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Willow Wynd ~

The cool, brisk air of an autumn evening sets in, storm clouds gather overhead, and colored leaves flurry across the ground. Warm light glows from porches of homes, silhouettes passing by their yellow-lit windows. Outside is completely silent, almost eerie, the only sound being that of the blustery wind. The world is settling down to rest, and not a soul can be seen outside.

Except for you. 
You would never pass up an opportunity to be out here in the silence of twilight, in your favorite weather. Each step feels powerful, each breeze picks up the back of your cardigan and flutters it like a cape. It makes you feel alive, gives you a sense of adventure that you have always longed to fulfill. 
And though the night seems to be perfect, though you feel that sense of adventure, an emptiness remains. A bleak darkness sits inside you like a pit in your stomach, twisting as it yearns for a new experience, a rush of adrenaline, some sort of change from the mediocrity of everyday life. But it never seems to come.
Until you see a white dot fluttering in the sky. At first you stare in shock, thinking it could be a snowflake, but it grows as it comes closer, much too large to be a flurry. Your eyes focus in on it, watching it spin down and land directly in front of your feet. 
It’s an envelope. Pure, creamy white, with no writing except for two words etched into the sage green seal: Willow wynd. 
It isn’t addressed to anyone, so what could be the harm in bringing it inside? Without second guessing, you clutch it tightly and carry it back to your house. 

Inside, you slowly lift the seal and extract the parchment inside. 

More creamy white paper, folded several times, so violently creased that it’s on the verge of tearing. Carefully, you flatten out the paper and read the handwritten note written in perfect cursive:
Dearest adventurer,
We have seen your thirst for adventure. We have seen the longing you feel, deep in your heart, for a long time. 
The time has finally come that your wishes come true. We are offering you the chance to spend sixteen days in the wonderful wilderness of Willow Wynd. Hang a hammock between the willow trees or cozy up in a bunk in one of our historical wooden cabins. No matter who you are, there is something for you down in the wynd. All you have to do is fill out this form and be ready outside your house in seven days time. 
CBer or AE:
Personality (in 10 words or less, please):
Allergies or dietary restrictions:
Where you feel most comfortable: 
How you like your s’mores: 
We’re looking forward to seeing you here with us at Willow Wynde, where you can finally quench that thirst for adventure. 
Cordially yours,
The Voyagers of the Wynd
Hemlock, Gwydion, Fern, and Maple
You carefully scan the letter several more times. None of it seems real. But still you are drawn to the idea that your desire for a new experience could at last be fulfilled. 
So you fill out the form and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. 
This is a ski lodge. 
You may bring up to one AE and no more. 
We are looking for 10-15 venturers to join us on this escapade. You will be informed when spots are full. 
Because we are in the wilderness, Willow Wynd will not take responsibility for destruction of luggage, personal property, or human life. 
See you downwynd. 
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(November 6, 2021 - 10:45 am)
Name: Wildfire
CBer or AE: CBer
Age: 15
Gender/pronouns: she/her
Appearance: VERY dark black hair, often wears jeans, freckles, rectangular glasses
Personality (in 10 words or less, please): wild, loud, loyal, a little lazy
Fears: deep, cold water
Luggage: change of clothes, duct tape, safety pins, book, and pocketknife
Allergies or dietary restrictions: N/A
Where you feel most comfortable: library
How you like your s’mores: slow and low, golden brown
Other: N/A
Name: Phantasmagoria (Phantom)
CBer or AE: AE
Age: 16
Gender/pronouns: e/en/es 
Appearance: gossamer hair, violet eyes, leather jacket, gold hoop earrings, 
Personality (in 10 words or less, please): eccentric, peaceful, artistic, diplomatic
Fears: abandonment
Luggage: extra earrings, sketchbook, 10 plain ballpoint pens, rope
Allergies or dietary restrictions: dislikes meat (not a full vegetarian)
Where you feel most comfortable: forest
How you like your s’mores: see above
Other: is an elf and a ghost (can walk through smallish things like furniture or curtains, can hold solid objects like normal people)
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(November 6, 2021 - 2:45 pm)
Name: Pancake
CBer or AE: CBer
Age: 15 (not my real age)
Gender/pronouns: she/her
Appearance: Dark rown hair, hazel eyes, olive skin
Personality (in 10 words or less, please): lazy, chatty with friends, loner otherwise
Fears: bugs, hieghts
Luggage: essentials, drawing supplies, manga, and lots of snacks
Allergies or dietary restrictions: none
Where you feel most comfortable: in a comfy chair
How you like your s’mores: golden brown
Other: n/a
What aout me?
I didn't think aout you coming.
Can I come? I wanna bring my swords!
Neither of you can come. You'd cause too much trouble.
I would n-
I am ending this post. Go bug StoryTeller.
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(November 6, 2021 - 3:45 pm)
Name: Tsuki
CBer or AE: CBer
Age: 13 (technically 12, but in 2 weeks it's my birthday)
Gender/pronouns: she/her
Appearance: Long brown hair, green eyes, freckles, average height, skinny, pimples
Personality (in 10 words or less, please): Smart, author, language, bookworm, artist, clumsy, anxious, EMPATHETIC, shy, social
Fears: Change, death, pain, loss, music, spiders (the first four means she fears for herself and others)
Luggage: Her Japanese textbook & flashcards, her laptop, clothes, her notebook, her sketchbooks, her pencils & pens, her teddy bear named Bear, a few books
Allergies or dietary restrictions:  Will not eat bananas for anything.
Where you feel most comfortable: In a book
How you like your s’mores: Golden brown
Other: Loves nature, desperately wants to dye her hair teal but doesn't want to bleach it
Name: Spontaneity 
CBer or AE: AE
Age: Around the tween and young teen ages
Gender/pronouns: she/her
Appearance:Reddish brown hair she cut supershort and bleached white, then dyed orange except for the tips which were left snow-colored, green eyes, freckly, pale, skinny
Personality (in 10 words or less, please): Spontaneous, impulsive, nature, adventurous, go-getter, active, outside constantly, unintentionally rude
Fears: Spiders, confinement, loss, laziness
Luggage: A rope, a pocketknife, clothes, books, notebook, cans of hair dye (she loves to tease Tsuki with them), her phone
Allergies or dietary restrictions: Won't eat bananas for anything.
Where you feel most comfortable: Adventuring in the Great Outdoors. 
How you like your s’mores: Burnt
Other: Will keep in close contact with Lucky Star over the course of the trip
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(November 7, 2021 - 7:27 pm)

So much for my no-ski-lodges policy! This is too cool to miss!

Name: Shining Star (Star) 
CBer or AE: CBer
Age: 13 
Gender/pronouns: she/her
Appearance: Brown hair, silver eyes, light brown skin, hand-woven sandals, an always-curving mouth
Personality (in 10 words or less, please): Cheerful, friendly, and hopeful.
Fears: Falls from the sky, whispers in the night, footsteps in empty hallways
Luggage: SOCKS, SOCKS, and more SOCKS!! Also, normal clothes, like t-shirts and jeans, and a toothbrush
Allergies or dietary restrictions: I am vegan, though not allergic to too many things
Where you feel most comfortable: When I'm in a tree 
How you like your s’mores: BURNT! 

Other:  n/a

Name: Lynx 
CBer or AE: AE
Age: 12 
Gender/pronouns: she/her 
Appearance: super long, touches-the-ground black hair that is always in a braid; brown eyes; pale skin
Personality (in 10 words or less, please): Sarcastic and mysterious; quiet but NOT shy
Fears: A life without cake. Being trapped in a warehouse.
Luggage: Pajamas and same type of clothing as Shining Star
Allergies or dietary restrictions: n/a
Where you feel most comfortable: ON THE COUCH. 
How you like your s’mores: Gooey....and preferably with cake. You and your cake!

Other: n/a 

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(November 8, 2021 - 4:11 pm)

Hello. Why do you have a no-ski lodge policy? Also, why didn't you bring Archie?

Sorry about Wyyiz! She was ho-

NO! I will not be q- ow!!!!!

That's what you get! Hmph!

Let me say this! Hana says {rankx} Is your rank "x" Hana?

Is it about the war?

Well, hopefully, she will come back soon. And uninjured. 

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(November 10, 2021 - 6:41 pm)
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(November 8, 2021 - 4:11 pm)

Welcome, Wildfire, Phantom, Pancake, Tsuki, Spontaneity, Star, and Lynx, to Willow Wynd!

We are waiting on a few more brave adventurers who will take on the challenge of wilderness survival, and hopefully we will be able to start our escapade by the 20th or before.  

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(November 10, 2021 - 7:28 pm)
Name: Princess Juniper or Juni
CBer or AE: CBer
Age: 11
Gender/pronouns: Female, she/her
Appearance: Midlength wavy-ish brown hair, white, freckles, brown eyes and a maroon dress
Personality (in 10 words or less, please): Leader, bold, bossy, self doubting and perceptive
Fears: Suffocation
Luggage: The necessities, a party dress, chrome book, every book ever
Allergies or dietary restrictions: None
Where you feel most comfortable: In my room on Pinterest looking at Percy Jackson memes
How you like your s’mores: Almost completely charred but not quite 
Other: Please don't kill me
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(November 10, 2021 - 11:12 pm)


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(November 14, 2021 - 12:59 pm)

Hey since no one new is joining would it be alright if people brought 2 AE's?

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(November 22, 2021 - 5:29 pm)


Is it alright if I change my AE from Neity to Riko? 

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(February 10, 2022 - 5:23 pm)


Is it alright if I change my AE from Neity to Riko? 

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(February 10, 2022 - 5:23 pm)