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Ski Lodge;

Ski Lodge;

You are dreaming. You don’t quite know how you know that you are, but somehow you do.

The scene comes into focus slowly, like an adjusting camera lens. The first thing that you see is the rain. It dominates the space, great gray sheets of it slashing down, smashing into the ground you hover above- which you realize is also water. You are floating above the ocean and it’s pouring. All right, not the strangest dream you’ve ever had. If anything, it’s quite boring.

And then the island comes into view. At first it’s just a smoky outline in the distance, a fuzzy mass of land on the horizon, blinking strangely. But without a warning, you are suddenly much, much closer, now hovering just above the rocky shore. You see the terrain all laid out ahead of you, much of it obscured by the still falling rain. It’s stone and rock, mostly. Some vegetation here and there.

But what really catches your eye is the lighthouse. You know it’s a lighthouse because of the white and red candy-cane stripes and the shape of it; it looks ripped straight out of an old photograph. The give-away, though, is the single piercing beam of light cutting through the dark and mist and rain, sweeping in a wide circular motion over and over and over.

You blink, and when your eyes open, the scene around you has once again changed. While you can still hear the lashing rain and winds, they are more distant now, and you realize that you are standing inside the lighthouse, both feet planted firmly on the ground for once. It’s a neat and tidy space, and in the center of the circular room is the light, spinning around and around and around.

There is a young woman sitting there, next to the light. Her dark gray hair is pulled into a tight braid and her eye color is almost black. A splash of freckles across her nose. She would be wholly unremarkable if not for the fact that she is staring right at you.

She leans forwards and beckons you with one hand, and you drift forward, not really able to stop yourself.

You reach her seat, and the girl looks up at you and smiles a small haunted smile. A single strand of hair slips from its tie and falls across her face. She says, “Oh, hello there. Are you looking for a little adventure?”

You wake up.

There is a form for you, sitting innocently on your bedside table, and it looks like this:






Useful abilities (magic not allowed):

Biggest fear:


Are you scared of ghosts?:

Is the ocean forgiving?:


At the bottom, written in little loopy curves, are the words ‘Please come, dear friend, and join me at Wayfarer Island. Adventure awaits you and nine other lucky people. -Storm.’

You are holding a pen before you even finish reading it all. Something deep in your mind is telling you not to fill out the form, but you disregard it.

After all, how much damage could a little adventure do?

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Name: Darkvine

Pronouns: she/her

Age: I appear around 12, but I'm really not sure.

Appearance: long, shiny raven-black hair, bright gold eyes, slitted like a snake's. a few of my teeth are long and very sharp, hard not to notice when I'm smiling. my hair has a streak of bright green running through a bit of it on the left side. this is my 'rebellious streak', and I'm rather proud of it.

Personality: a bit like the ocean, actually. sometimes I'm calm, friendly, content, and a bit playful. occasionaly, though, I have the fury of a thousand raging hurricanes, shouting at the top of my lungs like the roaring wind. for the most part I'm pretty nice though :D

Useful abilities (magic not allowed): I have rather sharp fang- teeth. I said teeth. rather sharp teeth for eating very quickly and efficiently. my senses of hearing and smell are three times better than a normal human's, too.

Biggest fear: hundreds of wasps, hornets, and tiny ants crawling up my legs and onto my face... *shudders*

Luggage: my laptop, IPad, stylus, wireless headphones, a slightly glowing sword with an elaborate blue hilt that has a shiny, yellow, triangle-shaped gem set into it (yes, Zelda fans, this is the Master Sword. or at least an accurate replica.), and my tye-dye black/green crocs. 

Are you scared of ghosts?: nope! I might involuntarily shriek if jumpscared, though. then attempt to strike up a conversation.

Is the ocean forgiving?: no. the ocean is as cold and unforgiving as a Darkvine after her beloved crocs are stolen from her and worn by someone else.

Other: I play Legend of Zelda, watch The Mandalorian, and read Keeper of the Lost Cities, if anyone would like to talk about that stuff. 

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Name: Hawkstar



Appearance:Tall with brown hair cut A line short. Button nose sharp hazel eyes some freckles. wearing forest green leggings and brown tunic with thin leather belt and hunting knife. Barefoot and has a bow and quiver full of arrows

Personality:Firm fair observant clever kind. Can be quite open with a smile and laugh or very closed off and mysterious.

Useful abilities (magic not allowed):I can move really quietly and seem to blend in with everything. I have lived in the forest my whole life and I know how to move unseen and un noticed in nature. And anywhere else really.

Biggest fear:sometimes I know I can be a bit too trusting so I am afraid of betrayal

Luggage:just a thick waterproof cloak with hood and extra arrows and a sharpening stone all in a leather satchel

Are you scared of ghosts?: No!

Is the ocean forgiving?: sometimes. usually when it should be

Other:I am so excited!

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Name: Tenebrous (Will accept 'Tenney' as a nickname.)

Pronouns: She/her

Age: I'm in the 15-17 age range!

Appearance: I'm in black and white like an old movie character, and for the most part my clothes are too; except for rare, small details of color. 5'8 with bright eyes, and a nose that's slightly on the bigger side. I don't mind it though, I rather like it. My outifit, hairstyle, and makeup look would change depending on what historical era I was dedicating myself to for the day.

Personality: That's a hard one... I guess I'm eager to learn about new things, a history nerd, and not easily daunted? I do my best to be as kind as I possibly can to people unless they're doing something terribly wrong. I can't start a conversation for the life of me, but I love talking to people. I can also be pretty uncoordinated and I love to draw the things I learn about.

Useful Abilities: My history and georgraphy knowledge. I have some knowledge about nature, health, and classic literature too.

Biggest Fear: Being forgotten. 

Luggage: Clothes, accessories, toiletries, chocolates (I might be addicted), sketchbook, HB pencils, eraser, books, Swiss Army knife, First Aid kit, rose perfume, and my history textboom.

Are you scared of ghosts?: No. They're just humans who have met awful fates. I pity them.

Is the ocean forgiving?: I can't say. It's mood changes with tides, weather, and seasons.

Other: My voice sounds like an old movie recording, but the quality, tone, slang, and accent would depend on what time I was dressed as.

Talking is hard for me sometimes. When I get happily excited, I fumble over my words.

Can't wait for this to start!! 

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(April 19, 2023 - 11:46 am)

Name: Amarillis

Pronouns: she/her, bi

Age: Around 14, possibly 15, who knows

Appearance: Shoulder-lengh curly brown hair with streaks of red, big nose, lips, and eyes, round wire glasses, about 5'8

Personality: Kind, though can be mean and bossy if you upset her, honest, sweet (usually) sarcastic

Useful abilities (magic not allowed): The rather odd ability to read four times as fast as the average teen, though is this a useful ability? I suppose it depends on the person...

Biggest fear: Having no friends

Luggage: Cargo pants, t-shirts, random jackets, combat boots, drawing tablet and stylus, hair dye, lots of books, candy, hot sauce Doritos (I recently discovered this is a product from Israel, and my mother bought some from who knows where. It's a confusing addiction of mine) iPod, earbuds

Are you scared of ghosts?: Absolutely not. After all, ghosts are only vengeful if you upset them. Rather like me, honestly. 

Is the ocean forgiving?: Hm. No, I think not. For good reason. 

Other: Darkvine, I LOVE KOTLC TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Name: WiLdSoNg

Pronouns: she/her

Age: teenagerish

Appearance: Short, athletic, long brown hair down to waist in a braid, sparkling hazel eyes, mischevious smile, barefoot.

Personality: Smart, thoughtful, observant, sneaky, devious.

Useful abilities (magic not allowed): Athletic, good at reading people, good memory.

Biggest fear: Losing those close to me.

Luggage: A satchel with a sketchbook and pencils, a journal, a compass, a feather, a few special stones, and a necklace.

Are you scared of ghosts?: No.

Is the ocean forgiving?: Sometimes. 


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(April 19, 2023 - 3:07 pm)

Name:Reuby Moonnight


Age:12, but almost 13.

Appearance:Tall (really tall), sender, toned, but not muscular, pale skin (white as milk), sharp, gold eyes with flecks of red and orange that burn like fire, sharp teeth, messy and wild black hair, big wolf ears and talk, sharp nails painted black.

Personality:Sarcastic, Tsundere, snarky, cold, and obssessive.

Useful abilities (magic not allowed):Jujitsu, Archery, Track, and Volleyball (how do you think it would feel if someone palmed your face like a ball??)

Biggest fear:Heights.

Luggage:Ipad, tons of sketch books, copic markers, clothing, dagger (just in case), Nintendo Switch.

Are you scared of ghosts?:Course not.

Is the ocean forgiving?:No, don't mess with water

Other:May I bring a pet???

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(April 19, 2023 - 4:30 pm)

Yes, you may bring a pet as long as they are reasonably sized and follow the no magic rule!

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(April 22, 2023 - 11:18 am)

Don't worry, it's a Raven named Nevermore.

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(April 23, 2023 - 2:31 pm)

this look so coolll

Name: Pangolin

Pronouns: she/they

Age: 13

Appearance: I am slightly taller than average and slender, with a fairly feminine
appearance. Wavy copper hair reaches just past my shoulder blades. I
have tanned skin and freckles, and a straight nose slightly tipped at
the end. My eyes can change color drasically depending on the lighting.
For this I will be wearing a black long-sleeved ribbed top, rust-colored
corduroy pants, and black high top converse.

Personality: I am thoughtful, logical, and quiet, and a self-declared nerd. I am
socially awkward, weird, and, admittedly, a bit eccentric. I am an
outcast, and am often alone, but rarely lonely. I am often found
daydreaming about going on an adventure, writing, drawing, reading, or
spending way too much time on school assignments. I am adventurous,
mischievous at times, creative, quick-witted, and have a slightly dark
sense of humor.

Useful abilities (magic not allowed): very observant, good at riddles and puzzles, very competitive, intelligent, knows a lot of random facts

Biggest fear: being forgotten

Luggage: Necessities, my sketchbook, pencils & pens, a stack of books, a
journal, a short sword with Celtic engravings, a dagger, and a bow and
poison-tipped arrows.

Are you scared of ghosts?: not at first, but if they become a threat, then yes, I will be afraid.  

Is the ocean forgiving?: we mere mortals are not entitled to the ocean's forgiveness, however while the ocean is often cruel, it is sometimes kind as well.  

Other: n/a :) 

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Name: echo. (i used to be echo hallowswift but that was too much of a mouthful. i changed my cbsona, too :D)

Pronouns: she/her.

Age: 13.

Appearance: i meant to copy and paste my appearance from another ski-lodge but i lost it T-T. short black hair that fades into a light grey-blue. i have blue-grey eyes with long lashes that look like i'm wearing mascara--i'm not. i wear a light grey-blue tee with white on the edges that says "yer a wizard, harry, so come to a snape-infested castle with me." i wear a white longsleeve shirt under my tee. i have dark grey-blue glasses, too, but sometimes wear them, sometimes not. my nails are painted dark grey-blue with white lightning spidering down them.

Personality: brave and calm, usually scowling. i'm quiet but can have a good time. i dislike spiders entirely. i have a slow metabolism. i'm a survivor, though usually look a bit standoffish until someone begins to talk to me. i'm very clever, perhaps too clever for my own good.

Useful abilities (magic not allowed): oh, if magic was allowed--i should have lightning--but oh well. *not me guilttripping, lol* i'm quite clever and i figure things out easily. i'm a good rhymer and i'm great at rapping. i'm great at climbing as well and i enjoy scaling trees. i'm great with a sword, too.

Biggest fear: spiders, but that doesn't stop me from killing/getting away from them. and death, too, so i'll likely do everything i can from not dying again--i'm a former valkyrie and still am an einherji, so i died once already--if i die again, i'm gone.

Luggage: clothes, walkman (cassette player), cassettes, earbuds, blue-grey iphone with white striped and clear case, my arctic fox (his name is jerbo, THANKS) and my sword. THE SWORD IS KEY.

Are you scared of ghosts?: not at all. well, perhaps occassionally. i actually have one living in my house right now, irl, lol. but that's another story.

Is the ocean forgiving?: it can be, but it can also be treacherous.

Other: i'm bringing my sword and fox. >:3 also my white pegasus, but he can wait outside. 

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please add to my form that i'm bringing sketchbooks, pencils, and my small dagger. and add that i'm wearing light grey-blue chuck-taylors.

also that i'm an observer at first, not a participator, until i've seen everyone and what they're like. 

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Name: Peri

Pronouns: she/her

Age: pi. Or, if you're the more realistic type, a teenager on the younger side of teenage-hood.

Appearance: periwinkle pixie-cut, amber eyes, dangly star earring on my left ear, olive skin, and rosy cheeks. Usually appears in a t-shirt that reads "MAYBE TOMORROW" in big letters, jean shorts over leggings, a light gray fleece, and white slip-ons.

Personality: cheery, tries to be optimistic and kind. Likes people and wants to talk to them but isn't sure how to. 

Useful abilities (magic not allowed): likes solving riddles and puzzles, good at keeping secrets, good actress 

Biggest fear: being alone, useless, or unloved, and disappointed with my life

Luggage: clothes, toiletries, books, headphones, astronaut ice cream sandwiches, notebook, sketchbook, three pencils, and a pencil sharper

Are you scared of ghosts?: do the ghosts have fire? Because I am scared of fire. So if they have fire, then yes. Otherwise, we're chill.

Is the ocean forgiving?: no, not anymore

Other: n/a

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