Chatterbox: In This Month's Issue

Spooky season has unfortunately ended, but that means it's time for-
No, Andrea, it's not-
Guys, could you take this into another room?
Zeke, put Andrea down.
Anyway, since the turkeys are gobbling, the stuffing is steaming, and for some people, bells are indeed jingling! With the new arrival of November, as most of you know, comes a brand new, too-cool-to-be-true...
Let’s start off this latest edition with a save-the-date we are VERY thankful for...
Nov. 1 - National Author’s Day
Nov. 3 - Cliche Day (NonononONONONONO-)
Nov. 4 - King Tut Day
Nov. 5 - World tsunami Awareness Day
Nov. 6 - Marooned WIthout a Compass Day (Regular Occasion)
Nov. 7 - Men Make Dinner Day (Heads up, Dads!)
Nov. 8 - Cook Something Bold Day
Nov.9 - Chaos Never Dies Day
Nov. 10 - United States Marine Corps Day
Nov. 11 - Veteran’s Day!
Nov. 13 - World Kindness Day
Nov. 14 - World Diabetes Day
Nov. 15 - America Recycles Day
Nov. 16 - Have a Party With Your Bear Day
Nov. 17 - World Peace Day
Nov. 18 - Occult Day (Right After Peace Day? Seriously?)
Nov. 19 - Have a Bad Day Day (PLEASE don’t celebrate this holiday!)
Nov. 20 - Beautiful Day (That’s more like it!)
Nov. 21 - World Hello Day!
Nov. 24 - All Our Uncles Are Monkeys Day
Nov. 27 - Pins and Needles Day
Nov. 28 - Thanksgiving AND Make Your Own Head Day!
Nov. 29 - This year, Black Friday and Buy Nothing day are on the SAME DAY! Which to choose...
Nov. 30. Stay at Home Because You are Well Day!
That is all for our Important Dates! Now, for our next sector (and our personal favorite):
(Last Month We Asked You)
Last Month We Asked You: What’s your ideal Thanksgiving meal?
Here are your wonderful answers!
Luna-Starr said: My ideal Thanksgiving contains no turkey (I'm vegetarian), so mostly like biscuits, mashed potatoes, fruit, snacks, and desserts :) 
That’s it for our LMWAY! Now, insert overused transition here, because it's time for...
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Because it was Thanksgiving and he wanted people to think he was a chicken! 
(Submitted by Bibi Potter)
Deep thoughts with Ella Starburst~
When we give thanks to things, is it ThanksGETTING for those things?
Wouldn’t quitting cold turkey be quitting slowly, not all at once, because molecules move faster at higher temperatures?
What do you call it when the turkey is rotten?
Mold Turkey!
What do you call a brave Thanksgiving entree?
Bold Turkey!
Great jokes, don’t you think? Anyway, now it’s time for our Monthly Advice Column! November’s advice is all about…
Education! Lots of kids, especially girls, don't get to go to school! We're extremely lucky to know how to read and write.
Winter coats! So many people are left out in the cold during the winter months.
Electronics! The US is the richest country in the world. There are plenty of countries where there wouldn't be a Chromebook I could use to type out a response to an MCU!
Admins! They keep us safe in this modern world of shady stuff of the internet. Yay, Admins!
(Submitted by Luna-Starr) 
-This is kind of morbid but the fact that you're alive. Everyone should always be thankful for that . . ..
-Creativity. Because what would the world be without it. (answer: nothing)
-Cricket mag. Like, obviously
-This has already been said but of course the aDminS.
-AC (maybe we're not all thinking about that now, in autumn, but might as well put it out there)
-trees to climb and give us oxygen!!!!!
-screen time (I know that's kind of weird but otherwise we couldn't be on the CB)
-betta fish because they are cute. 
(Submitted by cerinthe)
Family/friends, who are there to support you and help you through your life.
Nature, it created everything, we wouldn't be here without nature.
A language, so we can communicate to one another.
School/education, some people may not like it, but it's so important. As LS said, lots of people can't go to school, but really want to. We get to learn many things from school/education.
(Submitted by TheaterGirl)
Now those are some good things to be thankful for! Next, give it up for THE...
(Awarded by Luna-Starr)
Most suspenseful storywriter: Mice!!
I had to include you because I'm a huge fan of Lake Lelillo and this finale is super dramatic and worth the wait! Everybody, y'all should go on down to Pudding's Place and check out It's night. You're... because I guarantee you it'll be the best ski lodge you'll ever read. It's amazing. And so well-planned. And beautifully written. And the perfect mixture of elements of spooky, sad, light, funny, and suspenseful all rolled into one. Aah.
Greatest returning CBer: AGENT WINTER!!!
OUR FRIEND!!! What can we say?? We've been missing you for half a year, you deserve some recognition for your return. We're so glad your back, we can't wait to hear more from you again!! Here's to our returning friend, Winter!!!
Most devoted to a fandom: Clovertoe!!
Though I am not a Warrior's fan myself, I can appreciate your devotion and excitement for the series. Your name, comments and Blab About Books posts show your love for the books, and you defend them well. 10 points for dedication!
And finally, let us thankfully (for Admins) end this MCU with the..
Second Place: Through the Storm
Why: This one was very clever, as we all know and HATE November’s weird weather! Here in Illinois, we felt it even BEFORE November: We had SNOW ON HALLOWEEN! However, we just felt like the next submission correlates more. Excellent job on the location!
In first place, we have…
Why: Thanksgiving. Need we say more? Vonderful Vork!
That is all for this Month’s monthly check-Up! Remember to enter submissions in the comments! Here is what we’ll accept:
Important dates
November jokes 
Location of the Month
How to Stay up Until Midnight!
LMWAY answers (Give us Some Rejected Reindeer Ideas! )
CBer awards!
We hope this cranberry sauce-some MCU brought an a-maze-ingly bright smile to your face! This month, make sure to crop and smell the roses, or else you might rake under stress! No matter how yous pice, We here at Floof hope you have a Gourd November, and if you would Graint us this favor, Fall of us would be thankful! 
Pie-bye for now,
Floof Industries
submitted by Floof Industries, Plymouth Rock
(November 2, 2019 - 8:59 pm)


*Ahem* Excuse me. I have to thank you for this. I was just scrolling down to see the latest news, and I saw that, out of only THREE chosen CBers for the awards... I WON?!?!?!?! I really can't put how happy and thankful I am into words (Well, perfect for Thanksgiving, I guess.)! I'll give you guys 5 of my 10 points to share, okay?

Well, anyways... Q: Why did the turkey steal your silverware? A: So that the Thanksgiving turkey feast would be cancelled! Q: I'm telling a joke about a Cornucoppia. Is it good? A: Nope! It's CORNYcoppia!

Yeah, the worst jokes I could possibly come up with. Sorry about that. XP

To stay up until midnight: Watch a very scary Christmas movie (or Hannakah, Kwaanza, New Year's etc., if you can find one) before going to bed (Nightmare Before Christmas, Gremlins, etc.)! Cover your bed in spiky toys! Do weird dances (It's very hard to fall asleep standing up)!


My favorite threads are The Sparrowhawk Chronicles, or I'm writing a, By Nyx, which are SUPER cool, and Hello! This is, by Finch, which doesn't have much on it yet but was super fun to post on. I would put the Warriors RP thread I made because Everyone's really helping to create a great story, but since it's my thread, I don't think that's really fair.

submitted by Clovertoe, age 24 Moons, WindClan
(November 3, 2019 - 10:02 am)

Ooh yay, my location won!! And you live in Illinois too? Cool!

... could you specify what "rejected reindeer ideas" means please??

Here's my guide to staying up til midnight:

~Eat dinner later in the evening than you usually would.

~drink things with caffine.

~Play games/tell stories with your family/friends for as long as you possibly can.

~make sure there are plenty of things to snack on through the evening.

A bad Christmas joke I made up:

What did Santa say when the elf put coal in his stocking?

"This is ho-ho-horrible!" (And so is this joke!)

Location of the month: Stuck in the chimney (cause why not?)

submitted by Luna-Starr, age 27 eons, Existential Ponderment
(November 3, 2019 - 3:47 pm)

Congrats again, Luna-Starr! And you know what, everyone is gonna hate me for this, but I do believe I might change the LMWAY!

Ok so the new one is: Come up with a new funny parody of a Christmas song!   

submitted by Ella Starburst
(November 3, 2019 - 8:39 pm)


By Luna-Starr

"Deck the strip malls with more bookstores

fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la

Tis the stoires that I emplore

fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la

Don we now our need for YA

fa-la-la, la-la-la la-la-la

In this bookstore I'll always stay

fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la!" 

submitted by LS@Ella
(November 9, 2019 - 7:26 am)

I've got a few important dates! I was searching holidays in December and I found a few weird ones along with all the normal ones. Here they are.

December 2: National Mutt Day

December 4: National Cookie Day 

December 7: National Cotton Candy Day

December 8: National Brownie Day

December 9: National Llama Day

and location of the An Igloo

~ Lilac 

submitted by Lilac, age Secret, Lake of Tears
(November 22, 2019 - 6:52 am)