Fanfiction Thread. I

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Fanfiction Thread. I

Fanfiction Thread. I have just started to write fanfiction, a mha one and Miss Peregrine one. Feel free to put up weekly chapters, ships between characters (I'm fine with any one using my characters, just ask) and backgrounds. I'll put up weekly chapters of my Miss Peregrine fanfic (I'm following the story, i change a few things but other than that it's quite similer. I have a love triangle with my character and Millard and Enoch. I dont who to chose, please help) and weekly chapters of my MHA fanfic. Happy writing!

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So, haven't written it yet, but what about a story where myths-Loki escapes the snake and bascially goes on a murder spree or something, and then SHIELD captures him, but he's too annoying, or keeps escaping or something, so then they hand him off to the avengers, and he lives in the Avengers Tower.


But here's the thing: he's been calling himself 'Loki' the whole time (cause that's his name) so everyone low-key (see what I did there?) assumes he's movie-Loki, as in the one they already met, like Thor's brother.


Now, Thor is temporarily away for whatever reason, and Natasha quickly realizes that this is not the same person they met before Like yes, both Lokis can cast illusions and shapeshift, but why would he keep up an illusion/shapeshift this long, but still call hiimself Loki? And of course, the two look and act completely different. So they everyone except Tony realizes this Loki is someone else. Tony still thinks he's just messing with the avengers or something. So he calls myth-Loki 'Reindeer Games' and calls Thor 'your brother.' Of course, Loki responds with 'not my brother,' because he actually isn't.


BUT THEN, Thor and movie-Loki come visit one morning. Thor thinks it's a good idea for Loki to make friends or something idk. Tony and myth-Loki are still sleeping when the pair arrives. Then Tony comes downstairs and is like "So you've finally decided to drop the illusion, huh?" movie-Loki: "?????"

But you know, he's Tony, so he probably hasn't had enough sleep. Loki decides he's hungry, so he asks Tony for fruit or tea or something, and Tony's like "Just get it yourself. You know where to find it." Loki: "Um no, I don't?"

Tony: "You've literally been living with us for siz months, of course you do!"

Loki: ????????????????????  Did Tony get hit over the head ????????? I have not been living with them ???????

Thor: *comes back in the room* "Brother! I'm glad to see you getting along with them!"

Loki: "Is Stark brain-damaged?"

Tony: "No?????"

Finally myth-Loki comes downstairs and is like: "Oh, hello, nephews! Good to see you after so long!" 

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Hah! I love that, I am bad with deadlines so sorry for not posting

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Hi, so sorry for the late post. This is the first chapter of my Miss Peregrine fanfic!

I have always been a weird person. My parents died when I was two. None of my family lived in whales. So, I had no where to go. I guess I just got used to fending for my self. Eventuly, a local librain found me wandering the streets, and took me in.


Then it got weird. I was a night owl, so I would stay up late. But one night, I dicided I was going to take a walk, in the woods. I t was a clear night. No clouds, just stars. Walking through the woods i heard a howling, not far away, mabye twenty feet away. I panicked, looking for the trail. It was no where to be found. My head started spinning. So I sat down. Suddenly, the wind picked up. I tried to get up to find shealter, to no avail. The wind knocked me down, I hit my head, and all went black


Techinly thats not all, but I had to shut down, sorry.

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I am intrigued. Please continue if possible.

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Thanks, I will, just to let you know...there are A LOT of chapters

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Sorry I have not been on latly, with mothers day, I went to something on Saturday and I had a bunch of things I had to get done, but anyways, this is the continuation of the first chapter of my Miss peregrine fanfic.


last time: I hit my head, and everything went dark.

Reuby's POV


I opened my eyes to a wolf like shadow looking over me. I tried to get away but the shadow dove towards me. I braced myself for pain, but all I felt was a cold shiver go through me. I looked around to find the path back to my house in front of me. I followed it back to my house, when I got back there, I imedietly rushed up to my room, falling asleep.

(this part is bad, and corny, espesilly the singing part, wich is a song by the way, just a warning)I woke up the next mornign to the smell of eggs down stairs. Shuffling, down there I thought about last night. Must have been a dream, I thought. When I arived in the kitchen, My mom turned to say good morning, but when she looked at me, she screamed "what happened to you!?"

I rushed into the bathroom too look at my self. What I saw was...well horrifying. My skin had turned a milky white, I moved my tounge around my mouth then opened it, my canine had grown vamipre esk long, and last, and the weirdist was, my left eye had turned complatly black. I stepped back in shock, turned back to my mom, who was white as a sheet. I took a step forwards, and she stepped back "what demon has possed you, I can't be here. Or it will posses me to".


Once again, I was left alone. So, I decided to take a walk on the beach. That had always calmed me down, the water gliding seamlessly along the sand, reaveling shells, hermit crabs and sea glas. I took a deep breath " Come now and follow me down, down to the lights of Cairnholm. Where the fine sailors walking the town, waiting to meet the laidies there." I stopped, and turned around. I was sure I had herd foot steps from the woods behind me. Slowly walking towards the woods, I herd another foot step, then a twig snap. This time closer by. I creept silently in the woods, towards the sound. I turned around looking for the creator of the sound. Backing up, I bumped into something solid. I whirled around to see what it was. Nothing was there. I put my hand out and felt around, my hand touched something. And it felt like human skin. I wrenched myhand back and screamed. And the air screamed back... 

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