Introduction Thread!!

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Introduction Thread!!

Introduction Thread!!

Y’all know what we’re doin’ ‘ere.


sorry, sorry. *ahem*

My Introduction: 

I’m Aquamarine, a semi-crazy human bean, a BSA Scout, and a passionate Amourshipper. I love drawing, pretending to act, and devouring Cricket magazines. (I mean reading. Like, reading-devouring. Does that make sense?? xD) I also like watching the birds at the bird feeder, taking out the trash, (‘cause then I get to be out back alone, so I can watch some animals((mostly squirrels and birds))), and playing with my adorable baby Brother  



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Ohmigosh I'm in Scouts BSA too!  I almost never meet other scouts!  We're a super active troop (I'm also in Venture Crew, if you know what that is), and since I'm a patrol leader it's a really big part of my life. IIt was mentioned in the latest issue, too!

Meeting other scouts makes me so exciiiiiiited!  Can you tell me about your troop (not location specific, obviously)?

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I'm not a Scout but I'm in 4-H! I'm also a fangirl of Marvel and Star Wars and I love writing and art. I also play ukulele, name random things, write angsty (and often cringey) fanfiction. I have two dogs (both rescues) named Sunny and Casey, and a cat named Natasha. I know I've posted this stuff about myself on other introduction threads but I'm just saying it again bc there are so many new CBers since the last introduction thread was posted.

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Oh! It’s always great to other Scouts! :) My troop is 1372, and my patrol is called Flaming Duckies (the patch looks like a rubber duckie breathing fire). Our other patrol is Frozen Phoenixes. We meet on Mondays.  I just joined, so I haven’t even earned my Scout rank yet, but so far it’s been really fun!! It’s so cool you’re a patrol leader! What’s your patrol? When do you meet?

We went on a camporee, my first campout with my troop! It might’ve been called mud o ree; our site had six inches of mud!!!!! 

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My Introduction:

I am SpiffJith, who appears human but is actually half dragon. I'm obsessed with reading, writing, dragons, drawing dragons, lemonade, and Minecraft.  

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I'm Jwyn and I love reading, writing (mostly poetry), drawing, baking, crafting, and crocheting. I also like Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Unwanteds, WoF, and Minecraft, and I'm currently reading the Time Quintet. I'm a mysterious redhead with a messy bun and a galaxy cloak sitting somewhere far away and very close.

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I'm your average nerd, enjoying things like harry potter, star wars, star trek, comics, math, aliens, ufos, scary movies, marvel, dc, gaming, reading, inventing, playing D&D... the list goes on and on!

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