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Picturings! So on

Picturings! So on my CBversary thread, y'all voted for a thread you wanted me to make. CB ball won, but since picturings came in second and I also really want to make a picturings thread, I'm making one of these as well as the CB ball! 

If you want a picturing, just fill out the form below. Most of my art is digital these days, but if you want your picturing to be in another medium, just let me know and we can work something out. 




Age (or the age you appear to be):  



Basic personality:

Pose (optional-- if you can't decide I'll try and come up with something that fits your personality.):

Background (optional): 

Favorite color: 

Portrait or full body: 

Anything else I should know:   



Names and ages of group members: 

Genders and appearances of group members, one at a time:

Personalities of group members, one at a time:

Poses (optional):

Background (optional):  

Relationship between group members: 

Anything else I should know:

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(April 17, 2021 - 7:22 pm)

I would also like to add that I (Milly) have big black wings. (Not irl, of course.)

submitted by Milly Sunstar, Honeyduke’s
(May 11, 2021 - 10:10 am)

Hi! You are an AMAZING artist!!! So, um, you don't have to, but could you do another picturing for me please? This will be the last one I promise!

Names and ages of group members: Gator- 15, Hector- 17, Angelica- 17, Nikki- 15, Celeste- 15, Fischer- 16

Genders and appearances of group members, one at a time:

Gator- male, bright red mow hawk, green skin, Asian-looking features, wearing any kind of dirty clothes, yellow eyes

Hector- male, curly dark brown hair, green eyes, any t shirt and jeans, black dress shoes, colorful tie, smirking

Angelica- gorgeous auburn hair pulled into long over-the-shoulder braid with teal flowers, long teal gown with gold jewels, Gold high heal sandals, pretty green eyes

Nikki- knee length red velvet dress with fancy design near the neck, silver heals, silver bracelet, brown eyes, long brown hair, curtain bangs

Celeste- blond hair to elbows, blue eyes, dusty pink gown, white flats, hair in fancy bun

Fischer- any suit, brown hair, blue eyes 

Personalities of group members, one at a time:

Gator: ummm, he's just weird.

Hector: funny, sarcastic, caring

Angelica: self absorbed but graceful

Nikki: outgoing and confident

Celeste: funny, silly, can be quiet

Fischer- pretty quiet, brave 

Poses (optional): Can Gator be sitting on the floor making a weird face, Angelica looking at him disgusted, Hector be laughing at Angelica, Nikki be smiling actually trying to look good for the picture, and Celeste laughing with Hector?

Background (optional):  just white is fine

Relationship between group members: friends (not Gator though, he annoys everyone. So does Angelica)

Anything else I should know: thanks so much if you do this!!!

submitted by Sara M
(May 10, 2021 - 9:31 pm)

Oh I forgot to put what Fischer would be doing in the picture. Can he be in between Celeste and Nikki trying to laugh but obviously not really wanting to?

submitted by Sara M
(May 15, 2021 - 11:16 am)

Ah! I also forgot some genders

Angelica is female

nikki is female

Celeste is female

Fishcer is male 

submitted by Sara March
(May 24, 2021 - 1:35 pm)

Hi! Can you do a picturing of me, my AEs, and CAPTCHA?

Names and ages of group members: Forest Nymph (10), Firefly (13-ish), Dragonfly (14-ish), Caddisfly (12-ish), Alderfly (...I have no idea), Gnat (CAPTCHA, so I don't really know.) 

Genders and appearances of group members, one at a time: Forest Nymph (she/her): Long brown hair in a brain with flowers woven in, light skin, no freckles, brown eyes, some sort of green dress, and green flats. 

Firefly (she/her): Long red hair, light skin, freckles, blue-green eyes. She's wearing a light blue dress that ends right above her knees and matching blue ballet flats.

Dragonfly (he/him): Light skin, freckles, messy brown hair, brown eyes. I'm not sure what he's wearing, I guess a black T-shirt and jeans. 

Caddisfly (fae/faer): Fae has almond-colored skin, freckles, midnight-black eyes, and black hair worn in two twin buns. Fae's wearing a white blouse, frayed jean shorts, and tan sandals. 

Alderfly (he/him): He has olive skin, jet-black hair, gray-ish eyes, and he's wearing some sort of a T-shirt and jeans. 

Gnat (he/him): A gnat, but giant and adorable.  

Personalities of group members, one at a time:  Forest Nymph: Nice, smart, loves nature. 

Firefly: Extrovert, really nice, energetic, friendly, loves meeting new people

Dragonfly: Introvert, quiet, cautious, loves books, hates people, occasionally sarcastic. 

Caddisfly: Shy, always worrying about something, not very confident, self-contious, bad at talking to people. 

Alderfly: Super wise, loves thinking "deep" thoughts, should become a psychiatrist. 

Gnat: Crazy, pretty sweet, funny.  

Poses (optional): Standing next to each other like a photo, with Firefly dancing or something so that her dress spins out, Dragonfly standing to her left, looking like he's trying to shrink away, Caddisfly standing on the other side of Firelily, looking really nervous, and then on fae's right, Alderfly, trying to get everyone to settle down or something, and then I'm standing away from them all on the far right, with Gnat on my shoulder, wondering why on earth I created these people. 

Background (optional): Whatever you want! 

Relationship between group members: I love all my AEs, even though I'm constantly annoyed by them. I try to encourage Caddisfly to be who fae is and not feel bad about faeself, and try to get Dragonfly to break out of his shell and open up more. Firefly is nice and friendly to everyone, of course, but the other AEs are annoyed by her. Dragonfly doesn't like the rest of my AEs since he doesn't like anyone in general. Caddisfly tends to stay away from my AEs and other people because fae thinks they will judge faer, and I'm the only one fae will talk to. Alderfly is kind of neutral to everyone and doesn't like or not like anyone. He just tries to keep them all under control and offer his words of wisdom. Gnat likes everyone, but feels especially safe in my company. 

Anything else I should know: Nope, but thanks so much for doing this! 

submitted by Forest Nymph, age Immortal, Playing the harp
(May 11, 2021 - 11:32 am)

Ahh I just realized: for my appearance, it should be "Long brown hair in a braid" instead of "in a brain". Sorry about that, Agent Winter! 

submitted by Forest Nymph, age Immortal, Playing the harp
(May 27, 2021 - 2:33 pm)


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(May 17, 2021 - 8:41 am)

Ahhhhhhh I love your art style so much! 

Names and ages of group members: Thora, 14, Matti, 11

Genders and appearances of group members, one at a time:

Thora; female, she/her; tall and stocky/strong-looking, with short-cropped, messy white-blonde hair, piercing sky-blue eyes, and pale skin. Wearing a navy-blue, tight, long-sleeved shirt with white fur trim on the wrists and bottom hem. Also has on creamy-white leggings with brown-white mottled fur on the ankles. Tall, simple, dark leather boots.

Matti; male, he/him; shorter and slimmer than Thora, with ever-so-slightly darker hair, and paler eyes. His hair is shorter than Thora's, but is just as messy, and often sticks up in the front, just above his eyes. He is wearing a warm, tight long-sleeved black shirt and pants, with a red fur-trimmed cloak over it.

Personalities of group members, one at a time:

Thora; brash and bold, extroverted and loud. Some may think her rude, but she truly is very kind and loyal.

Matti; shy and quiet, a pushover. Thora is always urging him to stand up for himself more. 

Poses (optional): Thora with her arm around Matti's shoulder, ruffling his hair, grinning widely. Matti smiling shyly, looking at Thora.

Background (optional): Snowy/icy, mountains?

Relationship between group members: Brother and sister.

submitted by Wreeboo, age Immortal, Castle Araluen
(May 17, 2021 - 7:27 pm)
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(May 27, 2021 - 2:31 pm)

Could you do a group picturing of me and my AEs?

Names and ages of group members: Bunny in a basket--10, Cecil--13, Juno--16

Gender and appearances of group members, one at a time: Bunny in a basket-- female, light tan skin, black eyes, dark brown slightly wavy hair to mid-back, blue dress with flower print, black sandals, and a bunny ear headband. Cecil-- female, tan skin, light blue eyes, blond shoulder length straight hair, black t shirt, jean shorts, purple shoes with short heels. Juno-- female, light skin, dark brown/black eyes, hazel shoulder-length hair, and a couple freckles on the face, yellow blouse, black skirt, silver heels. 

Personalities of group members, one at a time: Bunny in a basket-- talkative, bouncy, usually easy going, but sometimes demanding. Cecil-- kind, caring, but sometimes gets carried away. Juno-- very social, bossy.

Poses: any

Background: a sandy beach

Relationship between group members: friends

Anything else I should know: Thank you!!! 


submitted by Bunny in a basket
(June 2, 2021 - 5:24 pm)

Is it ok if you make a picturing for my pet Ravagers and I?

Names: Ravi, Ravage, and Emekittycon

Ages: Ravi is still a baby, so he's 'bout 1 month, while Ravage is 1 year, so Ravage is older than Ravi. I'm 'bout to turn 13 (SUPA-EXCITED) but my age for now is 12.

Genders: I'm a female, and Ravage and Ravi are both males.

Appearances: Ravi looks like a regular Ravager (Which looks like a saddled, gray, chains on the saddle HUGE bull) but 'bout the size of a wolf. 

Ravage is a full-grown ravager, so, he looks like Ravi, just a WHOLE lot bigger. Like, a bull, and a horse combines to make a HUGE bull like-thing.

I have semi-curly black hair, that's knees length, in a braind that's thrwon across my left shoulder, with a sapphire-frame tiara, with a diamond in the center, rubies on the left side, and emeralds on the right. I am wearin' a deep deep DEEP dark purple t-shirt, with a black short-sleeved leather jacket, a VERY short black leather skirt, and a pair of black leather shorts. I also have black lipstick on the bottom lip, and deep deep DEEP dark purple lipstick on the top lip. And I also have light tan skin, and light green eyes. And black wire kitty-cat ears. 

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(June 5, 2021 - 12:12 pm)


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