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Draw This In Your Style!

It's been a while since we've had one of these! I wanted to make a new one because it's almost my 2nd CBversary and Sparkle Moon's DTYS thread was the first thing I ever posted on. mEmOrIeS

Basically how it works is that one person posts one of their drawings and the participants all replicate it in their own style. The original person chooses a deadline and after that date decides on a winner (not necessarily based on "skill".) The winner gets to draw the next prompt, etc. 

I'll post a drawing when this thread goes up. I hope people join! :)

submitted by Lupine , age she/her
(June 14, 2022 - 7:23 pm)

Sure, sounds fun:)

submitted by CelesteOfTheGoldMoon
(June 16, 2022 - 9:50 am)

Hi! Do you want us to use this illustration for the first prompt? 

submitted by Lupine@Celeste
(June 17, 2022 - 7:57 pm)

It looks like Celeste's drawing didn't go through all the way, so here's the first drawing for the challenge.

submitted by Lupine
(June 22, 2022 - 1:31 pm)

I'll join!

submitted by Reuby Moonnight
(June 22, 2022 - 6:18 pm)

Whoops, of course I forgot to attach. Sorry this is so late starting xD Ok, I hope you enjoy this prompt! 

submitted by Lupine
(June 23, 2022 - 3:48 pm)

I might join! Cool prompt. Do you have to keep everything exactly the same or can you change a few things?

submitted by Blackfooted TOPcat, age ViolinTOPs, Violist and TOP
(June 24, 2022 - 7:25 pm)

I might join too!  

submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(June 24, 2022 - 9:22 pm)

You can change whatever you want, as long as it mostly resembles the original!

submitted by Lupine
(June 24, 2022 - 9:47 pm)
submitted by LunaWolf , age 12 winters, Narnia
(June 25, 2022 - 10:41 am)

i love your art style and character designs, Lupine! also im pretty sure it was mars in the original but i changed it to the moon in my own drawing. hope thats okay. :) 

submitted by pangolin, age she | they, bi the way
(June 25, 2022 - 1:08 pm)

Here's mine!

submitted by Sterling , the Feywild
(June 26, 2022 - 10:07 am)

When's the deadline? I was thinking of joining :/

submitted by Jaybells, Lost, somewhere
(June 26, 2022 - 1:40 pm)

I may have gotten a bit carried away...

submitted by Jwyn, age 17, Making Art :D
(June 30, 2022 - 9:56 am)

Oops, it didn't attach...

submitted by Jwyn, age 17, Here it is
(June 30, 2022 - 4:14 pm)

That's amazing :0

submitted by Sterling, the Feywild
(July 1, 2022 - 8:40 am)