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I'm MountainSpirit. 

I am joining Chatterbox because it seems like a really friendly place. I would love to know a little more about how CB works if anyone could tell me. 

I live near the mountains and love them. I love being outside, playing with my friends, reading, outer space, and so much more. I also enjoy math, unlike most of my friends and classmates. I play violin and I swim. I am an only child and I have a dog, a cat, and some fish. 

Anyway, I am hoping to (virtually) meet some friends here. I'm sure you are all really cool people!


Welcome, MountainSpirit. We're pleased to meet you. Have a look around, reply as you wish. I'm sure someone will give you more info soon.



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(May 5, 2019 - 9:21 am)

Hiya, MountainSpirit!!

Can Admins link the ultimate guide?

I’m Aquamarine, a Catholic and seni-crazy member of BSA. I can’t imagine life as an only child, as I have 9 siblings. xD it’s true tho. 

Welcome to the Chatterbox!!!

Here's the link:







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(what I'm doing right now is topping this thread. see, there's this weird glitch that makes the first comment on a thread go to the back pages. in order to find it, press submitted by at the top of the page - once or twice, depending on the area - and select your thread. then wait for the first reply to appear and post again, usually as top)

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I just had to pop in and say- 

That's awesome! I'm Catholic too and I'm the oldest of 6 :)  


Aaaaand my CAPTCHA just said aint.  

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Why hello MountainSpirit! Welcome! I am Spiffycat/jithkeeper. On the inkwell I am Jithkeeper - everywhere else, the name is Spiffycat. I'm half dragon and obsessed with lemonade. Have some.

*offers lemonade* 

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Hello, Mountainspirit. I am glad you have come. However, I am very socially awkward, so I'm going now. *Disappears into the shadows*

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(May 6, 2019 - 5:39 pm)

Hi MountainSpirit! I'm Secret, and I love the mountains to! But unfortunantly, I live in a suburban-y area. 


Is it possible for your Captcha to demand a PlayStation twice by saying pcpc? (I know it's a C, I had to change it or it would look like a rude word.) 

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Hi, MountainSpirit! I’m Summer. It’s awesome to meet you!

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Hello MountainSpirit! It’s nice to meet you, I have a twin named Tyberious Firestone that may drop by this thread later to greet you. *holds one arm out at my side and puts the other on my chest as I bow*  Alas I must bid you adieu, there are a few threads in need of my topping assistance. *straightens self* Apologies for sounding so formal, I like to make a good first impression. *smiles and vanishes into citrus scented mist*

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Twin? What? TWIN?!

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Hi, MountainSpirit! I love your name! 

I'm also kind of a new CBer, though I'm not around very much. Sorry I'm a late to replying to this... I have a goal of greeting every new CBer, but since I haven't been around very consistantly I kinda missed this.

Anyway, I also love the mountains! I live in a kinda suburban area but the mountains are within driving distance and my family and I go camping like a million times a year. I'm also a fellow outer space fan. My mom loves space so much it kinda rubbed off on me. 

I, like your friends, do not enjoy math, but I'm glad you do, because it'll make your life a lot more enjoyable ;) 

I have a question: What's it like to be an only child? I'm the middle of three and I like it that way, but I've always wondered if what people say about being an only child is true? 

See you around!!


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(May 23, 2019 - 9:19 am)

Yo! Welcome to the cb! I'm Tyberious, call me whatever nicknames you wish. We live in the mountains and love them as well! We actuially have much in common! Reading, outdoors, math (so-so, I like it, my class sucks tho), Space (CARL SAGAN!), I want to learn the violin, and enjoy swimming! (I also like making fires in the fireplace because it is great. And pretty and yes) Also... Watching the post-does-not-exist tumblr gifs. So pretty :0

See you around :D 

'zmkg!' Velix chirps happily, hugging MountainSpirit's leg.

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Hello MountainSpirit. I am also relatively new and I know I'm late to the thread but what can ya do? I basically live on a mountain and love it in every single way.

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(May 25, 2019 - 3:47 pm)

Hello MountainSpirit! I'm new here too, I enjoy harry potter, math, star wars, and other stuff. I hope you enjoy it here at the chatterbox!  *flys away on broomstick*

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(May 28, 2019 - 4:49 pm)

Welcome! Ok, I'm very late, but I still wanted to welcome you! I love being outside, playing with friends, reading, and math like you. I also like writing, theater, and all of school basically. I have one brother, a dog, some fish, and a hamster. Nice to meet you!

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(May 28, 2019 - 5:57 pm)

Finally, a new CBer who can spell correctly.

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(July 18, 2019 - 4:26 pm)