Has anyone heard

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Has anyone heard

Has anyone heard of the singer Dru? He performed at my school and I got his autograph. Some of the girls in my school went crazy. As in loud crazy. -_-

But he can actually sing, which surprised me, and even more surprising, he was good. As in Very Good.

Oh, and after his performance (Which also included a Q&A in which I asked what other music he listens to and if my friends and I could get a hug. The agent guy from Universal made a point of asking me to repeat the first question) there was giant, pushing, grossly warm crowd. I waded in it for ten minutes and risked missing the bus... then I got his autograph. Yes. It's now in my binder pocket, not on my bedroom wall though.

My friend got him to sign a paper and her wrist and my other friend hugged him. She said she won't wash her shirt again. ._.

If only it was Bruno Mars or Lady Gaga... or Justin Bieber*. Autograph=Ebay money.


*He'd be more likely to visit, since he is from southern Ontario. :) 

submitted by Olive
(February 1, 2012 - 9:05 pm)

You got a singer to visit your school?  The most interesting person who visited my school was the author of the Scooby Doo chapter books, and that was in third grade.  I don't even go to that school anymore!

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(February 4, 2012 - 2:58 pm)