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Hi! I am making a series for chatterbox! I need some ideas though. I will tell you the characters I need plus ones I have:

Main character #1(female): Moon the wolf.

Main character #2(male): ______________.

Elder of the Lunar pack: ________________.

Elder of the Shadow pack: ___________________.

Moon's mother: _______________.

Moon's father: ____________________.

Bad guy(male): _________________. 

Spirit wolf(and element): ____________________________.

I might add more later but....BTW the to clans hate each other. And I will add stuff from BOTH of the main characters.

-Ayles C.(a.k.a. Ayles(never add the 'C' when talking to me!)) 

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(June 19, 2022 - 3:58 pm)

I hope your ideas are great...(this story is my best thing ever!)

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Well, I'll see how I can help. Tell me if I mess this up!


Main character #2(male): Shade the Wolf (of the Shadow pack).

Elder of the Lunar pack: Eclipse the Wolf (female).

Elder of the Shadow pack: Dusk the Wolf (non-binary, they/them pronouns)

Moon's mother: Nova the Wolf (female).

Moon's father: Cosmo the Wolf (male). 

Bad guy(male): Rain the Wolf. Rain has, in my mind, quite the backstory which I will provide but you can just throw away if you already have ideas: Rain was a member of the Lunar Pack, which is seen as gentle and loving. Rain is living proof that the Lunar Pack has a dark side. When he was in the Lunar Pack, he was known as Sirius. He now hates being called by that name. In his childhood he was often bullied because of a scar he has on his eye. Always feeling like an outcast, Rain eventually left his clan and changed his name. He started to feel a terrible anger at the Lunar Clan for what they'd done to him. But he knew he couldn't take them down himself... So he is trying to get the Shadow Clan and the Lunar Clan to kill each other. 

Spirit wolf(and element): Her name is Ghost, and she has abilities with the and a connection to the water element. You're most likely to find her on clear nights when the full moon is reflecting on Ghost Pond. Ghost Pond is Ghost's Pond and it is neutral ground for the clans. Nobody fights when they go there, even if they are on different sides. Wolves will try to contact Ghost when they need advice.


I was thinking that Moon could be from the Lunar Pack and Shade from the Shadow Pack, but they become best friends? That might be an interesting storyline. Anyway, that's what I have for now. I hope I was able to help!




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THAT. IS. AWESOME. How did you know I was gonna make the main characters not only bestvfriends....BUT SIBLINGS! I already found a name for "Shade" though. "Shade" is now...Fang. I like the idea for the bad guy alot! If you want I'll tell ya the story line.

Fang's story:

Fang was named after the marking on his chest. It's looks like a scar but is really just a birthmark. All wolves have one. He was taken from his twin sister when they were about...2 months old. He only remembers her marking on her chest and her name. He was raised as a Shadow wolf. He is scared he will have to face Moon on the battle feild. So he is trying to get her on his side. But he was raised by the Shadow wolf couple : Dark(male) and Shada(female). He looks up to the Shadow clans elder, Dusk.


Moon's story:

Taken from her real parents Moon has been living under the supervision of Eclipse, the Lunar packs elder. She knows she had a twin brother but can barely remember him. All she knows is that his name was Fang and what his howl sounded like. She is trying to bring Fang to her clan.(even though he is trying to do the same.) She helps the village alot and tries to be kind to everyone!(including the Shadow clan) She still doesn't know who her parents really are. 

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I CAN'T WAIT TO MAKE THIS STORY! "Part 1: The legend" will be out soon!

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Now. I need a storyline.

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Sure: The part begins with a legend of a beautiful white wolf named Ghost. Ghost lived when the Lunar Clan and the Shadow Clan were against each other. She found a way to create peace between the two clans, but in doing so she died. She was honored with her pond and rumor has it that her spirit has been bubbling to the surface once again, but for what nobody knows. It is now years after Ghost made peace, and Moon's been having weird foggy dreams about her brother, sparking her interest in getting him to join her clan. She asks Eclipse about him but Eclipse either doesn't know or does know but is hiding it. Meanwhile, Fang is having an exciting adventure with his friends when he notices a wolf hiding in the shadows. He doesn't realize this wolf is Rain. He doesn't think much of it. Rain watches over the Lunar Clan bitterly. He then goes into one of the caves where the Clan lives and kidnaps a young wolf, making it look like the Shadow Clan did it, and starting the war. When Eclipse receives news of this, she does not want to result to war as she is friends with Dusk and can't believe they'd do something like this, but it is unfortunately out of her control, and the war begins. This is the end of part 1. 

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THAT. IS. EVEN. MORE. AWESOME. You are the best Periwinkle!

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