New Cricket issue! 

Chatterbox: In This Month's Issue

New Cricket issue! 

New Cricket issue! 

So, I just got the new Cricket issue this month yesterday and it was a very interesting read. So I am going to say stuff about it. Also, apologies in advance admins, since this post is going to be pretty long.

So how this works is that I'll go in order from start of magazine to finish and name my opinions on everything in it. Also I will include a spoiler alert on the sections with, well, spoilers on them, just for the people who haven't read them yet.  

First is the cover art. You have all seen it, its on the home page of this website after all. But I like it. Its very detailed and pretty, and the dark color of the ship against the light colors of the landscape make it pop out and draw your eyes toward it. I also love the pink sky. Now, one thing I like about this is that it is foreshadowing. This picture is about the ship Endurance on the ice, and there just so happens to be a story on that. More thoughts on that story later. 

Next is the letterbox. Nothing special here, just the good letters in the letterbox. Except now some of the things in the letterbox from Chatterbox finally look familiar to me. It took me this long! Just kidding, I'm fine with it, even though I wasn't included. There are some interesting stuff from Chatterbox, like that random thoughts thread, the graphic novel thread, introducing threads, and the thread introducing Celeste's new AE, to name a few. Congrats to Coroline, Micearenice, Vyolette, Katie, Leafy, Alizarine, Xaopve, Celeste, Leeli, Cynic, Jwyn, Goblin, Secret, Blue, Spiffycat, and Zeus. And thats notc ounting those who have SIs for Ski Lodges and stuff. A lot of people got featured this time around. 

Next is Cricket Country. It is kind of meh this time around. Without giving anything away, it felt like it was building up to something epic (the sliding chute), but it flopped. And you know how it usually leaves on a cliffhanger and you have to go to the end of the magazine to find out what happened? Well, the problem pretty much solves itself in the beginning and they didn't have much to work with at the end. The only entertaining thing is Ladybug, because of course she is.

 (SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION) Next is The Girl in the Windmill. So, I like the art in this one (especially the art of the sculpture of the moeder. I also like the twist of how the prince who didn't want to marry did so because he found the moeder sculpture and wanted to find someone that equals her beauty, and how Maartje lies to make Biago tell the truth and be turned into stone.

The poem First Snowflake was very good. Love the metaphors it uses, and it conveys such beauty. Not much I wanted to say here, its just good. Favorite poem in this issue.

(SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION) Be Careful What You Fish For is very interesting. I like the artstyle, and how the reflection steals Bernard's life. I also like how the difference in the reflection and the real Bernard is the hole the fishook made in the reflection's hat. The only con is that I felt the first illustration was... misplaced. I kept staring at the picture, wondering what was going on before I turned the page and figured it out. Just a minor nitpick. 

(SPOILERS IN THIS SECTION) Yay another part story! Always love those. Three Impossible Tasks is my third favorite in the issue. Love the artstyle and the characters. And I love how Pei turns the wrestling match into a cricket fight using his wits. Can't wait to see part 2 of this.

Tree Bare is a fun poem. Its just so fun to read. I also like the picture.

Stranded At The Bottom of the World. I have personally never heard this story, and it was an interesting read. I like the pictures and the story, and thought it was worth sharing with us. More rare but heroic nonfiction stories in the future please! Only nitpick was that the map on page 24 was pretty confusing. The arrows go in a circle; I don't know where it stops and begins. I didn't even try reading it. But besides that, good read. 

No thoughts on the Ugly Bird Crossword since I haven't done it yet, sorry. But I do love how the bugs think Ugly is gone when they are standing right on him!

The Last Kirin Part 2! Help, I think a kirin is becoming one of my favorite mythical creatures! But in all seriousness, I love how the kirin teaches that words can have life or death in them. Also like how Kiyo grows to be more brave. And the resolution is great and I didn't see it coming at all. Second favorite story in the issue.  

Reader's recommend is back yay!!!!! I love those. 

(SPOILERS IN THIS SECTON) The Hermit's Secret. I love love love the message, how we can help anyone by just listening to them. I think part of the reason people argue is because we can't listen to each other, that we are just too busy listening to ourselves to listen to whatever other people have to say. Its beautiful. And theres also this underlined message about how we can solve any problem on our own, if we think hard enough. It's great. Favorite story in the issue. 

Don't want to make this part too long, but for Cricket League I like Spectrum Eyes, A Trip to the Moon, and Neutralized.

Old Cricket is always good. And I didn't know so many celebrities were born in the same month.

So, uh, prepare yourselves mentally for next month, when I do this again. Anyhoo, hope you guys enjoyed this. Leave your thoughts on the issue in the comments below. I like hearing thoughts.  

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I GOT PUBLISHED!!! *does a happy dance*

I don't get Cricket anymore, so can someone transcribe or give an outline of what got published? 


Here you go:


Where I live, in the Deep South, we only get snow once a
year in January for a day—with the exception of December 2017, when we got
school cancelled an hour early and got the whole weekend to sled. You lucky


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Thank you Admin!

You're welcome.


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You liked Spectrum Eyes??




I got the mag, but I only read The Last Kirin Pt. 2 and the poems so far... 

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Yeah I really liked how the person looked into the dragon's eyes and realized the dragon shouldn't be sold. I also liked the amount of detail in the story.

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@Admins, I haven't gotten my Cricket issue yet. My parents subscribed in December again, but for some reason, I haven't gotten it yet. Could you help? 

If your subscription actually expired and they started a new subscription for you, it may take 6 to 8 weeks for the first issue to arrive. Regardless, we do not consider an issue late until after the 15th of the month. We can't guarantee the speed of the postal system. For further help, please call 1 800 821 0115 or email


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THANK YOU for actually posting about this month’s issue on This Month! I don’t generally like the nonfiction stories, but this one was really engaging and interesting. I also liked Three Impossible Tasks, and I’m looking forward to seeing it in the next issue. I did miss a sci-fi story, though, which are usually my favorite. I feel like we had a lot of fairy tales this time around. What do you think about that?

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I do find sci-fi stories interesting, but I like fantasy and stuff like that better in my opinion. I do love the occasional sci-fi stories though. 

Also, I just noticed February is in a week and a half. Once I get the issue for that month, I'll make another one of these reviews.

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