Chatterbox: Pudding's Place

You sort through the letters you got in the mail, feeling more and more exhausted as you. There are bills to pay, advertisements to throw away, and magazine subscriptions to renew. You wish you could take a break from everything.

With perfect timing, you throw away a clothing store advertisement to reveal a shiny, brightly pamphlet. In big, beautiful yellow letters reads 'Need a break?'

"I absolutely need a break," you mutter to yourself, and begin to read.

'Want to get away from life for a while? Come stay at Whispering Mountain Resort! You'll be able to stay in a rustic wooden lodge, on the very top of an ancient mountain, surrounded entirely by gorgeous forests! You can swim in the crystal clear lakes and rivers, or enjoy fun recreational activities inside the lodge! Take a peaceful hike, or climb a mountain's peak! Sing songs by a campfire, or go birdwatching every morning! There's something for everyone at Whispering Mountain Resort! 

(Please note that no pets are allowed, including CAPTCHAs.)

Please fill out this form ASAP:


Approx. Age:


AE or CBer?: 






What are you bringing?:

Do you believe in ghosts?:


(Please note that Whispering Mountain Resort is not responsible for any injuries, maimings, poisonings, burnings, drowning, animal attacks, or other unfortunate things. Do not try to sue us. We have very good lawyers.)


This is a ski lodge (however, I may bend a couple rules.) AEs and CBers only, sorry. I will be allowing for 15 participants. Please submit your character sheets by August 21st. No magical abilities are allowed, please keep it to realistic things.

Have fun!

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oh HECK yeah! There's nothing like a good classic ski lodge. Here's the form:

Name: Bakerloo

Approx. Age: Seventeen.

Pronouns/Gender: Male. He/him pronouns.

AE or CBer?: CBer.

Appearance: 5"11'. Very thin and gangly. Messy brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin. 

Personality: Shy around strangers, outgoing around friends. Optimistic with a sharp, cynical sense of humor. Can be judgmental. 

Skills/Abilities: Singing, playing the piano, acting.

Weaknesses: Books, home, belonging.

Fears: Heights, abandonment, snakes.

What are you bringing?: One (1) brown leather suitcase containing:

-One (1) toothbrush

-One (1) bottle of toothpaste

-One (1) package of dental floss

-Five (5) pairs of pajamas

-Five (5) pairs of jeans

-Five (5) sweaters in various solid colors

-Five (5) pairs of stripey socks

-One (1) raincoat

-One (1) pair of sneakers

-One (1) pair of rain boots 

-One (1) record player

-Three (3) records — Begin to Hope (Regina Spektor), My Best Friend is You (Kate Nash), The Reminder (Feist)

-One (1) copy of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (Rebecca Skloot)

-One (1) pair of binoculars

-One (1) copy of A Field Guide to the Birds 

Do you believe in ghosts?: Do they believe in me? That is the question.

Other: Well, you should probably know that-

Excuse me. Excuse me. Coming through. Get out of my way, Bakerloo!

Hello, Orson.

What are you doing?

Signing up for a ski lodge. ...Why?

Let me sign up, too.

What? Orson, I don't know if you'll like it — you hate mountain climbing.

Let me sign up, too.

Come on, Orson, be reasonable.

Let me sign up, too.

Fine! Fine! You can sign up!

Thank you. Ahem.

Name: Orson

Approx. Age: 30

Pronouns/Gender: He/him 

AE or CBer?: Alter Ego (never utter the letters "AE" in front of me ever again)

Appearance: Incredibly handsome - short, curly black hair, brown eyes, dark skin, almost five feet...

He's 4"9'.

Shut up, Bakerloo. Did I mention that I'm excruciatingly handsome? 

Personality: Graceful and kind-

He threw a tantrum this morning when he found out we were out of milk.

Shut up, Bakerloo. So I have no patience for fools. Who doesn't? The point is that I am a visionary genius, and I don't need anyone else to tell me that.  

Skills/Abilities: My passion is film. I am a brilliant writer, actor, and director, famous for producing over 200 films including Harpo Talks, Mrs. Ablebody Smells Smoke, and The Sugarmill Conspiracy.

Weaknesses: Pshaw! I have no weaknesses. None at all.  

Fears: Running out of film and...


Sorry. I can barely bring myself to say it.

TV. He hates TV.

Shut up, Bakerloo. I am not afraid of... that visual medium. I simply despise it. May in rest in tiny, tiny pieces. 

What are you bringing?: A toothbrush, toothpaste, and tooth floss, my curated cravat collection, seven button-down shirts, seven black pinstriped vests, seven pairs of crisp black pants, seven pairs of pajamas, a pair of black dress shoes, my monogrammed flannel robe, a filming camera, a tripod, a dozen reels of film, my director's chair, my megaphone, Fay, my typewriter, and several very promising scripts I've written recently.

Do you believe in ghosts?: No. Of course not. Not at all.

Other: This writer's retreat had better be worth my money.

It's not a writer's retreat, and you're not paying for anything!

Shut up, Bakerloo. Oh, and there had better be a payphone.


In case I have to make any calls, of course.

But who are you... y'know what? Never mind. See you soon, Mr. Norwood! 

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(August 15, 2021 - 7:53 am)
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Reserving! This looks cool :)

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I feel like I haven't joined a ski lodge in a while! Count me in.

Name: Quill

Approx. Age: 16

Pronouns/Gender: She/they, nonbinary/genderfluid?

AE or CBer?: CBer

Appeareance: Long brown hair with the ends dyed purple, tan skin, freckles, brown eyes, a bit shorter than average.

Personality: Shy at first but a chatterbox once you get to know me, friendly, creative, adventurous, a little impulsive.

Skills/Abilities: Writing, knitting, baking, and procrastinating.

Weaknesses: Anxiety, sports, and people.

Fears: Social situations, spiders, heights, and my own mortality.

What are you bringing?: Clothes and essentials, books, a notebook and pens, a camera, sunglasses, earbuds, my sword, and a box of Junior Mints.

Do you believe in ghosts?: Yes

Other: n/a

I want to go too! 

Name: Ace

Approx. Age: 17

Pronouns/Gender: He/him, male

AE or CBer?: AE

Appeareance: Dirty-blond hair that’s perpetually messy but looks awesome, ocean blue eyes, tanned skin, taller than average.

Personality: Outgoing, extroverted, I like being around other people, but Quill says I can be insecure around people I really like. I enjoy annoying my family, but I'm generally cool around other people.

Skills/Abilities: Origami! That's kind of my only hobby.

(He needs to get out more.) 

Weaknesses: Kitchens.

Fears: Hurting people I care about.u

What are you bringing?: Clothes and essentials, origami paper, binoculars, and a grappeling hook.

Do you believe in ghosts?: Yeah!

Other: Nope

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(August 15, 2021 - 1:00 pm)
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Oh, this looks interesting. Is it a sign I know a Mr. Norwood? 

Name: Neverseen 

Approx. Age: 12 (though closer to 13 at this point)

Pronouns/Gender: She/Her Female

AE or CBer?: CBer

Appearance: 5'1 and 1/2, dirty blond hair (about shoulder legth) that is usually worn down, hazel eyes, dark blue glasses and periwinkle colored watch. 

Personality: Prob Ambivert (sense I am tired of saying close on both), witty, somewhat quiet (unless I think whatever is being talked about is interesting), thoughtfull, generally a rule follower, differs from the crowd, nosy. Like, knows-the-address-to-all-her-classmates'-houses-without-them-knowing-nosy. 

Skills/Abilities: Science/Math, Writing, Empathising with Others, Can Hide Emotions (unless your my uncle. He'll make me insane), Knows a Book for Anyone. 

Weaknesses: Hates hurt feelings, urge to follow rules, defiance of general crowd's opinion, people close to me (I.E, if they are in danger) 

Fears: Bees/Wasps (I know I shouldn't be! I really do! Bees are great polinators and all, but I...had a tragic experiance. With moth wasps and bees. My neck hurt like MAD that day...) 

What are you bringing?: Cosemetics, books, a change of cloths, my phone, my computer water canister, iodine (I read somewhere that you could sterilize water with that - not sure if it is true,, pencil (with sharpener) notebook, compass, books, deck of cards, a jacket, a raincoat, boots and sneakers, rope, army knife, flint and stell (hope those are the right metals..metels...whatever.) oh and did I say books? 

Do you believe in ghosts?: No.

Other: "Small sparks make big fires." -Gracious Goldberry, Hollowpox

Ooh! Take me! Take me!

Glimmer, do you even like the woods? 

Mm, I do now! It's a good place to spy on people, right?  

Yes. Wait. I am not supposed to know the answer to that. Who are you going to spy on anyway. 

Someone. Hehehe. 

Oh gosh. I'm probably going to regret this...

Name: Glimmer

Approx. Age: 14

Pronouns/Gender: She/Her Female

AE or CBer?: AE

Appearance: Pitch black shoulder legth hair, pale skin, dark brown eyes, 5'4 (she grew a lot since her last ski lodge, right Glimmer? Yup!), pretty much only black and white clothing.

Personality: Extroverted, Mishevious, Trouble-Maker, Loud, Talkitive, Bad at Keeping Secrets (But I can lie like nobody's business if I want to), Somewhat Eccentric

Skills/Abilities: Manipulating, Lying (if I think to do it), Charm, Playing Dumb (though I am actually pretty smart)

Weaknesses: Needs Human Interaction, Can't Stand Silence, Sometimes misjudges others and their trustworthyness, (Glim, is that a word? It is now!) 

Fears: Silence, Sort of like, the opposet of claustrophobia, So, I don't like huge, empty spaces, unidentified noises. 

What are you bringing?: Cosemetics, a few changes of clothing (there is a laundry place there right? Uh, sure...), my phone, books, notebook, pencil, charcoal pencil, eraser, colored pencils, water color paint (You becoming an artist Glimmer? Why not?) canned snake (to eat? No! Like the stuffed animal snake thingy! Oh...okay...but why are you-) rope, bugspray, coat, raincoat, boots, tarp, compass, map, tin bucket, wipped cream, string, (Glimmer...did I or did I not say that I would NOT allow you to prank the other CBers and AEs? You did. But you never said I had to listen), Bottle, Itch ointment (I. Hate. Insect Bites) 

Do you believe in ghosts?: Duh! Energy can't be created or destroyed, has to go somewhere. And also its just fun to go around and yell "The Spirirts! The Spirits!" and then faint, so I'll just say yes. 

Other: The Spirits! The Spirits! *Faints* 

Glimmer! Wake. Up! Wake Up! Wake...oh fine. Be that way. You better not faint while we are there, or else you might fall off of the mountain. 


Gotcha there, eh? We are ready! 

Yup! Ya better watch out! Glim is coming to town!

To the mountains. 

Yeah... To the mountains!  


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Definitely reserving! I'll post the sheet as soon as i can

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Name: Luna

Approx. Age: 14

Pronouns/Gender: agender, any pronouns

AE or CBer?: CBer

Appearance: Black pixie cut with bright blue and purple streaks. My left eye is bright purple; the right is bright blue. There’s a small star on my left cheek. Pale and tall-ish.

Personality: Quiet, a dreamer, empathetic, book-smart, obedient but occasionally adventurous. A self-proclaimed nerd and film critic.

Skills/Abilities: good writer and singer, book smart

Weaknesses: awful at sports, not good at making friends, master procrastinator

Fears: coming out, being yelled at, letting people down

What are you bringing?: clothes, toiletries, laptop, phone, books, notebooks, good pencils, headphones, a gallon-sized bag of Lifesaver mints

Do you believe in ghosts?: nah

Other: N/A

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Name: Silver Crystal

Approx. Age: 14

Pronouns/Gender: Female, she/her

AE or CBer?: CBer

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, Asian, brown eyes, long sleeved silver white shirt, bleached jeans, black and white vans. 

Personality: Lazy, talkative, friendly 

Skills/Abilities: I'm good at noticing the small things

Weaknesses: I'm a little too trusting 

Fears: Bugs, thunder, parsley 

What are you bringing?: A duffel bag filled with some essentials 

Do you believe in ghosts?: Depends what kind of ghosts we're talking about. Ghosts as in dead people coming back to haunt the living? Nah, that just doesn't make much sense to me. On the other hand, the idea that ghosts are just real people from alternate dimensions/ different time periods and the only reason we see them is because of a tear of the fabric of reality/time? Now that's a cool idea. 

Other: :)))


Name: Onyx

Approx. Age: Teen

Pronouns/Gender: Fae/faer

AE or CBer?: AE

Appearance: Messy short dark hair, medium brown skin, black and white clothes. 

Personality: Random, impulsive, sarcastic 

Skills/Abilities: A lil sneaky and will fight if fae needs to 

Weaknesses: Fae can sometimes have a hard time getting people to trust faer. 

Fears: Nightmares. Fae hares them.  

What are you bringing?: Fae forgot to pack.

Do you believe in ghosts?: Fae believes that they absolutely do exist, though in what way we'll never know. 

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Name: Aislynn Lynx, although you can call me Lynx or Lynn. I personally prefer Lynx. 

Approx. Age: Sorry sir, that's classified. 

Pronouns/Gender: she/they. nonbinary. 

AE or CBer?: CBer. 

Appearance: Hmm. I have slenderish fingers [like oddly slender] probably some silvery translucent rings on those. I wear a black scarf that covers my mouth and have obsidian eyes that stare into your soul. They're oddly empty. My hair is raven-black and it glimmers [strangely enough] and i have deathly pale skin. I wear jeans and t-shirts, along with fingerless gloves. I also wear boots and a satchel with *in luggage* Weirdly sharp canines and fang-ish bottom teeth. somehow is a ghost. 

Personality: acts happy-go-lucky and cheerful and nice and kind, kind of mysterious, likes to read people. Observant. Weirdly intelligent. Actually very sleep deprived and likes to joke about very...odd things. Such as blowing up the moon. Also very good at lying and decieving people. [This is literally my irl personality. My classmate described me as this.] 

Skills/Abilities: Manipulation, lying, observant, can know a lot of things about a lot of people. 

Weaknesses: Not exactly strong physically. Doesn't trust easily and hates friends. Screams a lot.  

Fears: for purposes of this story, I will be afraid of competition and competition only. 

What are you bringing?: Hmm. 1500 pens [idk how that's gonna fit, it just is.] 20 notebooks [again. idk how its gonna fit but stories are stories.] changes of clothes [which are all purple or black] more boots, another scarf, silk cloth, a couple of ropes, a grappling hook, vials of poison, necessites [like soap] more chunks of soap, more notebooks, a computer, an ipad, a wifi thing, chargers, portable chargers, apple pencil, watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, tempura paints, just everything that counts as paint, a first aid kit [no, 50.] a lot of food and water [a lot a lot. like, 50 packs of doritoes, along with a ton of other stuff.], a sword, a bow with a quiver of obsidian-tipped arrows, a dagger, a mace, an axe, generally a ton of weapons, more weapons, even more weapons, shades, a disguise outfit, a scuba diving outfit, another ipad, yet another ipad, my stash of chocolate, and a bag of rocks, all of which that are only accessable with a special mechanism that only i can activate and can activate anywhere, and *heh* this all somehow fits into a pastel purple-turquoise duffel bag. perks of being in a story :D 

Do you believe in ghosts?: of my aes is a ghost and my cb persona is a ghost, so I'd say yes. 

Other: nothing :) 

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If you reserved a spot, please remember to fill out the sheet by August 21st.

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