Fantasy written picturing

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Fantasy written picturing

Fantasy written picturings! Here I go again with more picturings - these are slightly different, though; they'll all be fantasy, and probably a bit shorter than mine usually are.




Vibe (brief):

Personality trait you'd most love to have:

Favorite song:

Favorite weather:


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(May 25, 2024 - 12:33 pm)

:) yay!

Name: Moon Wolf

Pronouns: she/her

Vibe (brief): night, moon, wolves, etc.

Personality trait you'd most love to have: intelligence

Favorite song: hmm sober up by ajr

Favorite weather: snow!

submitted by Moon Wolf, age lunars, A Celestial Sky
(May 25, 2024 - 1:46 pm)

First one up! Hope you like it :)

>Moon Wolf>

Sunlight flooded the outer streets of the village, splashing the white-walled houses with trembling thick amber, filling the air with something as light and heady as wine. It wasn't sunset yet, more like late afternoon, and it seemed as if the world had slowed into jewel-cut perfection.

A girl was standing in the street, her silver-blond hair stirring against her cheek; she was shrouded in a gray cloak, but not even that color could stay lifeless in this vibrant light. It was glowing slightly as the girl ran her hands up and down her arms. A bow was just visible beneath it, and probably arrows were hidden there too. She was obviously a fleeting creation of snowy, moonlit forests - she belonged there, with a glittering snowstorm whirling around her, in the places that held her memories and, one suspected, her future too - but maybe this place wasn't so bad either. There was always something worthwhile to find in every moment.

She flung back her head and whistled, and a silver-coated wolf bounded up to her, pushing his head against her leg. She laughed, a rippling sound, and pulled up the hood of her cloak. By the time darkness fell, she'd be far away, off on another quest. She was a hunter. A voyager. A dreamer. Always seeking the stars.

But once in a while, she needed sunlight too.

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(May 28, 2024 - 6:17 pm)

Thank you so much!!! I rlly love it :) especially the ending! And yesss a wolf companion!!! Again, thank you! 

submitted by Moon Wolf, age lunars, A Celestial Sky
(May 28, 2024 - 9:57 pm)

You're welcome, and thank you! Since you were a wolf in my last written picturing of you, I wanted to do something a bit different, but some sort of wolf was a must >:)

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(May 29, 2024 - 3:35 pm)
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(May 25, 2024 - 8:36 pm)

I’d like one!

Name: Sempreverde 

Pronouns: she/her

Vibe (brief): forests, mountains, trees

Personality trait you’d most love to have: charisma

Favorite song: do classical pieces count? Dvorak’s 9th Symphony or March Op. 12 No. 1 by Prokofiev

Favorite weather: warm but not too hot, with fresh cool breezes; autumn weather

submitted by Sempreverde
(May 26, 2024 - 12:45 am)

Here I am at last, sorry it took a while! @all, I'll probably be catching up with more requests over the rest of the weekend.


There was just one tree there, large and powerful, its layers of branches making it impossible to catch more than shifting glances of sky if you were on the ground.

... All the more reason not to be on the ground, then...

When a wind stirred the branches, yellow-gold fruit could be seen, glowing softly against the rustling green expanses of leaves. Greece, something about the ancient tree seemed to murmur. Italy, whispered the fragrance of the fruits. Switzerland, the pure beauty of the whole thing contradicted.

... All the more reason to be part of it.

Perched on one of the strong branches was a girl, an uncontained spark lighting up her eyes, her head resting against another branch. A faint smile played about her lips, and the wind-stirred leaves splashed her with alternating patterns of light and shadow. She was wearing dark blue, with soft leather shoes and a silky white scarf fluttering carelessly around her neck. It as hard to tell if she had just climbed up, or if she had been there since the beginning of time. Probably the latter. There was something special about her, something magical, some hard-to-reach secret that lingered about her. If she looked straight into your eyes, you'd know what it was.

May you never be afraid to start again.

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(June 1, 2024 - 8:26 pm)

tysm! I love it! Especially the way the tree whispers

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(June 1, 2024 - 11:07 pm)

Name: KatanaLuna (or just Katana)


Vibe (brief):animals,reading,arts and crafts, ect.

Personality trait you'd most love to have:being smart, because then maybe i could achieve my other goals

Favorite song:hiding in the blue by the fatrat

Favorite weather:rain


submitted by KatanaLuna
(May 26, 2024 - 7:12 am)

@Sempreverde, I'm so glad you liked it! @KatanaLuna, here's yours; I seem to get carried away by settings a lot XD but I hope you enjoy!

- KatanaLuna -

The mountains dipped to create a small valley, flushed green even though it was circled by rocky crags, with a stream running through it. A desolate place, far from everything, but with a certain softness to it too as a mist of spring rain swept through it. If you'd been there, the moment would sink into you, gentle and free and breathtaking.

And if you looked up into the pearl-gray skies, you'd see something that flashed like a star. But it would be moving. And as it circled closer, you'd catch your breath in awe. It was one of those rare, fierce, beautiful dragons. Amber and silver, with spreading wings that moved in smooth perfection against the sky. On its back was a girl, laughing from the sheer ecstasy of the ride, clinging to the dragon by means of a scarf around its neck that she'd made herself. She had brown hair that kept blowing into her face, and she was wearing a soft, exotic-looking amber dress with a piece of silver cloth twisted around the waist. Strange how perfectly the girl and the dragon seemed to fit into the day. And as the dragon soared above the valley and raced away again into the sky, you'd realize that not even flight is impossible.

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(June 5, 2024 - 7:13 pm)

Name: WildWolf

Pronouns: She/Her

Vibe (brief): Energetic

Personality trait you'd most love to have: Extroverted

Favorite song: Who's afraid of little old me? By Taylor Swift

Favorite weather: Sunny and warm

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(May 26, 2024 - 11:06 am)

Oh a couple more things for the vibe section: reading, animals, outdoorsy

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(May 26, 2024 - 11:07 am)

Your picturing! It's a bit short, sorry~


Thunder was in the air. Stormlight flickered over the long grass of the field, dangerous, irrisistible. Having power over everything, but also being held captive by someone who'd dared to make it her own.

"Are you sure this is safe?" a boy asked, glancing at the sky.

"Oh, come on! Of course it is." The girl standing next to him laughed, pushing back her heavy golden hair. "I've been doing this for years." She relaxed, her green eyes fixed on the restless sky that responded to every fluctuation in her feelings. Her shimmering tunic was silver-gray just now, the same color as the clouds, and an almost-imagined glow seemed to emanate from her.

"You know... Some of them say you're too sassy," the boy warned.

"Maybe I am." The girl traced designs above her with her fingertip, which reflected back to her in flickering lightning. "But that's just me. And I doubt anyone could change me."

The first dagger of lightning flared downwards, and the storm broke loose. The girl, laughing again, tipped her head back. You've got nothing to fear when you're in charge of the storm.

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(June 8, 2024 - 3:59 pm)

Oh my goodness I love it sm!! Thank you! Addie says /tywub/ not sure what wub means, but she’s saying ty as well!! :DD

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(June 8, 2024 - 6:59 pm)

Add me in :D

Name: Zealatom

Pronouns: He/him

Vibe (brief): Seclusion, nature, simple music. Water.

Personality trait you'd most love to have: Easygoing, at peace with the world.

Favorite song: Who I Am - The Score

Favorite weather: Anything ^-^

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(May 27, 2024 - 9:12 am)