Ski Lodge!~

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Ski Lodge!~

Ski Lodge!


Halloo! Ski Lodge, this is a collab between me and one of my IRL friends, who I shall be referring to as...dun dun dun, Coral. 


Her Symphony and His Melody themed. They're both 2 books me and my friend are writing.




You were sitting down at a park bench, listening to road trip by dreamwastaken, when a girl with purple hair and a girl with a ton of art supplies rushed past. A letter dropped on your lap, suddenly.

"Hello receiver of this letter. Welcome to the Academy of the Gifted. Laina Greens, also known as Lae, will be your guide. Coral Walker, or Cora, will be there as well because she and Lae form the matchmaker duo. If you are interested in signing up, please fill state the things below. 

Name, Age, Shipping? [Only for AEs and CAPTCHAs], Luggage, Pronouns, Appearance, AE, CBer, or CAPTCHA. 

We hope to see you at the Academy of the Gifted. 

~Juliet, Admin" certain person/animal received a letter in messy handwriting...

"you will be the imposter. your job is to kill everyone....kill everyone, and we will spare you.



Please consider signing up to the Academy of the Gifted! Juliet wishes to see you soon.


This is not a spoiler. Ocoliviridia is an alias. After the murders begin, your job is to find out who the murderer is. 


See you soon.


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Have a good day, try to smile! <333 

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Your spot has been reserved! 


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I'm joining too many ski lodges but anyway..

Name: Pangolin

Age: 11

Shipping? [Only for AEs and CAPTCHAs]: No, I'm a CBer

Luggage: Toiletries, extra clothes, a camera, a solar-powered cellphone, my sketchbook, pencils & pens, a stack of books, a journla, a short sword with celtic engravings, and a dagger. 

Pronouns: She/they/fae, any works

Appearance: Early teens, a bit tall for my age, tanned skin with freckles on my face and arms, medium-length red hair that never looks brushed even if I brush it, blue-gray eyes. I usually wear a light blue denim jacket over a gray sweatshirt, dark gray jeans, nad black high-top converses.

AE, CBer, or CAPTCHA: CBer


Name: Virid

Age: I...don't know

Shipping? [Only for AEs and CAPTCHAs]: Sure! Anyone!

Luggage: Some plants, pruning supplies for the plants

Pronouns: He/him 

Appearance: He's large gray mouse (about the size of a kitten) and his back is covered in moss and small ferns. 



Name: Ginger

Age: #AEsAreAgeless (but looks about 14)

Shipping? [Only for AEs and CAPTCHAs]: Sure, with anyone!

Luggage: Extra clothes, a flashlight, a flask of posion, rope, and a bow and arrows.

Pronouns: She/her 

Appearance: Average height, light skin, long auburn hair worn either down or in two braids, bright green eyes, freckles



Note: Ginger, Virid, and I are all vegetarian.  


I have a few questions: Can I add our personalities too?

Also, could you please not add the Censorer credits at the bottom of your posts? I get that its a joke, but even discussion of cursing makes me uncomfortable. Thanks! But otherwise, this looks like a very fun ski lodge!

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