{Ski Lodge!!}

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{Ski Lodge!!}

{Ski Lodge!!}


Tick Tick Tick

A small rectangular box sits on the display shelf. Staring back at you from the dusty window.
Tick Tick Tick Tick.

The door chimes when you walk in, leaving it's airy tone ringing in your ears.

Stepping between the shelves lined with books, puzzles, and games. Your gaze is fixed on the box as you weave your way through the store.

Finally you make it to the display, and reach for the box.
It's wooden surface is smooth and polished. A half circle on the front of the box lined with numbers from 40 to 208. And a small, black dial laying at 58. Atop the box, sits a small, clear diamond light. Flashing with every

The repetitive sound is mesmerizing, and practically sleep inducing.
Flipping the box over, you trace your finger over the black, inked words. On closer inspection, the words looked to be an address of some sort.
Tick Tick Tick Tick Tick
The Ticks get faster the longer you stare at the words.
Faster. Tick.
Faster. Tick Tick
Even faster. Tick Tick Tick.
Your alarm clock yells at you, pulling from your dream. Looking around, you notice a small, rectangular box on your night stand.
Wide-eyed, you scramble from your bed in disbelief. At last you pick up the box. Inspecting every inch, you find a small piece of paper stuck to the bottom.
It reads simply "Come.". A dash, and then the name "Maestro". Plucking off the paper, you turn the box around to reveal the address from your dream.
Orchestra Hotel. Queens, New York City, New York.
A strong gust of wind blows through your open window, rustling the curtains. Switching your attention to the window, you shuffle over.
Looking out, a black and yellow chickadee dive bombs the sill. Reeling back as the sassy bird perches it's self. It chirps at you, dropping a yellowed piece of paper on the floor.
Picking it up and scanning it, you notice the signature is the same as the one on the box. On the paper is a form, and a paragraph inviting you to the Orchestra Hotel. The bird chirps again, ruffling it's feathers. Tied around it's neck is a small, black bow tie.
Smiling, you gently sit on your bed, pulling a pencil from your night-stand. You fill out the form, reading each question carefully. Once done, you shrug, handing the paper back.
Now satisfied with your choice, you lay back holding the box above you. Fiddling with it, your palm brushes a switch.
Tick Tick Tick.
As soon as the slow, methodical noise starts, you feel your eyelids get heavy. Giving in to temptation, you close your eyes.
And again, falling asleep.
Tick Tick Tick....


Good morning! Or perhaps Good evening! Or maybe even Good night! I am Maestro! A pleasure to meet you. Could I interest you in a free stay at my five star hotel!

You, and hopefully others, may join me and my trusty assistant, Clef. For a music filled stay!

And of course, if my musical wonderland isn't to your liking, there will be other fun and games! Such as culinary arts, sports, and dancing.

Many things to enjoy! So please, consider a stay.

Ah! I almost forgot! Please bring some bird-seed...





Pronouns :

CBer or AE (up to three AEs for each CBer.)



How would you like to travel here/arrive? (ie: car/limo, bus, helicopter, horse):

Please describe the room you want to stay in ( AEs get seperate rooms than you, make sure to describe theirs aswell.):

Do you play and instrument?:
Cullinary allergies or aversions:

Favorite music genre:

Do you have the key?:




- This ski lodge starts May 1st

- Feel free to geuss who I am

-Do not bring pets that will hunt birds, other than that. All animals are allowed. 


Please avoid such large vertical spaces in your posts. Thank you.


submitted by Meastro, Orchestra Hotel
(April 13, 2023 - 4:50 pm)

I couldn't say if you right, even if I knew. I don't, I'm using a name wheel and spining it to find out who's dying.

submitted by Maestro
(May 26, 2023 - 5:29 pm)

Sadly, my computer has not been working and will not load or boot it's self up. This ski lodge will be going on Hiatus until further notice.

(I'm writing this on my WII U) 

submitted by HIATUS!
(May 30, 2023 - 6:12 am)