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help my dears

help my dears i need help and i am willing to pay you ANY SUM (currency being picturing, written picturing, short story, poem, other poem (haiku), mention in my book, or picture of something pretty) you can have any three of those if you draw me a short little comic for the beginning of my book... its ed and callum introducing it together and ed making callum read it... i don't know why my in-book characterization is so annoying i tried to draw it and i failed MISERABLY. help i am at your mercy and sorry bout that rapunsel thing i have reams of it written up but i got sidetracked with night monsters an its dead now for clarification the picture of something pretty is taken by a camera not drawn i'll give you more detail about the comic's content  if you accept

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(July 28, 2021 - 9:19 am)

shore, i'll help!  so it's just a lil comic at the beginning of ur book? can i have so more detail about the comic and what style it should be drawn in? 




Tofix says ec uww. can't tell if he's expressing disgust or saying easy uwu. 

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in your order: 

yes. i'd like one at the end too, but that's way in the future and not necessary like this one is.

the comic: ed comes in and says "callum! I wrote a book about you! Come and read it!" and then callum says "no." ed then says "Why notttt" and callum glares at them. ed sighs and says "fine, i'll just read it to you..." there's a panel of her opening up the manuscript and hemming and hawing, and then the story starts. [if this is not what you meant, tell me]

the style: sort of cartoony, like chibi only slightly more realistic, and black and white

also what they look like: ed looks like harry potter only no scar. he carries around a stack of notebooks (which is Radiant, Part the First), has all sorts of wristbands on his right wrist, and wears jeans and batman t-shirts. she is a fair bit androgynous. callum has poofy white hair and they're short and wear an oversized blue hoodie, black converse, and cargo shorts. and a stress ball or whatever they're called. and they have really blank eyes. and dark spots under.

tell me if there's anything else you need.

tell me if you want me to say thank you. 


Glass says cwmot...could be content warning: mothers or content warning: apple juice or come with me ot

yes. i know i'm mimicking you. do you know im mimicking you? 

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(August 1, 2021 - 10:21 pm)

like doodles done in the margins if you're bored, like with a pen

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(August 2, 2021 - 9:21 pm)