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You’re sitting on

You’re sitting on your couch, bored out of your mind. Suddenly, you hear the clatter of the mail slot in your door and the light thud of letters hitting the floor. Slowly, you stand up and trudge over to the front door of your house. You vaguely survey the mail through tired eyes. Only when you bend down to pick it up do you notice anything out of the ordinary: a small package made of a material similar to shimmery silver foil that, despite its size, is quite heavy. You set down the other letters and bring the package over to a table and slice it open with a pair of scissors. Inside is a small, black device that doesn’t look unlike one of those artificial intelligence Alexas. You reach out to touch it and as soon as your fingers graze the black metal, you withdraw your hand as though electrocuted. A small, hologram of a woman has appeared on top of the device, flickering in and out of focus. The woman is short, with dark brown skin and aviator goggles perched in her shoulder-length dark hair. You strain your ears to listen.

“Congratulations, CBer,” the woman says in a cool and slightly melodic voice. “You and nine others have been invited to join the Starry Dragon on a star cruise across the solar system. I am the captain, Andromeda Callisto. If you would like to attend, reply no later than April 30th by filling out the form.”

You furrow your brow, confused. What form? But your question is soon answered as a buzzing sound comes from the device and a piece of paper materializes in front of you. You pick it up, reading the delicate silver letters: 



Companions (please fill out a form for them as well):


Age, or the Age You Appear to Be:



Packing List: 

Pick a Number: 


“Up to three of your AEs and/or CAPTCHAs are welcome to come,” Andromeda continues. “If you do decide to take part in our star cruise, we will pick you up on May 3rd.” She nods curtly, and with a “bloop” sort of noise, the hologram blinks out. 


This is my first time doing a ski lodge! I honestly hope I’ll be able to finish this, unlike all those stories I’ve written....*looks regretfully at my writing notebook* 

You’re welcome to guess me, but I don’t think you will >:) 

Oh yeah, I would have posted this sooner but I was having serious trouble coming up with a name for the space ship. “The Starry Dragon” is probably the best I’ll come up with.... But if anyone has any better ideas for the name of the ship, I’d love to hear them. :) 


@Admins, Castillo is a fake last name! :)  

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Here’s my AE/CAPTCHA forms :)

Name: Thorn

CBer, AE, CAPTCHA: AE (I speak in Bold italics) 

Gender/Pronouns: Male

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: Meh- somewhere middle teens, maybe 16

Appearance: Brown curly hair, wolf ears and tail, leaf vest, tan shirt and jeans.

Personality: Anxious. A lot. *sorry twt*

Packing List: Stress ball, his own bed sheets, and a pack of watercolor paints (plus paper and brushes) 

Pick a Number: 1,001 

Other: -


Name: Willow

CBer, AE, CAPTCHA: CAPTCHA (I talk <liket> <hisss>)

Gender/Pronouns: Female

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: *shrugs* I can’t really tell. She’s a red panda.

Appearance: Deep red red panda

Personality: Calm, cool and collected.

Packing List: Extraa food and a pillow to sleep on.

Pick a Number: 43

Other: Not babyish, actually very smart. 


That’s all for now! 

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Tealeaf's AE Willow is also attending, and having two guests named Willow might be confusing.

 Might I suggest that the CAPTCHA Willow go by a nickname, instead? "Will" or "'Low" would both be good options. --admin

~Andromeda Castillo  

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(April 19, 2021 - 10:37 am)

That's a good idea, @Admins. Are you OK with that, NiteSkiies? 

~Andromeda Castillo 

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Hrmm. Could she just go by Flowing Willow? Otherwise you can call her Red.

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Sure, Flowing Willow is fine!


~Andromeda Castillo (whoops, I almost put my CBer name!) 

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My AEs

Name: Lio


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): none

Gender/Pronouns: she/her

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: late teens

Appearance: Willowy and slim with flowing brown hair and grey eyes.

Personality: shy, introverted 

Packing List: books, drawing supplies, mini harp, and instant lemonade

Pick a Number: 42

Other: |\ She talks like this /|


Name: Lady Jubilance or Jubi


Companions (please fill out a form for them as well): none

Gender/Pronouns: she/hers

Age, or the Age You Appear to Be: late teens

Appearance: Curly strawberry blond hair with green eyes. She is short and freckled.

Personality: Cheerful, extroverted

Packing List: iPod (yes iPod, not iPad), makeup and mirror, phone, and some spare fairy powder

Pick a Number: 57

Other: +.* I talk like this *.+

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If anyone has any AEs or CAPTCHAs that would like to join, this is your LAST CHANCE to sign them up! You can SUBMIT forms until the 20th (they do not need to POST on the 20th). 

~Andromeda Castillo

(April 19, 2021 - 12:43 pm)

No! I won't let you go to the dreaded second page! 

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Just a short little segment!


Day 0, Part 1

Andromeda slid into the chair cushioned with white leather that was attached to the smooth floors of the spaceship. Her co-pilot, Lyron Fornax, sat down in the matching seat next to her. Lyron pressed some buttons on the tablet-like device in front of him and pulled up a list of names and addresses. 

“These are our guests?” 

Lyron nodded. 

“Alright then.” She checked the fuel percentage on the dashboard. “Aquila’s setting up the cabins?” 

Lyron nodded again. 

Andromeda pressed a complicated pattern of buttons and pulled various levers. The ship lifted off the dusty surface of Mars and glided toward that blue and green dot in the distance known as planet Earth. 

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Oooh, I'm very excited for this to start!

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Me tooo! I can't wait to be in space!

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Yesssss!!! This was well worth the wait! ( Even if it has not started yet)

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