Lyric Drawings~

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Lyric Drawings~

Lyric Drawings~

Have you ever heard a song that makes you think "I wish I could draw that?" Draw a scene from the song, draw something that song makes you think of, draw the vibe of the song on paper? Well, now is your chance! Here is how this works: 

Choose a line or two from a song: For example, for one of my pieces I used "I love you dangerously" From Dangerously by Charlie Puth. Then, write it at the top of your paper (you could skip this though if you want to incorperate the words into the design of the drawing). Finally, listen to the song and draw! Draw whatever comes to mind, it's up to you! 

I can't wait to see what ya'll come up with! I'll post some qutes I've collected in case anyone wants to use these: 

"Some things you have to believe...if you could see it, then you'd understand." -Coldplay

"I was there for you in your darkest times, I was there for you in your darkest nights. But, I wonder, where were you? When I was at my worst, down on my knees?" -Maroon 5

"Could I be wrong? Was everybody right about me? -Lil Nas X

"What's wrong with being confident?" -Demi Lovato

"Your like lightning in a bottle" -BORNS (theres a slash through the O in BORNS, though I don't know how to type it)

"I ain't gonna keep by distance from you" -OneRepublic 

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YES!!! I want to do this so badly! I bet I can make whole animatics just based off of my mindspace's theatre... Hm, I'll try this out when I get the chance.

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