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Written picturings by Reuby. This is just your basic written picturing. Feel free to ask for three in a row if you want. Hope you all like the picturing that you get. If you don't i can redo it.

submitted by Reuby Moonnight, age 11 nebulas, Luanaitaria
(March 25, 2022 - 7:52 am)

I'll have a written picturing of however you imagine me! I'm a demigirl, so for my pronouns, you can either use she/they or fae/faer, whichever is easiest! :D

Can you also do a written picturing of my AE Circe? They use she/they pronouns. I think I recently posted her appearance on Writing's AE Spring Party thread, if you want to draw inspiration from that.

Thank you, and I'm excited to see what you write! :)  

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(March 27, 2022 - 12:16 pm)
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(March 27, 2022 - 6:41 pm)

@Pangolin, The first one is you , the second is Circe. Is it ok that i made you and Circe related?
A tall girl dashes through the trees, her chestnut hair trailing behind her. The pangolin she is following makes a sharp turn narrowly avoiding the tiger that leaps out of the trees, the girl pulls an arrow out of her quiver. Quickly drawing back her bow she aims for the spot were the tiger will be. Releasing the arrow, it hits the tree right in front of the tigers nose. Fright springs in to its eyes, backing away than bounding back in to the green expanse. Slowly and quietly trodding over to the arrow stuck in the tree, she plucks it out, lightly touching the hole the arrow has made. She solemnly whispers to the tree “I’m sorry my friend”. The pangolin uncurls from its defensive ball to nudge its wet nose against the girls ankle. She looks down at the animal, reaching in to her pocket, she pulls out a hand full of dried crickets. The Pangolin gobbles them up with delight, happily walking away to find more food. She nods, her job here is done. A squawking comes from a clearing just south of the spot, she narrow her eyes and climbs quickly up the nearest tree. When at the top she scans the sea of green. When satisfied with the location of her next job she pulls her hood over her head, jumping of her perch and landing on the ground sending up a cloud of dust. Adjusting her bow onto her back she sets out to keep peace in her domain, the rain forest.
As the sun takes its time setting bellow the mountains, a tall olive skinned girl sits down at the edge of a gazing pool. Her short hazel hair moves slowly in the breeze. She dips her feet in the pool, giving s slight shiver at the coolness of the water, taking a deep breath in she looked up at the sky. A vision flashes before her eyes, a fallen oak tree, a drained river, fighting animals and chaos. She shakes her head as if trying to get the image out of her head. “Peace” she says softly “It can only be peace full if there is chaos, like ripples in the water shows its many colors” lifting her feet out of the water, creating ripples that spread through out the pool disrupting the flowers that float on the surface of the pool. A glimmer of mischief sparkles in her eyes, She gets up grabbing the towel next to her and drying her feet of. Walking up the steps to her room she spots a fight in the rain forest below her and a cloaked figure arriving at the scene. “Ah. So little sister is doing a job well done”. She turns away and continues to her room, flopping on her bed and looking up at the ceiling, that's now fading in to a light pink color to mimic the evening. She snaps her fingers and a ball of light appears in front of her. “Tell my sister to come home early today. I making her favorite for dinner”. The light fly's out the window leaving the girl alone. She rolls over to turn on some music, a picture of and tall man and a short woman sits on her night stand. She makes a small, sad smile “ I miss you guys” she says getting up. She looks out the window, taking in the beautiful sight of the world. “ I wish you could be here to see this” she says finally.
Hope you like them.

submitted by Reuby Moonnight, age 11 nebulas, Lunaitaria
(March 28, 2022 - 2:22 pm)

Wow! This is amazing~ I really like the descriptions of the rain forest - it's beautiful and makes the setting feel real and three-dimensional. I love the whole concept of Circe and I bringing peace to the rain forest - and it suits both of our personalities really well. Over all, your writing is wonderful, and I love this written picturing so much. Thank you so much, Reuby, and keep writing! <3

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(March 28, 2022 - 3:30 pm)

Thank you very much pangolin, I'm glad you like. at first i didn't know what to do but then inspiration hit me. I really like it to, maybe I'll get more requests or get the book I'm writing published. Who knows?

submitted by Reuby Moonnight, age 11 nebulas, Lunaitaria
(March 28, 2022 - 4:49 pm)

Could I have one as you imagine me, please?  I am Peregrine Silverwings, female, she/her/hers.


submitted by Peregrine
(March 28, 2022 - 8:06 pm)

@ Peregrine. I made you knida like the robin hood of this world. You both have bird themed names so i thought it would be appropriate, and you seam like a kind person who does not like stealing.
In a small grove, that sat in a forest. A laughing burst up sending a cloud of birds up into the air. Around a fire sat three people, tallest of the group was digging through a big burlap sack. “Tonight we are rich my friends” he said in a gruff gravely voice. Suddenly a cawing came from a near by sycamore tree. A small peregrine falcon flew over the groups heads, occasionally dive bombing them. The man with the bag swatted at the bird and covered his face. The peregrine tucked its wings, heading for the bag. Right before it hit the ground, its claws uncurled grabbing a piece of the gold in the bag. Flying back to the sycamore tree, and dropping the gold into a girls hand. The girl was sitting in the top of the tree, watching the group. She pulled back her forest green hood, letting her braided blond hair fall down around her shoulders. She studied the gold, finally, looking towards the bird , she whistled three high pitched notes and one low one. The falcon cocked its head, then lifted its wing in the direction of a near my town. He chirped once than hopped over to the girl, nipping at her fingers. “OK, OK” she said swatting away the birds beak. She stood up, walking over to the end of the branch she was on. Taking the corners of her cape, she jumped of gliding on the wind. Turning right she gilded in the direction of the clearing, swooping down to the level if the group. She tilted her self, grabbing the burlap sack as she passed the tall man. Still gliding, she took a left turn of a cliff the dropped down in to the town. The peregrine flew up beside her chirping rapidly. She nodded briefly before heading to a small house on the edge of the town. When she arrived, she dropped in front of the window. Looking in the house to see if some one was home. No one was, quietly she opened the door and snuck in the house. Reaching in her pocket she dug out the burlap bag. Dropping it on the table she ripped a page out of her small leather bound note book. Quickly she scribbled something on the paper, than dropping the bag on it. Leaving the house, she stopped looking back and smiling slightly. She than ran of her cape trailing behind her.
Later the owners of the house came back to find the sack with all the gold in it and a not that says “Here's your money back. -Peregrine Silverwings”
PS i also added a picture because why not. Also the bird is ment to be a peregrine falcon

Screenshot 2022-03-29 at 15-37-05 Fantasy girl.png
submitted by Reuby Moonnight, age 11 nebulas, Lunaitaria
(March 29, 2022 - 2:37 pm)

Thank you so much, I really like it!  I like how you took inspiration from Robin Hood.  We both do have bird names, I had never thought about it.  I also really like the idea of being able to glid with my cloak.  Your descriptions were well done too!  I could see every action, and I could hear the voice of the thief.

Thank you also for the picture!  Did you draw it yourself? 

submitted by Peregrine
(March 30, 2022 - 10:11 am)

Name: Fenrir

Pronouns: she/her

otherwise how you imagine


here's a pic for inspiration, but feel free to not follow it 

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(March 29, 2022 - 5:02 pm)

This is for Fenrir. I don't really know what your personality is so i just went with the flow.
A sweet smell wafts from a near by bakery. “Oh come, I don’t understand why I cant help make the cookies or cupcakes or ANYTHING!” Says a shadow like person from behind the counter. She holds a small black kitten that is currently mewing. “Because you work as the cashier and you make the paintings on the walls. Besides Fenrir, you said just a week ago that you were happy with your job” Says a voice from the kitchen. Fenrir rolls her eyes, she looks down at the kitten to scratch his chin “ You think I’m a good baker don’t you”. The kitten looks away and jumps out of her arms. “OH. THANKS A LOT” she yells “no treats for him I guess” she mutters to her self. “Why are standing out here. Theirs costumers outside” Says an older girl that's holding a stack of plates. She leans her elbow on a counter to steady her self, pushing her short, silver hair away from her bright turquoise eyes. “Oh, sorry. Here I’ll take those from you” Fenrir says reaching for the plates. The girl hands them to her “Don’t drop them” she says “OK, OK. Sheesh Gallium”. She walked out on to the patio, circling around the tables setting them. “Excuse me miss.” said a voice. She turned around to find a small girl holding Halcyon. He squirmed around in her arms for a minute, but then stopped when she patted his head. “Wow” Fenrir said “He never likes new people. Who are you?”.
“My names Maya Moonnight. My family lives out of town, were just visiting. I have a way with animals” she replied smiling at Halcyon. “Thanks for bringing him back. Why don’t you get something form my bakery-” She was cut of by Gallium's voice yelling from inside “HEY. I STARTED IT, SO TECHNICALLY ITS MY BAKERY”. Fenrir cringed, “Sorry about her. What I meant to say is, thanks for bringing him back. Why don’t you grab something from to shop, on the house”. She nodded and went in the bakery. Halcyon padded over to Fenrir, bumping against her legs. She looked down, their was something inside his mouth. She picked him up and prided his mouth open. He spit out a small red hair clip shaped like rose. She held it up to see it better, the rose crystal glinted in the sun light. Looking at it closely she realized it actually had yellow and orange in it too. She pushed her messy black hair, and pulled the clip in. Looking in the window she smiled. The clip had a certain aura about it that made her happy. “Well, my day just got a better” she said walking inside.
@Peregrine, i did not draw the picture. Its from an avatar creator. I hope you still like it.

submitted by Reuby Moonnight, age 11 nebulas, Lunaitaria
(March 30, 2022 - 3:43 pm)

Thank you. I Like It :)

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(March 30, 2022 - 5:58 pm)

I still like it!  It really captures the Robin Hood vibe, and it has inspired me a little.  I think I may have another outfit for my CB appearance that is based slightly on the picture.

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(March 31, 2022 - 10:46 am)