. “If you do decide to take part in our star cruise, we will pick you up on May 3rd.” She nods curtly, and with a “bloop” sort of noise, the hologram blinks out. 


This is my first time doing a ski lodge! I honestly hope I’ll be able to finish this, unlike all those stories I’ve written....*looks regretfully at my writing notebook* 

You’re welcome to guess me, but I don’t think you will >:) 

Oh yeah, I would have posted this sooner but I was having serious trouble coming up with a name for the space ship. “The Starry Dragon” is probably the best I’ll come up with.... But if anyone has any better ideas for the name of the ship, I’d love to hear them. :) 


@Admins, Castillo is a fake last name! :)  

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Sorry, I miscounted! Admins, could you please delete the comment that says it was posted by "ONE SPOT LEFT!"? Thank you! 

Just to clarify: We are accepting 10 CBers. 8 have signed up: Zealatom, Kitty Cat, Summer, Tealeaf, Silver Crystal, NiteSkiies, Leo, and Firelily. That means there are 2 spots left. Please sign up by April 20th. 

@Tealeaf and @Firelily, take your time (I understand if you're busy), but please fill out your sheet by April 20th. Thanks! 

-Andromeda Castillo

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Name: Firelily


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): none

Gender/Pronouns: she/her

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 11 and one third (exactly one third! yesterday was my one-third birthday heh heh)

Appearance: long wavy hair that fades from blonde to brown, (blonde hair at the top, brown starting at my ears) plain grey t-shirt, black sweatshirt, sky-blue denim jean shorts, yellow socks, sunshine-y yellow Converse sneakers

Personality: sarcastic, funny, kind, smart, curious, good memory, artistic, L O V E S reading

Packing List: my journal, several bright-colored plain t-shirts, several pairs of jean shorts, one pair of hiking boots, two pairs of sneakers, (one pair sky blue and the other pair white) a few bottles of sparkly nail polish, a small cooler full of Capri Sun pouches, a sketchbook and some pencils, a stickerbook, a large stack of books that I will most likely finish within two days, some lip balm

Pick a Number: 13!!! my lucky number

Other: I don't think so...

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This seems fun! I love space.

Name: NerdFace

CBer, AE, CAPTCHA: I am a CBer

Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): I will bring Evan and Adrian. 

HEY! || heyyy! ||

You both are in Luna's ski lodge. 

Oh, right. Come on, Qwinn, let's destroy windows! >:)


Gender/Pronouns: fem enby || she/they

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 14

Appearance: chin length coppery red hair with a slight curl, pale green eyes magnified by thick black glasses, painfully pale skin (i burn easily :o), lots of freckles, tallish (5' 8"), curvy. wears high-waisted distressed black shorts/jeans, depending on the weather, mock-neck t-shirts in a variaty of colors, knee high black socks, and white platform shoes.

Personality: INFP-A (70% introverted/30% extroverted) book-smart, complete nerd about almost everything (hence the name), sarcastic, likes to argue for no reason, very tech-y, loves computers and technology, reader.

Packing List: my laptop, a copy of "Confessions of a Murder Suspect, by James Patterson", toletries, clothes that I listed above in appearance, a sleeping bag, blankets, pillows, sweatshirts, a wetsuit and a swimsuit, tennis shoes, green crocs, a phone, a copy of "Ender's game", makeup, a journal and assorted pens, a camera, water bottles, a first aid kit, a knife, a rope, bottles of chemicals (just in case *winks*) and assorted snacks. all of this mysteriously fits into a small black backpack that I carry effortlessly. 

Pick a Number: π (pi— 3.1415926....)

Other: hmm, are you Honeybee or Silver Crystal?


Name: Adrian


CBer, AE, CAPTCHA: Alter Ego


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): I-I am a companion


Gender/Pronouns: Genderqueer; they/them, but any pronouns are fine.


Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: I am sixteen (16) years old.


Appearance: dark skin, hazel eyes, short, bleached-blonde, hair (crew-cut), tall (6’), lanky (but not white), thin, thick black glasses that are always falling down. normally wears blue jeans and a black hoodie of some sort.


Personality: scared of most things, introverted so much that it is scary, likes books (writing them, reading them, everything), not very trusting, and spouts random facts, randomly


Packing List: Nerd, being the control freak that she is, packed everything for me. I don't need much though. :)


Pick a Number: I pick 7.


Other: I'm very easy to forget, so it wouldn't be a surprise if I accidentally scared someone by just standing behind them. 


Name: Evan-Lee (it's just Evan, he's going through a Lee phase.) AM NOT


CBer, AE, CAPTCHA: I am an Alter Ego and proud of it.


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): I am a companion, thank you very much.


Gender/Pronouns: masc. enby || he/they


Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: I am fifteen (15) years old


Appearance: light brown skin, green eyes, short, blonde hair, thin, short (5’ 3”), blue glasses. he's wearing a green ombre shirt (dark green top to light green bottomn please) and black sweatpants.


Personality: quiet, book smart, not very confident, but very influential, ambiverted, manipulative, and not trusting unless i really know the person.


Packing List: Like Adrian, Nerd has packed everything for me, and will not tell me what is in the green bag, so I'd ask her. 


Pick a Number: I'll choose 34.


Other: My first ski lodge. Ah, what an experience.

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Thank you for submitting your forms. No, I am not Honeybee or Silver Crystal, but good guesses. 

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(April 13, 2021 - 2:37 pm)

here's my form! I filled out one for Willow, too, but if there's not enough room for her you can just ignore her form. 

Name: Tealeaf


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): Willow, my AE 

Gender/Pronouns: Female, she/her

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 13

Appearance: shoulder-length wavy brown hair, hazel eyes. I'll be wearing a navy blue hoodie with flecks of gold, purple leggings, gold earings, and gray canvas shoes. 

Personality: ISFP

Packing List: tea, a mug, a dagger, a pack of wintergreen altoids, yarn, a crochet hook, and a bar of chocolate 

Pick a Number: 23.2

Other: N/A


Name: Willow


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): Tealeaf

Gender/Pronouns: female, she/her

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 12-15

Appearance: coffee colored hair in a pixie cut, tan skin, blue eyes, pink shirt, blue sweater, tall brown boots

Personality: kind, creative, loves meeting new people

Packing List: my embroidery project, hot chocolate mix, pocket knife, journal, and a pen

Pick a Number: 111

Other: I speak in italics

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Name: Star Princess


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): nada

Gender/Pronouns: she/they

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: I appear to be 13

Appearance: Black hair in a pixie cut with purple eyes. I am very tall, and galaxy themed. (I get the feeling I'll blend in this ski lodge

Personality: ambivert

Packing List: necessities, potions, spell books, and magical stuff

Pick a Number: 68

Other: none

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(April 14, 2021 - 3:56 pm)

*also journal, sketchbook, craft stuff, tablet, and "sunshine and lemons" air freshener.

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(April 14, 2021 - 5:15 pm)

*also journal, sketchbook, craft stuff, tablet, and "sunshine and lemons" air freshener.

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Seems cool! *finger guns* 

Name: Feline Fantasy


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): If tehre is room for some of my AEs/CAPTCHAS I'll bring them but if not I guess it'd have to just be me.

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: 13

Appearance: I am short, have light skin, blue-ish grey-ish green eyes, thick eyebrows, and a short-ish face. My hair is dark brown, thick, and unbrushed, a bit past my shoulders. I where back pants and a shirt with a cat pun/something nerdy on it.

Personality:  I am weird, school-smart, creative, an artist/writer/fangirl, and a talkative introvert whose social skills could certainly be touch up on. I am very argumentive and curious all the time, love thinking "deeply," and don't like exciting things.

Packing List: Clothes, toiletries, and other necessities, a computer and kindle and their chargers, earplugs.

Pick a Number: I like numbers who's prime factorization only includes 2s, 3s, and 5s, so I'll go with 60.

Other: is there room for my AEs/CAOTCHAS? if not that's fine.

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I was originally going to accept 10 CBers but now we have 11 signed up. I was thinking people would sign more their AEs and CAPTCHAs up, so we have room for another CBer. But I won't be accepting any one else. So Feline Fantasy, Star Princess, you can both join. And Feli, sure, there's room for your AEs and CAPTCHAs. 

~Andromeda Castillo 

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We have our eleven lucky CBers, so the spots on The Starry Dragon are closed. Anyone and everyone is welcome to read along though. 

Zealatom, Kitty Cat, Summer, Tealeaf, Silver Crystal, NiteSkiies, Leo, Firelily, NerdFace, Feline Fantasy, Star Princess, and their companions will be picked up on May 3rd. Just a couple things before we begin our journey in space. 

1. You may edit your forms until the 20th. 

2. You are welcome to invite more AE or CAPTCHA companions until April 20th (no more than 3, please). 

Well, I think that’s it. I’ll post some pre-written segments spread out from now until the 3rd, which is when the real adventure will begin. 

~Andromeda Castillo 

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