Flower thread!

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Flower thread!

Flower thread!

Because I really need to be more active on here, this is a random thread to talk about flowers.

Augh I'm terrible at conversation-starting. Um, my favorite flowers are lavender and begonia, and I have a pot of roses on my balcony that are currently wilting as I speak? I never had a knack for gardening.

So yes, please pretend that you have something intresting about flowers that is worth sharing on this thread. I'll be leaving for now...

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(May 23, 2023 - 8:49 am)
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Did you know that you can identify any plant by photographing one or two of the organs on a app?

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(May 23, 2023 - 11:42 am)

Admins, when I talked about it on Random Thoughts/Things... you allowed me to post the name of the app. Why don't you allow it now?

It looks like a wonderful site, but when I checked it out it asked for donations. I can't find your previous post. It may have been a different Admn.


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Ooh flowers, I love flowers! Daisies are currently my favorite, they're just so cute and pretty!! I also love irises, goldenrod, lilies, and pretty much any flower. One of my goals is to learn how to make a flower crown someday <33

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(May 23, 2023 - 6:14 pm)

Ooh I love flowers! Dahlias look really cool, and I absolutely love the smell of hyacinths. I also love irises, lilies of the valley, lavender, marigolds, begonia, roses -- gosh, there's so many. Also, @Silver, I know how to make a flower crown, but it's kind of hard to describe in text? I'll try to photograph the process next chance I get to make one!

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I planted some flowers today (ok, not all of them were actually flowers). there were some large, floppy pink flowers and whitish yellow flowers. I also planted some dark red spiky plants (like, not a cactus, more of a small yucca without an attitude), some bright green potato vines (I, meanwhile, am a couch potato Vine), several interesting-looking silvery plants that are actually dark green if you get them wet, and two small trees that I know what they're called but I can't figure it out because I'm listening to music waaaay to loud in headphones. aight bye :P

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Once I saw these really really pretty flowers so I decided to take a picture (that day I took maybe 100 flower pictures :P). I do not know what kind of flower they are, so now they are called ~Blackberry Sunrise flower~ (aka a book reference). They're so gorgeous... Ooo later I wanna draw a person but it's the flower as a human!! pretty

I'm sorry, the picture is not showing. Please try again. I'd love to see them.


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