The breeze from

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The breeze from

The breeze from the open window next to you rustles the pages of your favorite book as you finish the chapter. You slide a bookmark in and snap the book shut, sighing and leaning back into your chair. You tilt your head to the window and take a deep breath, closing your eyes. Today, the air feels different, almost like something ethereal is laced into the atmosphere. It’s different, and for some reason, it gives you the feeling that something is about to change. 

Yes; today, the air is awash with the promise of adventure.

You open your eyes and are startled by the sudden appearance of a paper on your windowsill. It is folded into a rather delicate rose, the edges of the dull yellow paper edged in silver. Curious, you set your book down and go to lift the rose from the windowsill, but before you can do so, it unfurls on its own accord, revealing a note written in black, slanted handwriting.

Greetings CBer,

My name is Valli, and I am thrilled to invite you to an all expenses paid vacation to the Amber Glade, hosted by yours truly, as well as my two companions, Orrin and Ruza. We can promise you a fun-filled vacation with a hint of magic and mystery! There are unlimited spots, so feel free to bring as many AEs and CAPTCHAs as your heart desires; there’s no limit. Don’t worry about transportation, we will handle all of that. We hope to see you and your companions there!

Until we meet,

Valli, Orrin, and Ruza

Your Hosts and Staff at the Amber Glade

P.S. Ruza is asking me to tell you that the popcorn is not included in the ‘all expenses paid’ statement.

The form--


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?:


Personality in five words:

Basic Appearance:

Llama Quiche??:


Hello! Welcome to the Amber Glade Ski Lodge! Again, there’s no limit to participants! Everyone is welcome; the more, the merrier. As for my identity, well, I’ll give you this hint: this is my third Ski Lodge, even though my other ones never got finished. Hopefully, this one will be different!

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Sounds... exciting. I'll bring my AE, Georgia, along as well. 

Yes! I haven't gone anywhere in forever!

Name: Majestic Mary

CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: CBer

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Personality in five words: extroverted, kind, adventurous, chaotic, witty

Basic Appearance: 5'5". Blue eyes and Blonde hair a few inches past my shoulders. Usually wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Llama Quiche??: ... i'm not interested in eating llamas, but if you cook it, i'll try it.  

And here's Georgia's sheet...

Name: Georgia

CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: AE!

Personality in five words: Energetic, chaotic, fun, talkative, social

Basic appearance: I'm about 5'3" with tannish skin and blue eyes. My wavy hair goes past my shoulders and can change color, but is typically at a neutral caramel color.

Llama quiche??: sounds gross... sure! 


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Ooh...Interesting...Of course I will join! Glimmer, my AE, will also be tagging along. 

Yay! I finally get to go on a vacation!

Uh, Glim, I'm not sure it's totally going to be like that... 


Name: Neverseen 


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: CBer


Gender/pronouns: She/Her


Personality in five words: Witty, Inventive, Out-Of-The-Box (that is one word - and the parenthesis aren't counting as any in my mind), Empathetic, Observant (as in nosy). 


Basic Appearance: Dirty blond hair that falls just below the shoulders, hazel eyes, 5'1, large dark-turqoise (hm...not sure that's a color. Eh - well it is now!) glasses with those pointy tips where they attach to the side, and (bleh) braces which I can not wait to ditch next year. 


Llama Quiche??: Mm...Sure. I like squid and snails, I'll probably like llama. 

And now...


Name: Glimmer!


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: And AE and proud of it! 


Gender/pronouns: She/Her 


Personality in five words: Outgoing, Talkitive, Unique, Energetic, Optomisitic. 


Basic Appearance: Long, dark black hair that falls to the waist with a died white streak on the left side. Brown eyes, though they are so dark they are almost black. 5'2 in hight. Almost always where black and white colors, though will back an exeption if neccesary. 


Llama Quiche??: I'd perfer not to...I am rather fond of Llamas, but it if the only choice, I guess so. (Neverseen did you say you would eat it?!?) 



Hey, I am empathetic most of the time. The other time I can be somewhat morbid. But anyway, we eat chickens, don't we? 

I am debating becoming vegetarian now... 

You might not want to if we are having Llama quiche. 

I think I'm gonna go hang out with Snipe now... 

Oh yes! Snipe! You come over here! You've never been to a Ski Lodge, have you? 


Then you will be coming. 


Name: <Snipe>




Gender/pronouns: <He/Him>


Personality in five words: <Riskt> <akerr>, <Enthu> <siast> <icccc>, <Liste> <ningg>, <Curio> <ussss>, <Fun-lo> <vingg!>


Basic Appearance: Snipe, this is taking forever, so I am gonna help you out with this one. <awoki> Oversized rainbow colored snake (though mostly dark shades of the colors - not brightly colored, just rainbow colored) with a black, triangle shaped head and golden eyes. Instead of a normal snake tounge, he has a human-ish one and loves to talk. <talky!> Yes, very talky. Though that has nothing to do with appearance. <awwww>. Sort of, how do I put this, rectangualar shaped for a snake? That doesn't make much sense, but his body is kinda rectangular. 


Llama Quiche??: <Yesss!> Well that was quick Snipe. I guess we have your answer. <Llama!> <Quich!> 

Okay! I think that's it for the Neverseen troop! Can't wait for this to begin! 


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(July 15, 2021 - 10:07 am)

Name: Rainbow Riot

CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: CBer

Gender/pronouns: She/her

Personality in five words: Fun, capricious, funny, petty, mischeivous

Basic Appearance: Curly rainbow hair, shoulder-length. Bright green eyes, short. Usually wearing casual (but rainbow) clothes, with lots of accessories.

Llama Quiche??: I like llamas, and I like quiche. Though I don't like eating llamas in particular. So I suppose I would have neutral feelings toward llama quiche.

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(July 15, 2021 - 11:39 am)

It's wonderful to have you, Rainbow Riot! We were wondering what nickname you preferred. Rainbow? Riot? RR? Please let us know!

Thank you,

Valli, Orrin, and Ruza 

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Name: Lightning Girl "LG"


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: CBer


Gender/pronouns: She/her/female


Personality in five words: Kind, helpful, friendly, cheerful, bookworm

Basic Appearance: Long brown hair, glasses, purple dress with belt,

leggings, sandals 

Llama Quiche??: ???????????????


Name: ~Catherine "cathy"~


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: ~AE~


Gender/pronouns: ~She/her/female~


Personality in five words: ~Considerate, kind, smart, friendly, curious~ 


Basic Appearance: ~Blond hair with blue and red highlights, violet eyes, side bangs, small mouth, pale skin, lond dress with polka dots, sandals with black straps~


Llama Quiche??: ~If theres no llamas in it~

Name: *Milka*

Pronouns: *She/her/female" 

Luggage: *Same as LG*

Personality: *Always tries to make friends but can never find the right thing to say, full of energy*

Species: *Human* 





Name: *Milka*


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: *AE*


Gender/pronouns: *She/her/female*


Personality in five words: * Shy, full of energy, adventurous*


Basic Appearance: *Short, black hair, small neck, green shirt and skirt, barefoot, treasured jade braclet*


Llama Quiche??: *Sure*


Name: <Carly>


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: <Captc hhhaa>


Gender/pronouns: <theyy themm>


Personality in five words: <Loyal Chill happy clever misch evous>


Basic Appearance: <Blond hairr  ssixx inchs tall bluue fairy wings

aaaaa broom fuzzy sliprs green sleve lless shirt skirt madde fromm 

flowr petals>


Llama Quiche??: < Iimmm veget arian>


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Fun! Does anyone want to come with?

I will!

I guess so.

No thanks, I think I'll stay home for this one.

iwnt tooo gooo! 


Name: Quill

CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: CBer

Gender/pronouns: nonbinary, she/they

Personality in five words: Creative, friendly, curious, adventurous, impulsive.

Basic Appearance: Long brown hair with the ends dyed purple, brown eyes, freckles, light skin, a bit shorter than average.

Llama Quiche??: That really doesn't sound too appealing.

Name: Ace


Gender/pronouns: Male, he/him

Personality in five words: Awesome, outgoing, extroverted, loud, fun.

Don't forget slightly insecure. 

Basic Appearance: Dirty blond hair that's perpetually messy but looks awesome, ocean blue eyes, tan skin, pretty tall.

Llama Quiche??: Sure!

Name: Harper


Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her

Personality in five words: Quiet, shy, bookish, anxious, introverted.

Basic Appearance: Straight blonde hair down to my shoulderblades, light skin, hazel eyes, shorter than average.

Llama Quiche??: No thank you?

Name: Basil


Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her

Personality in five words: Toddler in a bird's body.

Basic Appearance: She's a small blue budgie.

Llama Quiche??: nooo wayy!

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(July 15, 2021 - 1:52 pm)


Name: Emekittycon Kitten

CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA: CBer.

Gender/Pronouns: Female, her/hers/she

Personality in Five Words: Fierce, friendly, defendent, dancin', and... singin'.

Basic Appearance: Semi-wavy black hair, with DEEP DEEP DEEP dark purple streaks, diamond, sapphire, amythist, emerald, gold, and ruby tiara, black t-shirt, black leather vest with fringe, black leather boots, DEEP DEEP DEEP dark purple shorts, short black leather skirt, black finger-less glove on right hand, DEEP DEEP DEEP dark purple finger-less glove on left, and black nail polish, and DEEP DEEP DEEP dark purple lipstick. Light tan skin, with light purple eyes.

Llama Quiche?: Ummm... no, thank you. I don't eat llamas. I like hot dogs, BBQ chips, salt and vinegar chips, sour cream and onion chips... just anythin' that has NOTHIN' to do with pickles, spicy sauce, beets, eggplants, brussels sprouts, (I WILL eat broccoli, as long as you put cheese on it.), etc.

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Hmmm how intriguing.

Name: Skip

CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: CBer

Gender/pronouns: Female she/her

Personality in five words: funky, intelligent, creative, MUSICALS, ambiverted

Basic Appearance: Pixie cut/undercut brown curly hair, brown eyes, freckles, I'm about 5'7", I have lightish skin, I always wear a necklace of some sort, and hoop earrings

Llama Quiche??: I'm sorry, what?

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(July 16, 2021 - 4:45 pm)

Thank you to everyone who has joined so far! So far, our guest list is 17 people, if I'm remembering correctly, and spots are still open! 

@Jaybells, please fill out the form for you and any AEs you may desire to bring, thank you!

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(July 18, 2021 - 10:03 am)


Name: dreamiing


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: cber


Gender/pronouns: gender isnt real. normally she/her but idrc.


Personality in five words: awkward, quiet, distanced, antisocial, closed-off (that doesnt count as two words, does it? if it does, just replace closed-off with introverted)


Basic Appearance: shoulder-length dirty blonde hair w/ black tips, pale skin, tall & skinny, dark-galaxy-colored eyes, black clothes, black face mask.


Llama Quiche??: uh, no. i refuse to eat llamas. i'll just starve instead. (it's fine, i don't eat much anyways.)

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submitted my first post without having everything, oops.

here are my aes- they havent gotten out in a while and this should be a good experience.

Name: fable


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: ae


Gender/pronouns: what is the point of gender (they/them)


Personality in five words: irritated, moody, sarcastic, antisocial, *eyeroll* (in one word: UGH.)


Basic Appearance: inky-black skin, purple eyes, ear-length fluffy black hair, stubby black horns, very tall & slim, black suits & combat boots.


Llama Quiche??: excuse me. NO.


Name: vix


CBer, AE, or CAPTCHA?: ae


Gender/pronouns: um, genderfae/female/something undecided? dreamiing doesnt really think, um, that gender is very important... i use, um, she/her.


Personality in five words: quiet, introverted, anxious, peacemaker, awkward...


Basic Appearance: long, thick light blonde hair in two braids, pale 'glowing' skin, baby-blue eyes, short & stocky. flowy white clothes & bare feet, lots of gold accessories. 


Llama Quiche??: um, no thank you. i'm a vegetarian, sorry.

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(July 18, 2021 - 1:47 pm)

How absolutely darling! *chucks off the Victorian English accent*

But seriously, yay! Moar Ski Lodge!!!

Name: Jaybells

Entity: CBer

Gender/pronouns: She/her, female

Personality in five words: Serious, quiet, observant, clever, open-minded

Basic Appearance: Curly dirty-blond hair in a high ponytail, fair skin, light-coloured eyes, transparent contacts

Llama Quiche??: Ah- you! Did you...? Could it be- Hey, are you the reason GERALD went missing this morning??? (Also, I'm vegetarian. Plus, WHY WOULD I EVER EAT GERALD??? (Apologies if this is not at all what you meant)) Besides... What exactly is this thing? Is it secretly a popcorn dispenser? *eyes very suspiciously*


Name: Jayda

Entity: AE

Gender/pronouns: They/them (biologically female)

Personality in five words: Lacking motivation, waste of talent

Basic Appearance: Faded purple-ish brown hair and eyes, a mole under her left eye, Latina skin-tone, slightly curvier than everyone else, but not exactly chubby 

Llama Quiche??: ~ No? ~


Name: Estelle

Entity: AE

Gender/pronouns: she/her, female 

Personality in five words: Sharp-tongued, perfectionist, bossy, stubborn, easily-annoyed

Basic Appearance: Very far skin, staight, long white hair with bangs, left eye is pinkish-red, right is light teal; almost always frowning

Llama Quiche??: Uh. No.


Name: Evelyn

Entity: AE

Gender/pronouns: she/her, female

Personality in five words: Shy, anxious, stuttering, kind, cute

Basic Appearance: Very fair skin, soft white wavy hair parted to the side, big round eyes, the right a pinkish-red, th left a pale turquoise(Estelle's fraternal twin sister)

Llama Quiche??: 'Um... N-no thanks... Sorry...!'


Name: Luna-lynn

Entity: AE

Gender/pronouns: she/her, female

Personality in five words: Bubbly, hyperactive, trouble-maker, overly-confident, loud

Basic Appearance: Dark-chocolate-coloured skin, mischievous golden eyes, a hairstyle that complete changes every day, and a prosthetic left leg

Llama Quiche??: EW! THAT'S- hold on, is it free??? I'll try it, I'LL TRY IT, YOU HEAR??


Name: aMbER

Entity: AE

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Personality in five words: Disconnected from Reality, playful, curious

Basic Appearance: Fairly light skin, long wavy orange hair, green left eye, other is covered by an eyepatch, covered in scrapes and bruises(probably from wandering around), around 8 or 9 in age

Llama Quiche??: LLaMa? Oh, yEs, tHaT iZ wUt tHeY uSEd tO cALL mE... (She'd honestly prefer llama bisque. Wait- Or was that lobster bisque...?)


Name: Conan(-kun)

Entity: AE

Gender/pronouns: He/him, male 

Personality in five words: Precocious, mystery-loving, organised, hopeful, logical

Basic Appearance: Japanese, but with large blueish-grey eyes and glasses, around 6 years in age, but it especially short, even for age group

Llama Quiche??: >> Uhh... Rationally, this could mean nothing good. So, that's a no from me. <<


Good luck this time around! :D 

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