Palace of Dreams;

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Palace of Dreams;

Palace of Dreams; A Non-Death Ski Lodge

The renowned Palace of Dreams was created purely from imagination, once upon a time ago. It is Located in the In-Between, somewhere in the middle of life and death, good and evil, sushi and tacos.

The City of Illusions sprawled both elegantly and chaoticly over a large majority of the Dreamscape, with the Palace at it's heart. The rest of the Dreamscape consisted of the mountainous, fragrant, and mildly wild jungle of Thoughts.

But more information on that another time. After all, some hopes and dreams last forever.

The Palce of Dreams never wears the same dress more then once, so to speak. It is fluid, always changing shape, size, style and color. For instance, one day it would be a large, sleek (though admittedly drafty) medieval castle, stay that way for a month, the abruptly change into a big farmhouse only to switch to a modern mansion the next day.

The rooms never stayed the same long either. Something new always popped up, as dreams do. But, as dreams do, old things also rolled back through.

And the best thing? You could reside here. Easily. All you have to do is imagine.

Who's offering sanctuary, you wonder? Well. That depends.

If you read this in the past, then, I'm offering. Mr. Yesterday, a pleasure to meet you, and I'm sure to see you soon.

If you're reading this now, then I'm the on asking! Miss Today, at your service!

And finally, if you are reading this in the future, then it happens to be myself, Mx. Tomorrow, telling you all this.

Rather confusing, isn't it? Aren't you reading all of this in the past, present, AND future, technically? Perhaps it would be best to assume we are all extending an invitation.

We will be accepting and unlimited number of CBers (and CBer's only, please). There will be no explicit to NO violence, blood, or pickles, given this is a non-death ski lodge. Pickles are rather murderous on a bad day.

Slots will close on June 21st, and the first part of this ski lodge will come out around a week later. I will not be revealing my CBer self until the end of this ski lodge. Anyone leaving for the summer, I'd be happy if you entered regardless, so long as you actually want to! You could always read once you return :)





Regular wear: 


Do you consider yourself good, bad, or just In-Between?:

Design a room (be creative!):

*burst out laughing for no apparent reason*:

Are you a dreamer? What type?:

How easily do you forget something?:

Favorite season/s (and why?):

Opinion of physical exercise:

How does the word "magic" settle with you?:

What made you decide to accept our invite?:

What is wrong with this statement?:

What qualities do you value in a friend?:

Ask a question:


Thank you for emerging yourself briefly into the In-Between~ 

*We apologize for the tedious length of this form. 

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Name: Amity

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance: Tall with long, wavy black hair and brown eyes that look almost amber.

Regular Wear: She's usually wearing a dark purple shirt and black leggings. Over the shirt, she wears a green jacket with lots of pockets. She also wears small silver ball earrings.

Personality: Sarcastic, funny, kind once you get to know her but not very friendly, introverted.

Do You Consider Yourself Good, Bad, or Just In-Between?: Mostly good, but a little In-Between.

Design a Room: Small with walls of bookshelves filled with books and comfy chairs and pillows.

*burst out laughing for no apparent reason*: Uh...

Are You a Dreamer? What Type?: Yes. She often makes up stories in her head.

How Easily Do You Forget Something?: She doesn't forget things very often.

Favorite Season/s(And Why?): Summer because no school and fall because she likes the weather.

Opinion of Physical Exercise: She isn't very athletic.

How Does the Word Magic Settle With You?: She doesn't have much of an opinion about it.

What Made You Decide to Accept Our Invite?: She was curious.

What is Wrong With This Statement?: It's a question, not a statement?

What Qualities Do You Value in a Friend?: Empathy and kindness.

Ask a Question?: She doesn't have one.


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Also reserving

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Reserving! I'll fill this out in like 30 mins. (Or sometime tmrw) 

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Name: Sempreverde 

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: golden brown skin, indigo eyes, sleek black hair that reaches to my waist, with a green streak through it on the left side

Regular wear: Wearing a pair of long blue pants that flare out at the bottom and a light blue t-shirt with cherry blossom designs. When the weather is cold, I wear long black boots with stylized gold designs and warm socks; for warm weather bare feet or tabi socks.

Personality: clever, observant, creative, avid reader, usually thoughtful and quiet, fiery temper when provoked, INTP

Do you consider yourself good, bad, or just In-Between?:


Design a room (be creative!): my room has white wallpaper with blue flower designs outlined in gold, on the floor is a huge fluffy lilac carpet. The ceiling is the color of the night sky, and painted with glowing stars I can turn on and off at will. My bed is a loft bed, high above the floor, with a moss green pillow and a light blue comforter. On the side of the bed a line of stuffies are laid out in size order. Under the bed is a fancy wooden desk, with pencils and paper and all sorts of art supplies laid haphazardly on it, and a spinning office chair. The opposite side of the room has three huge bookshelves filled with all kinds of books. Next to the bookshelves are two comfy beanbags. One is blue and the other purple. On the side opposite the door, which is wooden with stylized gold designs, there is a huge window. 

*burst out laughing for no apparent reason*: *thinks for a moment* *joins in*

Are you a dreamer? What type?: not sure?

How easily do you forget something?: um I always forget to show my parents the stuff I get from school; otherwise not that easily.

Favorite season/s (and why?): autumn, because all the leaves are falling and the colors are beautiful, so better than spring. Better than summer because it’s colder, and better than winter because it’s warmer.

Opinion of physical exercise: I bike a lot, and I love swimming. I’m reasonably athletic, and I do parkour and Taekwondo

How does the word "magic" settle with you?: yay!

What made you decide to accept our invite?: two words: ski lodge

What is wrong with this statement?: it’s not a statement? I think it’s a question.

What qualities do you value in a friend?: kindness, thoughtfulness, mutual respect

Ask a question: why?

Other: I spent so much time designing my room XD 

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The window also has a comfy window seat filled with floofy blankets and soft pillows.

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Name:GloomyBear, or Gloomy for short

Pronouns:Genderfluid, pronouns will be under the Age section, next to my name.

Appearance:Tall, 5'7, pale skin, one eye light purple, the other cyan, frowny, fairly thin, very flat, short-ish black hair with purple tips, pulled into a bun, bear ears and tail, lotsa peircings.

Regular wear: Usually grungy outfits with the accasional Menhera fit or strawberry themed.

Personality: INTP, distent, doesn't like being touched, cold, grumpy, obsessive over things, mood swings, sarcastic.

Do you consider yourself good, bad, or just In-Between?: In-between.

Design a room (be creative!):Vant black walls with glow in the dark paint spattered on the walls to look like stars, queen sized 4 poster bed, drawing desk with a pen tablet and art supplise, door that leads into a fairytale garden, not to big, but there's a koi pond, the room also has a record player and a bunch of viynals.

*burst out laughing for no apparent reason*: *Yandere laughs because yandere*

Are you a dreamer? What type?:WAY TO think i dream about things so much, I gaslight my self into thinking that they would happen.

How easily do you forget something?:NOt easily.

Favorite season/s (and why?):Summer, because summer break and that's when alot of cons are.

Opinion of physical exercise:Volleyball.

How does the word "magic" settle with you?:It settled along time ago. I love magic.

What made you decide to accept our invite?:I was bored.

What is wrong with this statement?: That "what is" could be contracted to "What's"

What qualities do you value in a friend?:Loyal, caring, supportive, and vibes with my weird-ness.

Ask a question:WHat rhymes with orange.


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Sounds really cool!!


Name: CelineBurning Bright/Celine

Pronouns: she/comet maybe??? o_O

Appearance: Asian, too skinny, just below shoulder-length black hair (usually in a ponytail), average height

Regular wear: t-shirts with fun sayings on them (e.g. be kind to all kinds, my weekend is booked, stay true to your shelf, veloci-reader, read more worry less, sunsets & daydreams, take time and wander...)

Personality: I'm introverted and horrible at small talk, but I love talking about topics I'm passionate about, which is just about everything lol (not makeup or gossip though). I love animals, yes that includes bugs, yes that includes mosquitoes, and I've been a huge bookworm/bookwyrm since forever :D I'm overly fond of overusing everything on a keyboard, and when I'm passionate about something, I'm PASSIONATE about something. I'm weird and proud of it, and I love singing and dancing and being on the stage performing. When my social battery's running low, I get annoyed really easily, but besides that I'm fairly easygoing? I'm super enthusiastic to the point where I run around the room barking like a dog and jumping up and down, I have a lot of energy, probably too much, and it takes a while for me to fall asleep because my brain is always hyper-active (I have a huge imagination). I'm good at tuning into other people's feelings, and more often than not kinda feed on that energy, so other people's moods alter my moods. I'm really empathetic and wholly genuine in everything I do. I'm super indecisive when I don't really care about what's being decided (give me a choice between pizza and pasta and if I don't have a craving of aversion for/to either at the moment, I'll take like an hour or more to decide), but really stubborn when I VERY MUCH care. I'm very friend-driven, and super loyal, though I always stay out of whatever (little) drama that occurs. I'm creative, I'm a grammar and word nerd, I can get lazy really easily, I love puns and jokes and wit, I think I should stop now even though there's a whole lot more to say... :D (I LOVE talking about myself :) )

Do you consider yourself good, bad, or just In-Between?: In-Between

Design a room (be creative!): but there are sO mAnY cHoIcEs!! Umm like one made up entirely of clouds, or one that's the stomach of a giraffe, or one that's a grassland, or... okay, there are four walls (three white one teal), two twin beds in the corner, two windows, a chandelier, AC, a door to a closet, a door to a bathroom... but the ceiling is pitch black with stars and outer space (don't ask me how the chandelier is there)

*burst out laughing for no apparent reason*: *looks at you wide-eyed* *laughs with you*

Are you a dreamer? What type?: I'm a night dreamer, a daydreamer, a trying-to-be lucid dreamer, a dreamer of big goals for the future, a hopeful dreamer, a dreamer who doesn't hold back, a dreamer who looks at (almost) everything around her with wonder and awe

How easily do you forget something?: fairly easily, unless it's a conversation, then I can recall almost every single word from every person exactly (and if not, at least the basic gist)

Favorite season/s (and why?): all of them have their merits (duh)... maybeee fall because it's really pretty??

Opinion of physical exercise: it's fun unless it's too much or I just ate, then it's not; I'm fairly athletic but don't work that fast; I love playing soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton, ping pong (totally counts), catch, maybe volleyball/football/softball/kickball/with frisbees... and I love to swim and dance!

How does the word "magic" settle with you?: LOVE IT but also it's really super scary and I'd be terrified... :/

What made you decide to accept our invite?: I've always wanted to visit the Dreamscape (again)! Also, the description caught my eye, as did your name, location, and age! Oh also the form ("What is wrong with this statement?" is one of my favorites and it was great to see it on here!)! And the "City of Illusions" reminds me of Illusions from the Phantom Tollbooth, one of my favorite books!!

What is wrong with this statement?: it's not a statement at all!! It's a question!!! Mysterious Benedict Society BOO-YAH! :)

What qualities do you value in a friend?: always there for you, empathy, respect, honesty, loyalty, thoughtfulness, humor, care, love :)

Ask a question: who created the Palace of Dreams?

Other: I'd rather tacos than sushi thank you very much. Excited!! :D

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Let's do she/her please :)

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Name: miyetka von engels 

Pronouns: she/her 

Appearance: miyetka has short cropped blue hair and red rectangular frame glasses. her eyes are cyan, and she normally wears something like a suit with a red tie and a sideways "X" (10 in roman numerals) formed by two intercrossing cyan clips. she's basically sayeon from hand jumper (the webtoon) if sayeon had a lvl 10 red tie and always activated her essence. 

Regular wear: included in appearance. 

Personality: she's pretty closed off and doesn't quite like talking but when she does it's usually very intelligent. she's highly observant, just doesn't like being held out as the only smart one.  

Do you consider yourself good, bad, or just In-Between?: in-between, she supposes. 

Design a room (be creative!): well, there is no such thing as creativity in miyetka's mind- only practicality. so i suppose it'd be a room that shifts between black and white walls depending on the temperature; with a picture on one of the walls and a cupboard behind the picture with two knives and a small jar of odorless, colorless poison. naturally, picture and cupboard are both guarded with fingerprint, face-id, blood, and dna (as in, the recognition for those) - yes, all of the above. the bed would be foldable into the wall and beside the bed there would be a nightstand with exactly 3 pairs of glasses (because 2 is never enough) - all the exact same model, color, type. the lamp would, of course, come in different colors and the brightness would be changeable. oh- a carpet on the floor and a two pairs of slippers (because one is never enough) and opposite the bed a closet with 7 pairs of the exact same suit with the exact same tie with the exact same pins - because 6 is never enough. and of course right below those suits are 7 pairs of the exact same shoes, all polished. right beside that would be 3 pairs of folded sleepwear (which are almost never worn, because sleep? what is that?) - on the opposite side of the bed and the closet would be a bookshelf with a secret cupboard-passageway-thing behind it. naturally, it would also be protected with fingerprint, face-id, blood, and dna. (as in, the recognition for those). inside the cupboard would be two spears, one sword, and- you guessed it- more books. [the bookshelf is still fully functional and full of assorted books, all nonfiction, and most school-relaed]. there is a security camera in one of the corners that displays footage on miyetka's phone. there is one charging port by the bedstand, one by the closet, one by the bookshelf, and one underneath the table (which is conveniently placed right next to the closet and contains a second lamp, a cup of coffee, several papers, and several pens.) - a passageway next to the bookshelf leads to the bathroom. would you like me to describe that as well? 

*burst out laughing for no apparent reason*: miyetka would most definitly stay silent. 

Are you a dreamer? What type?: well in legality miyetka's a dreamwalker- there are multiple versions of her walking around in multiple dreams (some of them not even hers) and multiple universes. she's constantly awake in every single universe- but really, she's asleep. 

How easily do you forget something?: never. 

Favorite season/s (and why?): winter. i find it troublesome to deal with pollen on my suits. 

Opinion of physical exercise: hm. a sub-optimal choice, but it will do.

How does the word "magic" settle with you?: magic? i am magic. but magic is a rather... hmm, childish way of putting it. i'd prefer odd.

What made you decide to accept our invite?: boredom, and a lack of knowledge.

What is wrong with this statement?: everything. first, it assumes that there is only one thing wrong with the statement- which, of course, is an invalid assumption, because you cannot make assumptions with no ground to base them off of. second, it is not a statement- rather, it is a question. statements, also known as declarative sentences, will always end in periods. the "statement" that you have just read aloud is an interrogative sentence, otherwise known as a question. third, it is a meaningless question. it does not define anyone. questions must always be asked with an ulterior motive in mind. fourth, "wrong" is often subjective. this "statement" may seem perfectly fine to someone else. it should be corrected to read, "what do you think is wrong with this question?". 

What qualities do you value in a friend?: hm. if i had a friend, i suppose i'd want them to be intelligent and bright. i'd want them to be equally as quick-witted as me and able to think on my level. i wouldn't want some boring nerd, though- rather, i'd say i'd prefer someone who can see the transcendence. 

Ask a question: why are you inviting us? 


this is technically one of my aes but i think it'd be fun to opt for this fuse with me. miyetka is more th3mysticw0lf than usual but... i hope it'll be accepted.  

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Name: Hawkstar

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance: Tall and skinny, 5'7, with short, almost shoulder length coco colored hair. Brown eyes, full lips and a normal sized nose. freckles across cheeks and nose bridge. Long, slender and quick fingers. Ears are small and have slight points.

Regular wear: Usually dressed in brown gray tunic, forest green leggings and a brown, long, hooded cloak. bare foot in warm seasons, booted in cold weather. Has a braided leather belt with sheaved hunting knife. Either has a wooden staff, or a bow and quivver full of arrows. Never both. Is very handy with both weapons. I have hawk wings that appear on my back, 4 feet long on each side. I hardly ever use my wings, and they aren't even there until I want them. I have a thin crown of ever blooming flowers on my head

Personality Kind, firm, clever and fun. can be very open with laugh and smile, or closed off and mysteriously grumpy. Enjoys company of others usually, and hates to be left out or miss something. Loyal and helpful. 

Do you consider yourself good, bad, or just In-Between?: eh, good, but sometimes In-Between

Design a room (be creative!): sooo it basically a forest contained in a room, without ceiling but yet it never rains. The canopy is a tangle of tree houses and rope bridges 

*burst out laughing for no apparent reason*: *giggles*

Are you a dreamer? What type?: I am a dreamer! I rather think that I'm a daydreamer and a peace dreamer

How easily do you forget something?: it depends! I remember quite a bit, but then something can just poof from my mind...


Favorite season/s (and why?): oh... Well, all the seasons, really. But I think summer is my favorite because it is full of life, light, and swimming 

Opinion of physical exercise: well... Don't really enjoy it all that much, but I love walks and swimming

How does the word "magic" settle with you?: It settles well. I think that magic is wonderful and real

What made you decide to accept our invite?: well, it sounds cool! The palace of dreams sounds fun 

What is wrong with this statement?: yussss Mysterious Benedict Society! It's not a statement, but a question 

What qualities do you value in a friend?: honestly, compassion, humor, loyalty, and love

Ask a question: why?


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THAT'S WHAT I SAID!! :DD mysterious Benedict society whoo! :)

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Reserving! Looks fun!

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