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Yeah, I've tried and failed to make picturings threads before, but I think I can do better this time! So here's the form:



Gender/pronouns (or gender you'd like to be portrayed more towards):




If you'd like a group picturing, just let me know and reuse the same form please! Ok *awkwardly posts) 

submitted by Red Starlight, age 13, The Station
(July 23, 2022 - 9:23 pm)

Name: Artemis

Age: mid-teens

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

Appearance: braided dark hair, tall, blue eyes, pointy ears. One of those gray elfin cloaks.

Personality: generally fairly quiet; I'm little shy and a lot socially anxious, much to my chagrin. Artistic, introspective, thoughtful, empathetic, a bit philosophical at times. I love books, writing, art, music, and the wilderness.

Other: thank you!!

submitted by Artemis
(July 24, 2022 - 6:01 pm)

Here's you!

submitted by Starli@Artemis
(July 24, 2022 - 8:37 pm)

Ah, nice! I like the hair, the way you did the little shines. :) Thank you!

submitted by Artemis
(July 25, 2022 - 3:37 pm)
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(July 24, 2022 - 6:11 pm)
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(July 24, 2022 - 7:06 pm)

I'll take one!


Name:Reuby Moonnight


Gender/pronouns (or gender you'd like to be portrayed more towards):She/her. Female

Appearance:Long, wavy black hair, one eye fully black the other gold, pale skin, tall, slim and shard teeth.

Personality:Cold, distent and dark. Also kind of sarcastic.

Other:Either a big black wolf with me or I am holding a battle axe.

submitted by Reuby Moonnight, age 12 Nebulas, Gone Crazy
(July 25, 2022 - 11:18 am)

Hi, I finished the outline, but what clothes would you like to be portrayed in?

submitted by Starli@Reuby
(July 26, 2022 - 11:39 pm)

Something gothic or Witchcore. I like the colors black and red, I also like spikes and skull motifs.

Can't wait to see it!.

submitted by Reuby Moonnight
(July 27, 2022 - 12:50 pm)

Hope you like it!

submitted by Starli@Reuby
(July 31, 2022 - 11:48 pm)

I don't like it. I love it!

submitted by Reuby Moonnight
(August 3, 2022 - 2:51 pm)

I'd like a group picturing of me and my Æs please!

-Gallium, she/her, human

-Phantasmagoria, e/en/es, elf/ghost

-Hiraeth, he/him, sylvari (plant person)

-Wildfire, genderfluid (usually fae/faer), shapeshifter

-Fenrir, she/her, shadow


Name: Gallium

Age: mid teens

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

Appearance: silver hair, blue OR green skin

Personality: kind of weird, extrovert, kind of lazy, loyal, resourceful, argumentative, ENTP-A

Other: likes to cook and write


Name: Phantasmagoria

Age: same

Gender/pronouns: aporagender (nonbinary), e/en/es

Appearance: ghost, elf, white blond hair, violet eyes

Personality: eccentric, peaceful

Other: likes to write poetry


Name: Hiraeth

Age: same

Gender/pronouns: male, he/him

Appearance: sylvari (plant person, green skin, leaves for hair)

Personality: optimistic, lazy, argumentative

Other: likes to create visual art (draw paint etc)


Name: Wildfire

Age: same, but can shapeshift older and younger

Gender/pronouns: genderfluid, usually fae/faer but also she/her or he/him (you choose for the purposes of the picturing)

Appearance: can shapeshift, but likes to have dark hair

Personality: chaotic, charismatic, loyal

Other: likes chocolate covered strawberries


Name: Fenrir

Age: same

Gender/pronouns: female, she/her

Appearance: shadow (interpret how you will)

Personality: secretive, pessimistic, cautious

Other: likes to make tea


Oh yeah, and my CAPTCHA

Name: Pruka

Age: n/a

Gender/pronouns: she/her

Appearance: small black kitten OR some type of snake (preferably snake, but if you really don't want to/can't just do kitten)

Personality: playful, innocent

submitted by Gallium, age untold, she/her
(July 25, 2022 - 4:50 pm)

Is there anything specific you'd like you and your AEs to be portrayed wearing?

submitted by Starli@Gallium
(July 26, 2022 - 11:49 pm)

Good question


Gallium - idc

Phantasmagoria - black leather jacket, gold earrings

Hiraeth - a tunic or cloak or something

Wildfire - eh idk whatever fits faer appearance

Fenrir - a dark colored dress


submitted by Gallium, age untold, she/her
(July 27, 2022 - 3:56 pm)

Woohoo! More picturings!

Yes. I'm definitely getting one for Mira! Ooh, maybe I could get a GROUP PICTURING for all my AEs! *squeals excitedly*

~Wait...what? A SELFIE?~

No, it's not a selfie, it's a picturing of you guys!

#Oh, wow. I like, never smile.#

Eh, that's ok. Lisa? You in?

{I...um...well if it's Ellerie's CBer...*sighs* Okay fine, but ONLY if Lyre and Mira are both there.}

#Btw, Lisa. It's pronounced LIAR.#

~Yeah, right! It's an official new nickname!~

Alright, quit messing around, girls. Do you want a group picturing or not?

~YES! Me first! Me first!~

Also, Red Starlight, Periculosa responded back on the AE Playdates thread, she asked if Ellerie can start the chat thread, she's still...a little bit shy.



Name: ~The one-and-only...*weak drumroll* MIRA!~

Age: ~10...wait...aw fine it's still 10. But maybe...10 1/4 at least?~

Gender/pronouns: ~female OR she/her!~

Appearance: ~Tan skin, Hazel hair, hazel eyes, pink bow in hair, red longsleeve dress, cute leather boots, and pink gloves!~

Personality: ~Sweet and happy...at least most of the time. That's when I don't get in fights with Lyre.~

Other: ~I love strawberries, in case the Chatterbox didn't know that. :)~

#Oh, wow. Mira. You HAD to put a smiley face?#

~What? I wrote in PEN. Can't erase it know!~


Name: #Lyre#

Age: #I'm 11#

Gender/pronouns: #female#

Appearance: #auburn hair, brown eyes, gray shortsleeve dress, leather boots like Mira's, crossed arms, and tan skin. Oh right. And my hair-style is a braid with a raspberry colored ribbon intertwined in it.#

Personality: #I'm running out of time, so let's just say crabby.#

Other: #I have a slight obsession with cherries.#

#*phew* YAY I'm done finally#

Name: {Periculosa, but for short you can call me Lisa.}

Age: {I appear 12, I'm listed under #AEsAreAgeless.}

Gender/pronouns: {Female, or she/her}

Appearance: {I have brown hair, tan skin, and a phoenix hair clip resting on the right side of my head. I have a gold chain necklace with a phoenix charm in the middle. And my eyes are black.}

Personality: {I'm brave, and like danger, which, by the way, should I be liking?}

Other: {Can you put me in the picturing with my quiver of arrows? Thank you.}

{Also...I want to tell you I think I'm ready to have the playdate with Ellerie, as long as she creates the thread.}


Alright, signing up! *Hurries AEs out* 

submitted by Nut Le Squirrel, age 10, Cloud Zone, Dreamalina
(July 25, 2022 - 8:58 pm)

Name: Kitty cat

Age: 13

Gender/pronouns (or gender you'd like to be portrayed more towards): my pronouns are they them but can you make me less feminine a little more masculine?

Appearance: Short genderfluid kind of haircut! Black clothes anime shirt, shorts, black combat boots, graphic tee maybe? Um fishnets under my shorts, and cat ears and tail ^^

Personality: dark humor, sarcastic, emo TwT but also cheerful

Other: nope! Thank you

submitted by Kitty Cat
(July 28, 2022 - 1:17 pm)