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Ski Lodge!Ye

Ski Lodge!

Yes, another ski lodge :) The writing might look weird since it was copied and pasted from Google Docs.

You’re sitting on the couch watching TV when you remember that you were told to check the mail. You sigh, pause your show, and walk outside to the mailbox. Upon opening it, you see the usual envelopes full of junk. Scooping up all of them, you head back to the house.

You dump the pile onto the counter and are about to go back to your show when something catches your eye. There’s something else mixed in with the envelopes: an ordinary sheet of paper. When you take a closer look, it’s blank.

Your brow furrows as you pick it up. It doesn’t feel ordinary. It seems lighter and softer than any other piece of paper.



Now it’s not blank. Words are written on it in a flowery script. And…more words are being written as you stare at it.


Greetings! If you are seeing this, you are graciously invited to Whisperwind Manor. If you choose to come to this enormous mansion, your every need will be taken care of. Whisperwind is the perfect place to stay, especially the perfect place if you’re looking for an adventure.


The handwriting suddenly changes to a messy scrawl.

“The perfect place to stay.” That’s such a great joke, Jasmine. You should really consider becoming a comedian.

Back to the fancy handwriting.

Ha, ha, Briar. Maybe you should become the comedian. Why do you always ruin everything? Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, adventure! There are so many rooms and passages to explore…it’s like it goes on forever. Who knows what’s waiting to be unlocked? You can wander around for as long as you like, or just curl up on a chair with a mug of hot chocolate and a book.

Then it’s the messy handwriting.

Jas, really. I could have done a much better job of explaining this. Whoever’s reading this, hi. I’m Briar, and I’ll be your guide if you do show up.

Then it’s the fancy.

Thank you very much, Briar, but I'll take it from here. I will also be your guide. I’m Jasmine. All you need to do to join us is fill out this simple form I’m attaching below! Come on, adventure is calling!



Appearance(including clothes):


What do you do when you’re nervous?:

Skills?(No magic, please):




Favorite color?:

Favorite things?:

This ski lodge has 10 spots. There will be no graphic descriptions of deaths, but it’ll get a little dark. Feel free to guess who I am!

(Also, if there’s another ski lodge that’s really similar to this, I’m so sorry. I’m not trying to copy anyone, I promise.)


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Name: Sam Chung

Pronouns: They/them

Appearence: Short brown hair, leaf green eyes, pinkish skin, a pastel yellow shirt and overalls over the shirt.

Personality: Kind, shy, fierce when I need to be, makes jokes at bad times

What do you do  when you're nervous?: Bite my fingernails

Skills: Archery and foraging

Hobbies: Finding edible mushrooms and gardening

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite things: Elephants, bright moonlight, hydrangeas, drawing



I'm so excited!


Sam says "haaok" ha ok? Whats so funny? 

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Name: Sempreverde 


Pronouns: she/her

Appearance(including clothes):golden brown skin, indigo eyes, sleek black hair that reaches to my waist, with a green streak through it on the left side. Wearing a pair of long blue pants that flare out at the bottom and a light blue t-shirt with cherry blossom designs. When the weather is cold, I wear long black boots with stylized gold designs and warm socks; for warm weather bare feet or tabi socks. My hair is usually in a braid. For a formal outfit, if needed, I wear an elegant white with stylized blue flower designs. I leave my hair long and keep it in place with a fancy emerald green butterfly pin.

Personality: clever, observant, creative, avid reader, usually thoughtful and quiet, fiery temper when provoked, INTP

What do you do when you’re nervous?: up a tree (no kidding; I’ve actually done that before), or, if no tree is available, twirl my hair around my finger


Skills?(No magic, please): I play violin and clarinet, and I’m a yellow belt in Taekwondo. I speak English and Italian, I can read and mostly understand French, and I’m learning Japanese


Hobbies?: reading, drawing, basic algebra, climbing trees~


Favorite color?: royal blue


Favorite things?: takoyaki is the best food ever and I will not tolerate arguments ~ soft floofy blankets ~ BOOKS

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also I love classical music. is da best!

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Also, I have majestic pronged deer antlers. They have a soft and fuzzy texture, and are pale green in color.

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*elegant white kimono

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reserving 2 spots

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Name: Moon Wolf (or Moon for short)


Pronouns: she/her

Appearance(including clothes): sleek slightly wavy black hair, dark eyes, moon pendant necklace, lavender t shirt, light blue jean shorts, white jacket, light purple sneakers

Personality: creative, smart, thoughtful, shy until talken to, bookworm

What do you do when you’re nervous?: freeze up a bit


Skills?(No magic, please): not procrastinating, staying on task, focusing (mostly)


Hobbies?: reading, writing, piano, guitar


Favorite color?: lavender purple


Favorite things?: lavender, wolves, the moon

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When you said "There will be no graphic descriptions of deaths, but it'll get a little dark", how dark are you talking about?

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This might not be a good explanation. If it isn't, I'm sorry and I'll try to explain it better. But basically, there will be parts with the murderer killing people. There will be weapons like knives, but no blood will be described.

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Name: Darkvine, Vine for short


Pronouns: she/her

Appearance(including clothes): shoulder-length black hair with a streak of green along one side, green eyes that look gold in sunlight and blue in starlight, rather short. wears black jeans, tye-dye green/black crocs and a gray t-shirt normally, for formal occasions and cold weather wears a long black cloak with gold patterns on the edges and a gold clip shaped like a dragon.

Personality: seems extrovert-y, but is an introvert. randomly says things like "did you know there's a snake that looks exactly like a dragon?" or "if we can't see air, can fish not see water?" to break awkward silences. loves animals generally considered to be creepy, such as snakes, spiders, sharks, and even eels. the weirder it is, the more I love it. sometimes I can be very serious and dramatic, with lots of "shall" and "thou" and "foreboding".

What do you do when you’re nervous?: fidget or scan the area for potential threats


Skills?(No magic, please): gaming, swordfighting, art, and memorizing scientific names of snake species no one's heard of. I'm also good at using a bow and arrows.


Hobbies?: drawing and herping, which is going into the forest or desert or something and looking for reptiles, amphibians, and weird insects.


Favorite color?: green or black


Favorite things?: reptiles, dragons, and scaring people by running up to them while holding the biggest spider they've ever seen.

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Name: Hawkstar

Pronouns: she/her

Appearance(including clothes): Tall and skinny, 5'7, with short, almost shoulder length coco colored hair. Brown eyes, full lips and a normal sized nose. freckles across cheeks and nose bridge. Long, slender and quick fingers. Ears are small and have slight points. Usually dressed in brown gray tunic, forest green leggings and a brown, long, hooded cloak. bare foot in warm seasons, booted in cold weather. Has a braided leather belt with sheaved hunting knife. Either has a wooden staff, or a bow and quivver full of arrows. Never both. Is very handy with both weapons. I have hawk wings that appear on my back, 4 feet long on each side. I hardly ever use my wings, and they aren't even there until I want them. I have a thin crown of ever blooming flowers on my head

Personality: Kind, firm, clever and fun. can be very open with laugh and smile, or closed off and mysteriously grumpy. Enjoys company of others usually, and hates to be left out or miss something. Loyal and helpful.

What do you do when you’re nervous?: chew my fingernails, or bounce my leg (if I'm sitting)

Skills?(No magic, please): Great at sneaking about, awesome with my bow and staff, good at climbing the impossible

Hobbies?: reading, walking in the woods, listening to music; nature or otherwise

Favorite color?: purple

Favorite things?: books, chocolate, friends, games, music

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I would be Blossom but she has magic sooo I'm just gonna make up a completely new character


Name: Indigo

Pronouns: She/her

Appearance (including clothes): She has long dark hair that's purple at the tips and her favorite outfit is a dark blue shirt with flare jeans. 

Personality: She's quiet, and hesitant to open up to people. She doesn't have many friends, but secretly wishes she had some.

What do you do when you're nervous?: She will become suddenly hostile.

Skills (no magic, please): Indigo's best skills are her cleverness and bravery. She can find her way out of any difficult situation with some quick thinking. If she is afraid of something, she will go up and face it.

Hobbies: She writes mysteries but never shows them to anyone. She also enjoys painting and reading murder mysteries.

Favorite color: Indigo, just like her name :)

Favorite things: Indigo loves the forest. She often goes there at night to paint.

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