Congratulations!!!!! (Jul

Chatterbox: In This Month's Issue

Congratulations!!!!! (Jul

Congratulations!!!!! (July/August)

What happened to these threads? TM used to be full of them...



Mary Clare Draganowski, Max, Aviv Weider, BeesWax, Floof Industries, Hazel C., Hummingbird, Quirker, Sybill, Secret, Dusk S., Tina of Here, Lilac, Queen Cobra, Lusterdust, SurroundedByBooks, Cello, Seri, ElmoDaisy, Leafy, Zeus, The Riddler, Strawberri.

Cricket League:

1st: Oona Druker, Avah Dodson

2nd: Lena Aloise, Lilija Coleman, Hannah Targan

3rd: Nathan Lowe, Rhonie Friedman, Penelope King

Honorable Mention: Cecilia Appel, Sophie B., Jiaqi Sophie Huang, Justice Lily May skirts, Lila St. Romain, Shivani Yadavalli, Evelyn Zoller 

Yay! Congrats everybody! If anyone doesn't get the mag and wants to know what they said, please ask and someone can tell you!  

Yayyy!!! *throws lit 4th of July sparklers everywhere*


Don't look at me *shrugs* 

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Ah, thank you! Sadly I stopped getting the magazine a little while ago so can someone tell me what I said?

Also wow, something from Daisy was in there? She hasn't been around in a long time. 

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"I love archery. I've also always loved Robin Hood, so it makes sense. Most of Maine does have large backyards, but the city of Portland (where I live) doesn't much, and we're not allowed to shoot bows in our yards.


Portland, Maine"

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Aw, same! It really sucks, I miss Cricket a lot! :(( XO

Sherry nearly said a bad word. Of course, she's talking about, a mythical creature. 

aqua out. 


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I also feel like Barnswallow should get into this, since their contributions were included a LOT in my post.

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I don't get the magazine anymore, could someone please post a picture or something of what everyone said?

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I will soon! later today or tommorrow

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Great Idea! I still get the magazine and it’s probably my favorite, I get a few and I’m a fantasy finatic xD Are you going to continue doing this?

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Actually, we've been doing it for a several years now. Back in the day (I sound old xD), everyone wanted to do it, so it was kind of a race of who got the mag first to post this. I guess people kinda stopped doing it while I was taking a break from the CB for a few months, but it's kind of funny because these threads used to be the only thing on This Month. Go back many pages and you should find a bunch! I don't know when these were started. 

When I first joined somebody, maybe Leafpool(Leafy) or LilyPad was continuing them, and it sounded like it was originally started and/or done almost exclusively by Inktail? (Correct me, anyone, because I'm probably wrong...) Eventually it was just whoever got their magazine first and remembered to do it. 
Because it was such a thing (sometimes there'd be 2 for a month because CBer B didn't see CBer A had already posted it) I never thought it would be forgotten, but alas, there are a few months missing now. Oh well. I started it back up because I know people love to know if they got in the magazine, and some CBers don't get it anymore. 
To actually answer your question, though: I think they're really fun, and I love doing them. Really, anyone can do it if they want to, but if no one does, I'll definitely keep this going! I remember around when I joined I went back a few years in the pages and found my name on the month I had my art featured in Cricket. I thought it was really cool that someone had typed my name (my full, irl name, mind you) in the Chatterbox before I even knew it existed!
You probably weren't expecting a answer quite that long, but I enjoy reminiscing! Sorry. xD 
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Hey, could one of you please post a picture or something of the letterbox section so I can see what people said? It's important and I don't get the mag anymore.

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