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Wow, I can't believe no one's made this thread yet. Anyway, congrats everyone! 

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Congratulations, everyone! Would someone mind telling me which post of mine got into the mag and/or posting a picture? I haven't gotten October's issue or November's issue yet--I don't know if our subscription ran out or if we got them and my mom just forgot to give them to me, I'll have to ask her at some point. 

Here it is:


Last winter I did two subsequent archery classes, both of which
were super fun! I’ve always been nuts about doing archery, probably ever since
I read Robin Hood when I was little. I got to shoot compound bows and try
composite bows (which I couldn’t use because they were just too loose/wobbly
for me) and I won second place out of about twenty kids in a shooting contest
on the last day. It was soooo fun,
and I would love to do more archery sometime, but you’re not allowed to shoot
bows on your property if you live in Portland, Maine (which makes sense; we
don’t have huge backyards).


            Down to Earth,



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Oh, thanks Admin!

You're welcome!


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Oooh yay, I've been featured twice! And Marty is talking about it on the side... yay :D

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