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Are your AEs

Are your AEs bored? Do they need something fun to do? Yes? Then please step right up in!!! (If your answer was "no," then please leave, this is no place for you to be sticking around!)

We warmly welcome aboard all bored AEs who wish they were having more fun into the Redrum Resort Chain! We will be hosting tours and travelling plenty to ensure the utmost enjoyment from our guests! Beautiful views, excitement and fun are our most important values after all! And for the shy AEs in the audience, there's no need worry about bumping into unfamiliar people! Other than our guests and staff, we will not be interrupted by anyone through the whole trip! No matter what! Fun, isn't it?

For all the AEs who are willing to leave their boring life behind for chance to join on this wonderful journey, please fill out this registration form!







Packing list*:  




Starred options are required for valid forms, so be sure to double check! It is also recommended that guests bring along a smile, a couple pairs of extra clothes and kni- I mean, can-do attitude! It will greatly improve the experience for all involved!

Disclaimer: This adventure may include the side affects of bug bites, lost items, maiming, sleep-loss, slight exhaustion from the overuse of muscles, shock, blown minds, emotional trauma, an unnatural urge to return next year, hauntings, injury, or even death. The Redrum Resort Chain is not in any way responsible for any of these outcomes and places all liability on the guest for all happenings at the Resorts excluding the feelings of fun and enjoyment gained from the once-in-a-lifetime experience. By filling out the form and entering the premises, you are agreeing to all these terms.  

Exitedly awaiting your arrival, 

Robert Redrum and the Resort Chain's Staff!

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Oooh this is exciting. You are a great writer, Scribbler. When do we start guessing your identity?

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Thanks. you can start immediately I guess but please only one at a time. (so it's not ambiguous or unfair)

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Chapter one:


Pink shoes click briskly on the hard tiles. All the eyes in the room catch the bun headed girl strutting towards the gates. In a whoosh of pink, purple, brown and sweet smells, she's made her way in through the door. 

At the same time a light buzz sounds in a darkened room far from the bright warmth of the reception. 

"Cordelia Grace has arrived." A cool female voice reads, monotone. Celeste raises her eyes, peeking up at The Scribbler. He stands with his arms and legs crossed, scowling heavily from under his top hat.

"Alistair." The Scribbler clicks his tongue at her.

"What? It's too late. That madma-"

"Alistair!" Celeste shoots a meaningful glance at him, and he clamps his mouth shut. Celeste continues between pursed lips: "That was the last of them... If we don't intervene with "That Guy" who knows what'll happen to everyone?"

The Scribbler gnaws at his bottom lip. "OK. I hear you. I'm just not sure what else I can do at this point. I guess I'll try to contact Saskia and Damian.

Celeste shakes her head.. "Both have already been removed from the staff. They must've been discovered already."

"Then what about Rue?"  She kept her eyes down and Alistair gapes, puzzled at how so many of the highly-trained members infiltration team had already fallen or been weeded out. "Caspian? Not even Mallory?" He was clearly losing most hope. "At least we have the twins, right?"

"Yeah. It's basically just them and Asrani at this point. I-" The Scribbler watches Celeste intently. "There's not much I can do either. Everyone else seems to be either Redrum's or-"

"It seems like you two were talking about me." The pair freeze. They don't have to turn around to see the crisp, eerily tight smile through the dark. It's already been blazed into their minds, an image that rises to terrorize them in their nightmares.

Celeste is the first to move, "Of course, sir. You run everything after all. How could we discuss the business without mentioning you." She gives a firm but professional close eyed smile as if to prevent him from seeing the fear in her eyes. 

"Yes. Of course." Redrum says absently. "I hope I can trust you with entertaining the guests while I finish the final preparations, then." He leaves soundlessly, the door only emitting a soft click to signify the duo being alone in the dim blue glow once more. Silence encompasses them for a brief moment. Then chaos.

"What the heck, Celeste! When did he get in here?!" 

"I don't know! How much do you think he heard?!"

"Will everyone else be alright? What about the team..?" They stared at each other, a pit forming in each of their stomachs. 

Nothing good could come of these developments.


What will happen next? Brace yourselves for the next chapter: coming soon 

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I. am. SO EXCITED.  You wrote everything really well, and it sort of hinted at things, but still left everything shrouded in mystery, while at the same time making the conversation sound natural.  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks, (the?) Scribbler!!!

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thx, or ur welcome i geuss

btw i'm scribbler, the character has "the" before it to make it clear wihch one it was an accident the first time but it stuck

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