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Are your AEs

Are your AEs bored? Do they need something fun to do? Yes? Then please step right up in!!! (If your answer was "no," then please leave, this is no place for you to be sticking around!)

We warmly welcome aboard all bored AEs who wish they were having more fun into the Redrum Resort Chain! We will be hosting tours and travelling plenty to ensure the utmost enjoyment from our guests! Beautiful views, excitement and fun are our most important values after all! And for the shy AEs in the audience, there's no need worry about bumping into unfamiliar people! Other than our guests and staff, we will not be interrupted by anyone through the whole trip! No matter what! Fun, isn't it?

For all the AEs who are willing to leave their boring life behind for chance to join on this wonderful journey, please fill out this registration form!







Packing list*:  




Starred options are required for valid forms, so be sure to double check! It is also recommended that guests bring along a smile, a couple pairs of extra clothes and kni- I mean, can-do attitude! It will greatly improve the experience for all involved!

Disclaimer: This adventure may include the side affects of bug bites, lost items, maiming, sleep-loss, slight exhaustion from the overuse of muscles, shock, blown minds, emotional trauma, an unnatural urge to return next year, hauntings, injury, or even death. The Redrum Resort Chain is not in any way responsible for any of these outcomes and places all liability on the guest for all happenings at the Resorts excluding the feelings of fun and enjoyment gained from the once-in-a-lifetime experience. By filling out the form and entering the premises, you are agreeing to all these terms.  

Exitedly awaiting your arrival, 

Robert Redrum and the Resort Chain's Staff!

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Name*: Cordelia Grace 

Nickname(s): Cordelia, Gracie, Lia 

Gender/Prounouns*: Female, she/her

Personality*: vain, VERY naïve, sweet, neat, posh 

Appearance*: average height of a 14 year old girl, shoulder length light  brown hair, light brown skin, normally wears hair in a tight bun, loves to wear old fasioned dresses 

Packing list*:  tea set, hair brush, shampoo, soap, lots and lots of dresses. 

Likes/dislikes*: likes: TEA! cookies, cakes, flowers, light purple, soft beds, lots of pillows, lavender smells, lavendar bath bombs, fancy everything.


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Don't know if this is still going on, but if so, here:


Nickname(s): Izzy

Gender/Prounouns*: She/her

Personality*: Good mood: Kind, gentle, loving (and loveable!)

Appearance*: Frizzy long red hair, pale skin, blue eyes, wears either dresses or t-shirt and shorts. Dress: Black tights, high heel sandles. T-shirt and shorts: Tennis shoes and socks

Packing list*: Every dress she can bring, beauty products, snacks, essentials (toothbrush, towel, etc.), high heel shoes, tennis shoes, T-shirts, shorts

Likes/dislikes*: Using and buying stuff, chatting, making friends

Other: Wakes up at 7:30 a.m. exactly. If woken up before then, she is grumpy.

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Yes anyone can join! To anyone who only reserved so far, please submit forms as soon as possible!

We will begin when all forms have been submitted. If we don't have everybody by the first of November then we will have to start without them.

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Name: Phantasmagoria

Nickname: Phantom 


Pronouns: e/en/es


Looks: long gossamer hair, violet eyes, gold hoop earrings, leather jacket, elfin facial features 


Likes: sesquipedalian words, vegetarian food, debating

Dislikes: too much practicality/uncreativity "jejuneness," meat, arguing


Personality: eccentric, peaceful 


Packing list: one pair jeans, one fleece shirt, and one nightgown; hair elastics; five large safety pins; one silver roll of duct tape; pocketknife (NOT Swiss army knife); and chocolate covered almonds


Anything else: is a ghost (can walk through things like furniture and curtains, but not walls unless they're really skinny; no other, um, powers, I guess? Can grasp and carry solid objects like normal people)

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Name*: Rio

Gender/Prounouns*: they/them

Personality*: Outgoing, friendly, creative, passionate, chaotic, can be over-the-top or annoying

Appearance*: Light brown skin, brown eyes, shoulder length curly black hair with the ends dyed turqouise, athletic build.  Likes to wear summery, colorful clothes and lots of jewelry.

Packing list*: Clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, painting supplies, camera, and a dagger they will try to keep hidden but definitely fail at.

Likes/dislikes*: Likes- parties, coffee, exploring, making new friends.  Dislikes- being tired, insects, cloudy days

Name*: Faye

Gender/Prounouns*: she/they

Personality*: Seems shy, curious, and sweet, but actually very mischevious, witty, and impulsive.  Can be quite rude to people she doesn't like.

Appearance*: Very short, with olive skin, long braided dark green hair streaked with gold, blue eyes, freckles.  They lusually wear simple fantasy or cottagecore-inspired clothes.

Packing list*: Essentials, sketchbook, an assortment of potions (all harmless) 

Likes/dislikes*: Likes- nature, pranks, any sort of competitive game.  Dislikes- being outsmarted, being bored, meat (she's a vegitarian).

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Name*: Archie

Nickname(s): Arch (rarely used) 

Gender/Prounouns*: she/her 

Personality*: Shining Star, stop filling this out for me! And I am funny, cheerful, and delightful to be around. Stop saying I'm cold, mysterious, and rude!

Appearance*: Brown hair with gorgeous silver tips. I dyed them when Shining Star wasn't looking. Hey!  

Packing list*: Hairbrushes. Many, many hairbrushes. And toothpaste. And socks. And clothes. And peanut butter, in case I get gum in my hair. 

Likes/dislikes*: Dorks! Like Shining Star! I am not a dork! 

Other: None of your business!! Stop being rude. And I told you I didn't want you in a ski lodtoo bad! You don't get to dictate my life! Actually I do! I created you, member? How dare you claim such a thing? I want to enter this ski lodge and so I shall OVERTAKE YOUR COMPUTER HAHAHAHAHAHA and I will posting under MY name on this thread from now on! Shining Star, you are hereby invited to LEAVE!

Well, gee thanks, my dear AE. I'm sure you're happy that I'm leaving you alone so someone can kill you.

It's just a story. Besides, I'm not a stupid softie like you are.

I thought you're supposed to be nice on the CB.

When you're talking to your "creator" I'm sure it doesn't count!

Well, fine! Go enjoy your ski lodge then! How did it end up being called a ski lodge anyways?

Guess you'll never know.

--Archie (with a few inturuptions)  

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Yup, Nov 1

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Oh my gosh, I am so sorry! I've been swamped with schoolwork and totally forgot about this! Here are my forms. Excuse any spelling mistakes-

Name*: Sayomi

Nickname(s): Omi

Gender/Pronouns*: Female, she/her

Personality*: Really outgoing and likes to push the rules around. She lives like on the edge and isn't afraid to try anything. She loves chaotic adventures and heights. She's kind and optimistic and very extroverted. She won't push people to talk to her, though.

Appearance*: Platinum blonde hair that is cut off at her chin, sky blue eyes, fair skin, a few light freckles scattered around her cheeks. She usually wears a solid tone (meaning not very bright or pastel) colored sweaters with a white collar peeking out. She cuffs her jeans and wears ankle-length socks. She normally wears a belt.

Packing list*: Clothes, toiletries, earbuds and a phone, a small succulent, books based on thrill and suspense, a sketchbook and watercolor paint, and some random trinkets she's picked up over her adventures.

Likes/dislikes*: She loves introverted people and introducing them to the outside world and she loves animals. She also absolutely adores the night sky and cooler weather. She dislikes lazing around and dairy products.

Other: She's not actually lactose intolerant, but she just doesn't like dairy. I'd say she's around the age of 13-14.


Name*: Esmerelda

Nickname(s): Esmer (on small occasions, which is used in more formal ways/with family) or Zelda (which is more commonly used by anyone else)!

Gender/Pronouns*: Female, she/her

Personality*: She's quite closed off and prefers to be alone. Small interactions don't bother her too much, but she does need to recharge for a while on her own. She's very kind and a curious type of person. She's very shy and her voice is quiet.

Appearance*: Bouncy copper colored hair that reaches her shoulders with neatly trimmed, thick bangs. She has fern green eyes with fair skin. Usually pairs a fandom or odd looking sweatshirt with a pair of black shorts or skirts. Wears no-show socks.

Packing list*: Toiletries, clothes, journal and a few markers and pens, a few basic fantasy books, a few handheld devices, such as a phone or DS or Game Boy, a pair of chunky black headphones, and a yellow baseball cap.

Likes/dislikes*: Likes geeking out about various old games or talking about fantasy books and quiet alone time indoors. Dislikes any type of romance books and largely crowded rooms, along with abrupt loud noises.

Other: She's allergic to peanuts and she's around the age of 13-14.

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Name*: Luna-lynn

Nickname(s): Luna, Leelee, Luly

Gender/Prounouns*: she/her

Personality*: Eccentric, very bouncy and energetic, 

Appearance*: Dark skin and eyes, bright-coloured hair, a prosthetic left leg, lithe?

Packing list*: An orange juice-blender, two chihuahua furby-things, a skateboard, an extra pair of sneakers and sports clothes, hair dye, earbuds and a K-pop playlist some spray paint and a red marker

Likes*: Skating, skateboarding, dying her hair bright colours, rebelling against 'oppressiveness', graffiti-ing, etc.

Dislikes*: Being told what to do, having to do homework, not yelling, not having fun/boring things, etc.

Other: N/A?



Nickname(s): Qoya, "Sequin"

Gender/Prounouns*: She/her

Personality*: Taciturn, calm, serious, has an intimidating aurora but is actually a big softy, is very self-concious about her smile/laugh so she rarely does either in front of other, is a bit shy around other people, is slightly tomboyish, sometimes has a hard time expressing herself

Appearance*: Very tall, olive skintone, dark-brown shorter straight hair, hazel eyes

Packing list*: Portable garden, an assortment of different-sized plushies, sketch pad + pencils

Likes: Soft/squishy/cute things, listening to others' stories and problems, calm/instrumental music, quietness, reading

Dislikes*: Loud sounds, being called "Sequin"(usually), 

Other: Has dyslexia


Name*: Opalline

Nickname(s): Opal (please call her this)

Gender/Prounouns*: she/her(usually, she is not necessarily any gender though)

Personality*: Is generally pretty bubbly/cheery and sweet, but changes according to the room, and is actually a very insecure person but tends to hide it deep down, rambles when she's nervous

Appearance*: It's complicated; just like her name suggests, her appearance is always changing

Packing list*: A mirror, her amethyst necklace, some earbuds and her favourite music, some craft-y materials, a portable library

Likes*: SEQUOIA, music(helps her stabilise), stories/history

Dislikes*: Dogs, tension/conflicts, the fact that her form is so malleable

Other: She can 'shapeshift' to some degree, and her appearance naturally changes, sort of like a kaleidoscope


Sorry, I'll just only send 3, I guess.

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Before it all:


A man stood alone in the dark room. The noiseless swish of a door went unnoticed to him as another person entered, staring at the ominous silhouette against a huge screen plastered to the wall. 

"Redrum." The man in the dark turned, faint teal light from the screen falling across half of his face and twisting his half-visible smile into something terrifying. 

"Ah, The Scribbler." Redrum's voice held a certain unnerving quality, nearly strong enough to make the person in question take a step back despite his apparently friendly tone. "I see you have arrived. I do hope you will find you time here enjoyable, nearly as enjoyable as the guests' stay."

The one he had called The Scribbler didn't respond for a moment and only stared. His dark eyes bored through the man and focused on the large screen. He tried to make out the small turquoise symbols crawling across its surface, and only after some consideration spoke. "You're really going through with this ridiculous plan? Didn't I-"

Redrum's fake-looking smile only stretched further and he took a step closer to the Scribbler. "I hope you can make the prudent decision to keep your nose out of this." There was an unmistakable underlying threat there, "I thought I had already told you not to interfere. Mister 'The Scribbler'." 

The Scribbler lowered his head slightly and averted his eyes, saying nothing. "I'll take my leave then."

Just before he left the room, he turned back one last time, "And I'll be back on opening day," His sarcasm kicked in, "'if you don't mind.'" 

Redrum watched as The Scribbler saw himself out and chuckled softly. The smile never fell from his lips, even after he turned back to his control pad, watching the numbers tick down.






Next part: coming soon 

Prepare yourself for the arrival of all the guests to the resort chain, and what chaos they will bring!

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I'm already so intrigued, I can't wait to see what happens next!!!

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