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i wanna do picturings so um 


i can do imagination 

or just fill out short form 

name // appearance // personality // other 


submitted by th3mysticw0lf
(February 14, 2022 - 9:32 pm)

Hi! Would you draw what you imagine when you see Hex? Thanks.

submitted by Hex
(February 14, 2022 - 11:20 pm)
submitted by TOPoftheday!
(February 15, 2022 - 1:20 pm)

Mystic!!!!! Hiii! I'm so glad your back! 

How about we trade picturings so I draw you too! I just got procreate so i wanted to draw you digitally!
how about how you imagine me and I'll do how i imagine you 
submitted by Kitty Cat, age I’m all, Fired up!
(February 15, 2022 - 4:09 pm)

Name: Red Starlight

Appearance: Bright red long hair, pale skin, ice blue eyes, dress made out of pure starlight, tall, red combat boots

personality: kind of an oddball, introvert but loves people, smart, ravenclaw but loyal, funny, hyper

other: thank you!

Brandandon says <gofat>


submitted by Red Starlight
(February 15, 2022 - 11:06 pm)

Sure, I'll take one! 

Name: LunaWolf 
Appearance: Wild and long blue purple and silver hair. Wearing a teal jumpsuit with a silver blue cloak with brown hiking boots and satchel 
Personality: Wild but kinda shy. Loves reading and nature
Other: age: 12-13
thanks! Oh btw I love your name!  
submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(February 16, 2022 - 7:05 pm)


yes to all of these!! 

KITTY HELLO!! ive missed you sm <3 /p 

-- mystic 

submitted by th3mysticw0lf
(February 17, 2022 - 12:56 pm)

Yay! I'll have your drawing done soon!

submitted by Kitty Cat , age I’m all, Fired up!
(February 17, 2022 - 4:48 pm)

Here's your picture... this took forever but I'm super proud of it

submitted by Kitty Cat@mystic, age I’m all, Fired up!
(February 17, 2022 - 5:58 pm)

Wow kitty cat that's really good!

submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(February 17, 2022 - 7:09 pm)

Thanks you very much!!!

incould draw you too! 

submitted by Kitty Cat, age I’m all , Fired up!
(February 17, 2022 - 9:29 pm)

Ok! However you imagine me is fine. Thank YOU so much!

submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(February 17, 2022 - 11:41 pm)

Name: Fenrir

appearance: she's a shadow (interpret this however)

personality: serious, secretive, pessimistic

other: she likes to weave 

submitted by Gallium, age untold, she/her
(February 18, 2022 - 11:50 am)