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I have never

I have never done this before, but I love to draw dragons. What do you like?

submitted by Asa w, age 11, michigan
(May 8, 2022 - 1:12 pm)

Hi Asa! I love dragons and drawing them too! I also love reading, art, writing, musicals, and animals. I hope you like the chatterbox - read you around! 

submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(May 8, 2022 - 4:03 pm)
submitted by Top!
(May 8, 2022 - 4:03 pm)

Hiya, Asa! I loooooooooove dragons (seriously. Ask anyone and they'll confirm that my obsession with Wings Of Fire is real.) but unfortunately, I'm not good at drawing dragons. Have you read WoF? My favorite character is Kinkajou.... Also my OC's name is Rainbow, hence my CB name..... Anyways, I mainly draw humans. Female humans. Not good at drawing males. I draw people alllll the time. And sometimes dresses/outfits. And desserts. And books (usually, when I draw books, I write Wings Of Fire as the title :P). I also love reading. :)
Nice to meet you!

submitted by Rainbow, age 12, Stargazing, She/they
(May 16, 2022 - 3:57 pm)
submitted by RainTOP!
(May 16, 2022 - 3:57 pm)

Hi, and welcome! Dragons are awesome! I like drawing horses. I also like reading and writing fantasy. Nice to meet you!

submitted by Flamarestii
(May 17, 2022 - 1:40 pm)

Oooh, dragons and drawing? How fun!!! 

I also like horses, writing, reading, gaming, singing, academic debating, etc.

Welcome to the CB, Asa! :) 

submitted by Jaybells, Lost in the Universe
(May 18, 2022 - 10:54 am)

DRAGON YESSSSSSSS i love draw them too! also read them and write them :)

submitted by Darkvine
(May 18, 2022 - 1:54 pm)