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The wind whistled aggressively in your ear as you stood waiting for your bus. It was an eerie morning, foggy and chilly. You could barely see but you heard footsteps walking towards the bus stop. You turned to see which of your classmates was approaching, but couldn’t see anyone. That was until you took a step back, and a light gray shadow-y figure wearing a tophat appeared. You gasped and stumbled backwards, the figure appearing and disappearing with each step or movement. Each time you saw it you noticed something interesting about the figure. It was wearing a black and white Hawaiian shirt, buttoned only once. It was also wearing old sweatpants cut at the mid-thigh, and tall socks with crocodiles on them, but no shoes. It was humanoid, but it was blurry and constantly fluctuating form, and seemed to be constantly whistling. You couldn’t even speak, you were so flabbergasted by the shifting sight. For a split second you saw it pull something out of its shirt pocket. Then you couldn’t see it anymore, but a piece of paper flew through the wind into your hand, and you once again stumbled. You saw the shadow’s hand protruding towards you and shoving the paper into your palm. The footsteps receded as you curled your fingertips tightly around the paper. You found yourself thinkin, “Was that a ghost? How does a shadow have footsteps if it has no feet? Did it have a body? Should I open the letter? What…what just happened?” You were jolted to reality when your phone buzzed in your pocket. You pulled it out with your available hand. Your guardian had texted you, ‘Where did you go? School is canceled.’ Confused, as you could have sworn you were told to get ready for school earlier, you texted back and started walking towards your house. You went to your bedroom when you arrived. Your fist was still balled around the letter. You sat down on your bed and gently opened your hand, and read the note, which said:

Dear reader,

If you’re seeing this slip of paper, you’re probably confused. It happens. I can help with that. I hope you understand this all happened for a reason. You were chosen by the wind itself. You are special. The shadows admire you. They apologize if you were startled, they just wanted to invite you to a vacation full of people like you. If you’re wondering what makes you special, let's just say, well, hmm. How about our catchphrase here where the shadows resign, “magic isn’t real and shadows can’t talk ;)” (the winky face must be included) If you want to know more please fill out the brief survey and form below to attend:




General appearance:

Favorite hobby:

Percy jackson, harry potter, or hunger games:

Pick a number between 11-96:

Favorite card in a deck of cards:

Favorite color:

Packing list:

Personality in 10 or less words:

Please no AEs or captchas, only cbers. I can’t wait for you to join us on this adventure. I’m planning to have about 15 people join, but that can change. I will hopefully get the first part out by the 30th! Have fun, and good luck!

-Mx. Silhouette 

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First join!


Name/nicknames:Reuby Moonnight, Reuby.



General appearance:Dark, black hair, gold eyes, pale skin, a red streak in her hair, and a scar on here nose.

Favorite hobby:Art! ART ART ART ART ART! and walking in the woods with her wolf Wiccan.

Percy jackson, harry potter, or hunger games:Percy Jackson.

Pick a number between 11-96:13.

Favorite card in a deck of cards:Queen of spades.

Favorite color:Black.

Packing list:Drawing pad, copic markers, Nintendo switch and spell book.

Personality in 10 or less words:Cold, dark, distent and mystic.

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Name/nicknames: Periwinkle "Peri"

Age: you decide

Pronouns: she/her

General appearance: periwinkle pixie cut, olive skin, pink lips, and freckled cheeks.

Favorite hobby: I currrently spend a good amount of my time wondering what I am supposed to watch now that I am out of Owl House episodes. Does that count?

Percy jackson, harry potter, or hunger games: technically I've only read Harry Potter, but I'm starting to feel that it's not very inclusive and stereotyped. Although HP's, helped me bond with my friends, but I find Rick Riordan to be much more good about representation than J. K. Rowling. Anyway, this rant has been way too long, point is I've only read Harry Potter, so that's the answer.

Pick a number between 11-96: 88

Favorite card in a deck of cards: joker

Favorite color: blue 

Packing list: necessities, box of Boston cream donuts, cooler filled with creamsicles, notebook, purple pen, pencil with a squishy pink eraser, and two books

Personality in 10 or less words: helpful, energetic, kind, and of course a little awkward 

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Name/nicknames: Silver Crystal (nickname: Silver)

Age: 15

Pronouns: She/her

General appearance: Long brown hair, brown eyes, silver white shirt, bleached jeans, black and white vans 

Favorite hobby: Reading

Percy jackson, harry potter, or hunger games: PJO all the wayyyy 

Pick a number between 11-96: 18

Favorite card in a deck of cards: 10 of hearts 

Favorite color: Blue

Packing list: Clothes, laptop, charger, compass, flashlight, snacks

Personality in 10 or less words: INTP-T

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(June 23, 2022 - 10:27 am)

Name/nicknames: Darkvine, DO NOT under any circumstances call me Darky

Age: 11, soon to be 12 (like, scary-soon)

Pronouns: she/her

General appearance: wears green and gray, black hair with green streaks, bright green eyes, shadowy expression

Favorite hobby: art

Percy jackson, harry potter, or hunger games: i think harry potter but percy jackson is good too, i don't know hunger games

Pick a number between 11-96: 50

Favorite card in a deck of cards: queeeen

Favorite color: green

Packing list: computer, green/gray/black clothes, several sketchbooks, a rather suspicious journal, a dagger :)

Personality in 10 or less words: sassy, mysterious, would betray you in revenge, doesen't like fighing

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(June 23, 2022 - 11:28 am)

Name/nicknames: Gallium

Age: mid teens

Pronouns: she/her

General appearance: see pic

Favorite hobby: making food

Percy jackson, harry potter, or hunger games: Percy Jackson! (Nico :D)

Pick a number between 11-96: 42

Favorite card in a deck of cards: 10 of spades

Favorite color: gold

Packing list: fruit leather, vial of nightshade extract, duct tape

Personality in 10 or less words: eccentric, claustrophile, sometimes lazy, likes to 'debate' (read: argue), energetic

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(June 23, 2022 - 3:59 pm)

Name/nicknames: LunaWolf, Luna 

Age: 12 

Pronouns: She/Her 

General appearance: Wild hair with blue, purple, and silver streaks. Light skin and wears a teal jumpsuit, silver-blue cloak and brown satchel 

Favorite hobby: Reading :) 

Percy jackson, harry potter, or hunger games: Well I haven't read Percy Jackson  (I really want to) so I would say definitely the Hunger Games 

Pick a number between 11-96: 11 

Favorite card in a deck of cards: Ace of Spades 

Favorite color: Teal 

Packing list: Books, Sketch book and drawing materials, Snacks, and a Kalimba 

Personality in 10 or less words: Book worm, Imaginative, Adventurous, Thoughtful 

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(June 24, 2022 - 12:03 pm)

I need about 10 more people, give or take, before I can start. Please join! Tell your friends! 

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(June 30, 2022 - 5:23 pm)

Name/nicknames: Tsuki

Age: 13

Pronouns: sheher 

General appearance: fluffy brown hair w/ lavender streaks, tallish, freckles and pale skin

Favorite hobby: fangirling over cartoon characters

Percy jackson, harry potter, or hunger games: i've only read harry potter

Pick a number between 11-96: 13

Favorite card in a deck of cards: ace of spades

Favorite color: lavender

Packing list: clothes, cell phone, sketchbook, cash

Personality in 10 or less words: weird, insecure, daydreamer, chaotic, think-y, 

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(June 30, 2022 - 5:59 pm)