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ski lodge!~~

ski lodge!


hiii! im back haha this time recontinuing tlk (: this time i might have a few of my friends helping me edit and/or write seeing my unmotivated brain has a lot more physics work to focus on (WHO EVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF LEARNING PHYSICS IN 6TH GRADE :sob:) 


anyways with that, there are exactly 11 spots left (am aiming for 60 people, is that a record? i think 49 people might be a record by itself xd) anyhow! the people below are the ones who do not need to fill in forms (they're from the old version or the older version or the oldest version or the older-than-the-oldest version or the original version. at least i think that's how many times i restarted.) 


this time, im aiming to finish it! it's a little project and half of a dare my friend made me do, plus ill have motivation along the way! :D 


the people who do not need to fill in forms are: Silver Crystal 1, Lulu 2, Luminara 3, Luminescence 4, Luna-Starr 5, Neverseen 6, Leo 7, Nettle 8, Pangolin 9, Tealeaf 10, Honeybee 11, Moondrop 12, Feline Fantasy 13, Hiro 14, aqua 15, Kitty Cat 16, Zealatom 17, Forest Nymph 18, Lightning Girl 19, moondemon 20, sunangel 21, Cora Bree Underwood 22, Alex 23, Veta 24, Midnight 25, Daylily 26, Terracotta 27, Glimmer 28, Wolfy_Walker_7 29, Cynthia Maple 30, Floofy 31, Wreeboo 32, Butternut 33, Ace 34, Twilight 35, duck 36, Barnacle 37, Milka 38, Rory 39, Nyx 40, Jubilee 41, Princess Juniper 42, Quill 43, Hollyshock 44, Trapezewiz 45, Boo 46, Carla 47, Firelily 48, Saffron 49


(ignore the numbers, i use a number gen to decide who dies haha) 


and now, the deaths and hostages and suspects!! 




46 [Boo]

41 [Jubilee]




9 [Pangolin]






and finally, abbreviation guide! i use a lot of abbreviations soooo yeah! 






Gen: Generator

:sob:: general sad noises. 


this guide will be updated as we move along the storyline. 


here are the links to the other versions: 

TLK (og) []

Moonlit Mansion (4th reboot)

-something- (ORIGINAL!!!)

i cant find the other ones haha sorry- 


anyways thisll be starting whenever those 11 spots fill up; see ya then! 


~ th3mysticw0lf ~  

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