I'm starting a

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I'm starting a

I'm starting a new Clan called FireClan. Please join. Here is some stuff you might like 2 know about me.

Name: Bluestar

Age: 13 moons

Pelt: Gray

Gender: She-cat

Eyes: Blue

History: Her mother died when Bluekit was only 3 moons old, so the whole clan helped raise her. She is a great hunter AND warrior so she can easily protect her Clan.

submitted by Bluestar, age 13 moons, FireClan Camp
(July 1, 2011 - 6:40 am)

Can I join?


Name: Moonkit

Age: 1 moon

Eye Color: deep purple

Pelt: silver like the moon (Literally!)

Personality: Eager to learn. Is only loyal to
NightClan. Usually gentle. EXTREMELY fierce. You wouldn't want to meet
HER in a battle. She is thoughtful and kind. She can catch 5 plump mice
in the worst of snowstorms.

History: Appeared at moonhigh as a gift from StarClan.

Please can I join? I'll be obedient (most of the time).Laughing

submitted by Moonkit, age 9 moons, StarClan
(July 4, 2011 - 9:54 am)