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Writing Challenge

Writing Challenge

Pick a writing prompt.  (Not something like "What's one thing you're proud of?" or "Write a story about-" choose one like "He turned around and gasped.") You will type a story in the comments starting with that sentence and not stop until you've done a good amount.  No planning, no brainstorming, no first drafts- just whatever comes out of the keyboard!  Have fun!

I'll start. My prompt was Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs. The bedroom door handle turned slowly.

Footsteps slowly creaked on every step of the stairs.  The bedroom door handle turned slowly.

This was it, my last chance at escape.  I shoved open the window, poised to climb out- when I remembered we wer nine stories up. Eyes wide, I looked up and down the room for anything, anything useful.

Then the door opened. 

"I'm sorry!" I started sobbing. "I'm sorry, I really am!  I'll- I'll find it, I'll give it back, please- please give me a chance-"

"How could you get it back?" Torahito's voice was as sharp as the dagger she held in her hands.  "You threw it into the ocean!  It's sunk hundreds of miles by now, if something hasn't swallowed it up!  And that was the most important artifact of our time! Or have you forgotten?"

Trembling, I dropped to my knees.  "I trusted you," she said, looming over me.  "And you betrayed me.  I sent you to find the Sapphire Eye, my Sapphire Eye, and you chucked it into the sea!  The one artifact in history that bestows power as great as the gods!  That's what I trusted you with, Hoshi! That's what you and Yuri discarded like it was a meaningless piece of dust!"

She chopped off a chunk of my hair and I shrieked.  It was only a threat, this time, but I knew she was capable of much worse.

"Yuri," I choked the word out.  "I can find her.  I can- I can bring her to you, and you can... do what you will with her."

"Lies!" Torahito spat.  "All my armies and bounty hunters- and even me- have been unable to capture the traitor!  What makes you think you will?"

"I know where she hides.  I know her tricks."


"She's-" I breathed deeply to settle myself. "She was my best friend."

She hesitated, then spoke.  "Very well, subordinate.  But to make sure you remain loyal to me this time, I will personally accompany you.

"Okay," I breathed a silent sigh of both relief and apprehension.

"We leave in two hours.  Pack your stuff, and we will start at the last place I saw her."


Well, there's my random story!

Third try on the CAPTCHA, wish me luck... 

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Well, Tsuki said it was her prompt, so I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter.

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"The world's easiest prison to escape"

 The world's easiest prison to escape, but also the most expensive to create and maintain, resided somewhere in the middle of the U.S. No surprise really, considering events such as the time Americans spent millions of dollars inventing a pen that could write in space, when the Soviet Union just used a pencil.

(Yes, I, Wildfire, am an American and know how ridiculous we can be sometimes. But anyway, back to the story)

Now, despite the fact that this was the world's easiest prison to escape, no escapee had ever leaked the exact location. The "adventure" was so utterly boring, nobody could properly remember being there or escaping.

Shadan Faber, aka Shade, had not yet experienced this phenomenon. He had no idea that he could just walk right out the door. Because of this ignorance, he still followed all the rules in hopes of an early release. He had been caught fair and square, so he just bided his time until he could start stealing paintings again.

Shade stood in line at the cafeteria. Today was hot dog day, which was not great, but better than meatloaf day. Shade's partner in crime, Liam, turned around and said, "Okay, I'm tired of this, I'm leaving today."
"You mean escaping? How?"
"How? This is the world's easiest prison to escape! Just walk right out the door!" Liam laughed.
"Wait. That actually exists?"
"Ummmmm, yes, we're in it right now."
Shade thought about it for like one second. "Okay, I'm coming too."
The two went back to their respective cells and gathered up their meager belongings. They strolled through the hallway. Shade halted. Liam asked, "What?"
"Are you sure we can just walk right out? We won't get caught and have to be here even longer?"
"You've gotta trust me!"
"Well, okay." They resumed walking. Pushing open the front door, Shade walked right out the door. The guard tower loomed above. He peered up at the guards inside.
"Hey, Liam, look! One of them is taking a nap!" 
"See? I told you!"
Shade and Liam passed beyond the final gate. Suddenly, neither of them could remember exactly where they were or why they were here. All that was left was memories of mind-numbing boredom.
"What? Where? Huh?" Liam asked.
"I don't know," Shade responded.

One months later . . .
Shade sat on the couch in a motel, watching the news on TV. The screed showed a picture of him! The reporter was saying that Shadan Faber had escaped from prison. Huh? Shade didn't even remember being in prison, let alone escaping. Hmmm, he thought, maybe I'll go to Paris instead of staying here, let things cool off, "visit" the Louvre. I'll see how things go from there.
The end 
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Prompt: As he flicked through the letters, a small, handwritten envelope caught his attention and his heart began to thump

As he flicked through the letters, a small, handwritten envelope caught his attention and his heart began to thump.

It was addressed to:

Sir David White of the Eastern Castle, otherwise known as

6666 Youngton Drive

Lockston, Alaska  

The return address: 

Love, Lucas O'Mykrin

6666 Nowhere Street

City or State?  Try to guess.

David grinned knowingly and tore open the envelope.

Hello again, friend!

It has been awhile since we spoke, hasn't it?  In fact, the last time I saw you was when I lived in Tenessee.  You remember, don't you?  The little baby griffin we met near the ice cream shop?  Well, I came back for her after you left and took her home. She's doing well, her name's Greta and she's three years old on Monday.  But enough reminiscing about the past, dear pupil.  I have something for you.

Taped to the letter was a note.  A short note, two or three sentences long, written on plain lined notebook paper in sparkly purple pen.

"Who Inspires Me?" Sarah Hesse

Why should you care who inspires me?  This assignment is absolutely absurd.  Maybe it's Oscar the Grouch or maybe it was my uncle Ilya; why do you need to know?  Inspires me to do what, anyway?  Sit here in class learning about the alphabet?  I know Russian and Spanish already and I once met a dragon, lady, I'm not two years old. So hush with your ridiculous assignments and learning and circle time.  And by the way, my "Mommy and Daddy" did NOT write this for me.

And don't call me sweetheart.

David, astonished, carefully peeled off Sarah's paper to reveal more of the letter.

As was noted, she isn't two years old.  She's five, and I believe she did once meet a dragon.

Emily and Marcus had  a daughter named Sarah, did they not?  A wild thing, always causing trouble.  A funny little one.

I found this on my recent trip to Hawaii, just a-floating in the breeze. But even that's not as interesting as this: Carrying the letter was a magnificent orange bird, glowing like fire in the sunlight.  A phoenix.  

David wrinkled his brow.  A phoenix?  They didn't live in earth.

"A phoenix?  They don't live on earth." you protest.  Indeed they don't.  And the fact that one exited the spirit realm- to carry your deceased neice's letter, no less- is world-changing.

If you remember anything from our lessons, you'll remember the spirit world is different from the afterlife.  The phoenix could not have met Sarah.  Furthermore, she died when she was two.  As this letter claims, "I'm not two years old."

There is something upsetting the spirits, and you and I are going to find out what.

Pack your bags.  We leave today.

With love,

Lucas O'Mykrin

He hadn't even read his old professor's signoff when someone knocked on David's front door.

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Since I didn't read the first part carefully enough, I am re-submitting.

Prompt:  Start your story with the line, “You wanna do something fun?”



Written by Pancake


"You wanna do something fun, Josh?" asked Shadow Greene, one of the well-known people.

In this school, kids ranked each other. I was not a well-known. I was an unknown. So why was he talking to me?

"Um, sure. What did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well, after school, we got the whole year! School's shutting down for a year after today. Let's pack our bags and go exploring. This world got to have more than this," Shadow said.

"Sure. I can drive and I'm pretty sure you can as well," I said.

"Actually, I can't drive. It's just gonna be You, me and Kaila!" He said.

"Kaila? You mean Kayla Brown?" I ask. She was well-known.

"Yeah! We gonna get you to the top of ranking! After all, an adventure! That's something!" Shadow said.

"Yeah! Should we mke a list or something?" I ask.

"You handle that. I'll do the shopping. You make the list!" He says.

I make the list whenever I can. At the end of the day, I give it to Shadow. He looks over it and I drive him to the store. We get everything we need and pick up Kaila. We chat for a bit about where to go. Finally we agree. Camping.

"So this is the campsite we want. Camp Honor!" I say, driving along the route.

When we get there, we set up. There is a crowd of people. We head over and see Ebony Winter, a movie directer.

"We need people for our new movie! You can all try out right now!" He shouts.

Everyone tries out, including us, because why not? When we get the part, it feels amazing! We decide to start now. The movie goes really well. I won't tell you the details, because it was kind of boring. And now we are sailing home.

I look at the sky. It looks dark. I try to tell the captain that but the ship lurches forward. He wakes up just as it starts raining. Someow, five minutes later, the ship is sinking and we are swimming to a nearby island. Which may or may not be inhabitited. We decide to wait out the rain before building a shelter. I clear out the ground under a pine tree and lay down. Soon I fall asleep thinking, How did this happen?

In the morning, we build a shelter and play in the water because it is so clear. After about a week, we are picked up. We decide to end our trip a month early. After all, who wants to explore after getting lost at sea?




Slightly short, but I hope you like it! 

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Prompt line: "A girl stands at the edge of a chasm."

A girl stands at the edge of the chasm. Black rocks, black sheared cliffs, black dripping from somewhere; there's black everywhere. But there's white too. Bleak white skies, clouded white air, white in her eyes; white is everywhere too. 

She stands, hair swaying like reads in the wind; everything else unmoving. Her mind is racing, weighing options but the world is none the wiser.

Should she stay? There's so much left still to explore in this world, so much to learn, to read, to write and see. There's so many more moments to experience and secrets to unlock... Probably.

Is it okay to leave, just like that? She thinks about the people she's met. Many are gone now, but there are still some left; reeling in the emptiness and aftermath of their losses. They probably had so much to say. So many more stories, so much more support to give and take, so many more memories to form.

The girl peers down, and fights the urge to stagger backwards. It's a long way down, into whatever lies beneath the haze in that abyss. Maybe there won't be anything. Or maybe there will be something better than anything she could ever imagine. Perhaps there would be endless riches, colours and sensations galore, more endlessly glorious adventures, and perhaps even the people who had disappeared; maybe they had simply moved on to explore the wonder of this fantastic new place!

But maybe there will only be hard, black sharp stones, just like there is up here. Perhaps there will be endless dark rivers with no bottom that could ever be reached by a mere mortal, cold and sapping the life from its poor entrapees, victims, with every painful breath one closer to eternal slumber. Who could possibly say for certain.

The girl thinks of everything she has been through, all her troubles and struggles and past adversities.It does not take long for her to make her choice. 

The only thing that is certain is that it is a long way down to the bottom of the chasm. If there even is one, that is.

She jumps. 

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