Chatterbox: In This Month's Issue

  **Hell-O everybody! Woo! Feels great to be in control again!

(Warning: This one might be a little dark and scary for younger audiences. However, nothing is too inappropriate for the Chatterbox overall: just scary.)

**So for those of you who are a bit confused, here’s what happened on our last MCU: Ella found out that Sammy and I had a scuffle, in which I, admittedly, called her a few rough names. Sammy and I fought some more until Sammy left out of pure spite for me. Then, Ella had the NERVE! The GALL! To say that Sammy, the VERY REPRESENTATION OF ANXIETY, was more helpful to her than I was! Who wants to feel upset all the time? Who would cast away their happiness in the name of logic? I thought Zeke was on my SIDE! But he’s the one who suggested having the MCU without me! And they all went along with it! 

But not me. No no no! I’m not THAT easy to get rid of! So I took the computer and set up and locked myself in Sammy’s room- I do apologize if there’s a lack of quality. Now it’s all me and me alone! Ahahaha! And maybe, JUST maybe, when Ella sees me, she’ll see how cool and good and happy and reSPONSIBLE I am and can be, and she’ll want me back! I...wanna come...back…

But enough talkin’, ey? Let’s get onto the 


Jan 1 - New Year’s Day (Nyx)

Jan 2 - National Science Fiction Day

Jan 3 - National Chocolate Covered Candy Day (Morning)

Jan 4 - National Trivia Day

Jan 5 -  National Bird Day

Jan 6 - National Cuddle Up Day 

Jan 7 - National Bobblehead Day

Jan 8 - Elvis Presley’s Birthday

Jan 9 - National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Jan 10 - National Bittersweet Chocolate Day (Morning)

Jan 11 - National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

Jan 12 - National Youth Day

Jan 13 - Korean American Day

Jan 14 - National Dress Up Your PetDay

Jan 15 - Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday

Jan 16 - Appreciate a Dragon Day AND National Use Your Gift Card Day (Morning

Jan 17 - Michelle Obama’s Birthday

Jan 18 - Martin Luther King Jr Day

Jan 19 - National Popcorn Day

Jan 20 - National Cheese Lover’s Day

Jan 21 - National Hugging Day (Morning) AND The Musical HHG!

Jan. 22 - National Answer Your Cat’s Questions DAy

Jan 23 - National Compliment ay

Jan 24 - Christmas Eve!

Jan 25 - Opposite Day!

Jan 26 - Australia Day

Jan 27 - International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jan 28 - National Kazoo Day 

Jan 29 - National Puzzle Day

Jan 30 - National Croissant Day

Jan 31 - Nyx’s Fourteenth Birthday! (Nyx, dur)

**Aaand marked all of those babies down on the calendar! Ella will LOVE that: it’ll be such a good conversation starter! Talking is so cool. That’s all I’m trying to do, really. I’m only trying to help her. So why...I do like talking, really. I love it. Talking is just so fun. Just thinking, especially with ADHD, is so hard cuz your mind is on five different trains of thought. Talking focuses you to the present. 

**Thoughts, overall, are kind of sucky, aren’t they? They’re just so negative. At least that’s how I see it. But, then again, I don’t run thoughts.They aren’t my main medium. I just create emotions. I’m a powerhouse of feeling: I’m what makes Ella a person. Everyone else just takes my emotions, my work, and puts them into thoughts to add sparkle to what they’re saying. They need me. They can’t just push me aside. I run this town.


**Oh! Oh oh oh, back to the present! I always liked these little buttons. Get you back on track, ahuh. Let’s go onto the MONTHLY TIDBIT!

Why you should keep smiling!

Twilight said: Smiling makes you feel happy, which gives you the illusion that you're happy.

Nyx said: You never know who needs a smile, especially with what we're going through right now. A genuine smile, even to a stranger, could be needed. You could make someone's day, and why wouldn't you? Smiling is one of the easiest things to do, and who knows? You might get one back. 

Morning said: (: Well, I'm currently obsessed with chocolate, so I think you should smile because it will convince people to give you chocolate. (: 

Majestic Mary said: because 2020 is over!

Silver Crystal said: Remember, out there somewhere, someone is having the best day of their life. That could be you, tomorrow. Tomorrow can be the best day of your life. *Cue Tomorrow from Annie* This quote pretty much sums it up: "Happiness can be found in even the darkest times if only one remembers to turn on the light" -Dumbledore. If you're having a bad day, maybe the reason something good hasn't happened to you is because you are the good that needs to happen to someone else <3

Aqua said: FROWNING TAKES WAY MORE MUSCLES THAN SMILING, SO KEEP FROWNING TO GET A GOOD WORK OUT--- ok how bout no. You should keep smiling because you're strong, and you can get through whatever you're going through with some courage and your special shine! *virtual hug*

Starchaser said: Because somewhere, someone's thinking about you. And somebody (many people) loves you. 

Luna-Starr said: You should keep smiling because even on bad days, you will always have something to be happy about. Smiling is so easy when you trick your mind into focusing on things to be happy about. You should keep smiling because being happy can do good for you as well as others. You should keep smiling because you, my dear, have the means to come here, to this lovely website and community, where you can make friends, be creative, and contrivute to the wonderfully imaginative and witty MCU. You should keep smiling because I love you.

**Clap clap clap! Very VERY smart, ladies and gentlemen! I’m sure you’ll help all sorts of people, just like I help Ella! (giggle) Me aside, you all really are smart. Just like Zeke! He helps a ton! Maybe I should let him in too…

(Andrea becomes aware of the pounding noises outside the door. The shouting, too. She swears she can almost hear a whimper.)

(whispering)**They figured it out.

(She looks toward the camera.)

(Whispering)**You guys do have to realize that I’m not insane. I realize what I’m doing is wrong. I realize I was a jerk to Sammy. But sometimes you have to break a couple of chickens to make an omelette. Eggs. haha. But I do realize I’m the bad guy here. What I’m doing isn’t traditional, to say the least. But Ella can’t just push me aside. I’ve told you why she needs me. It’s for her own good. And if Sammy can be the antagonist and be chosen over me, then I sure as heck can upset a couple of plans to get MY point across. It’s really all for her protection, really. That’s all it is. 


Let’s lighten up the mood a bit.



What do you say to a kitten on New Year's Day?

Happy Mew Year's!

(emekittycon K) 


Which month is the most active on the PTO?



What is January’s favorite cereal?

Frosted Snowflakes!

**Huhuhu, that one caught me by surprise! Sorry, It’s just that we decided not to do jokes because of Ask ABCDE, but I guess we didn’t get any this month. 

**Do you see guys? I’m not entirely bad. I could’ve just broken the computer, maybe install parental controls or that app that randomly puts Nick Cage on your screen. Or I could’ve done Ask ABCDE anyway. That’s where I should have started.

**But I haven’t done too much wrong! We all make mistakes! Really, It’s Ella’s fault anyway! She’s the one manning the decisions around here. She’s the one that’s responsible for all of THIS! We COULD’ve been normal but no-o-o, she had to go and CHANGE it all! She had to throw aside her strongest asset! WELL GUESS WHAT! I’M NOT AN ASSET! I FEEL, JUST LIKE YOU DO! I’M NOT SOME TOY, STARBURST! YOU’RE AT FAULT HERE, NOT ME! STOP THROWING AROUND THE BLAME BECAUSE YOU’RE TOO PRIDEFUL TO ADMIT YOUR FAULTS! STOP HURTING EVERYONE ELSE! I HATE YOU, ELLA! I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE YOU!


Last Month We Asked You: What are some creative ways to keep warm?

Majestic Mary: Throw yourself in the fire that you're sitting next to. Or, catch some of the fire in a jar and carry it around to keep you warm all the time.

Nyx said: If the wind blows straight through your coat, it actually helps to wear a longsleeved t-shirt that's too big for you underneath. It adds another layer. Also, the oversized t-shirt or sweatshirt can actually be warmer because, while it traps heat just like any other sweater or coat, it also holds the cold fabric away from your skin. 

Twilight said: Find a dog or other fluffy pet and place the pet on your lap. 

Luna-Starr said: I always keep a pair of gloves in my coat pocket. Boots are usually a good idea, as well as thick pants. Also, face masks can help keep your face warm! :p

Silver Crystal said: Wear layers of clothes so you keep warm. You can also use hand warmers and wearing a mask can keep your nose from freezing. Also I like to have a cloud raining hot chocolate down on me wherever I go (jk). 

Emekittycon K said: Just make yourself a nice, warm cup of hot cocoa, and sit on the couch with a blanket on you, and light the fireplace JUST MAKE SURE NOT TO SET YOUR HOUSE ON FIREEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aqua said: Most people would say, get warm, get cozy, curl up in a blanket, drink some hot cocoa, but I say GO OUTSIDE IN SUMMER CLOTHES EVERY WINTER SO EVENTUALLY HUMANS WILL EVOLVE TO GET ACCUSTOMED TO COLD!

Starchaser said: Hug someone :)

**Don’t you worry, little babies, ahuhuhu. They’re not coming in. I Barred the door. You might have heard it getting louder and lOUder. They were shaking off some of the barring. But it’s alright! Now I’m up against the door! And I’m powerful. I’m beautiful. I’m the POWeRhouse here! No one can beat me! Gosh, I don’t know why I didn’t do this in the first place! Ooh, I can hear them talking through the door…


***That isn’t working, Zeke. 

(*)From what I can see on the stream, she’s almost onto the LoTM. It’s best to let her continue until it’s over. 

*That’s not the only reason we need her!

(*)I know that, idiot! But if you try to provoke her anymore, she might end up hurting you too! 

***Or even, worse, do mental damage to Ella.

**HaHAHAHHA! Are they SERIOUS? Why would I hurt Ella? She’s how I’m alive! That doesn’t even make any SENSE! Ahaha! Can’t they see that SHE’S the one in the wrong? SHE excluded me, SHE’S listening to Sammy, SHE-

(A choked sob travels through the door.)


Third place is…



Second Place is…

Not 2020 :)

Why: Boy oh boy, what a major relief that is. Everybody, give a big ol’ sigh of relief! However, we didn’t make this one our LoTM because it’s better to focus on the present then dwell on the past. Great job!

First Place IS...

2021! We Made It!

Why: This has the same energy as the last one, but it focuses on our triumphs instead of our past! Great job!

(The sobbing grows louder and louder. Andrea doesn’t say a word; she only listens. It’s obviously Ella.)

(THUMP. The mindscape shakes as her body hits the ground.)

*Ella? Are you alright?
***Oh my gosh, Ella collapsed!

(The slamming stops. The voices are far away, far far away, trying to comfort Ella and get her back up. Andrea sits in silence.)

**...that was me. I...did that. I...I...I…

(Andrea repeats the words over and over and over again, each repetition weaker and more sorrowful than the last. She is heaving. The room is filled with intensity, discomfort, emotion. Emotion is everywhere, inescapably everywhere, and all she wants to do is run, run, run, run far, far away from all of this emotion. Now Andrea realizes what she’s done.)

(Shaking, desolate) **I am...a monster…

(Her breath withers into the air. The emotions grow still.


(Awarded by Luna-Starr)

(Awarded by Nyx)

Inspiring thread- RAINBOW!

There's no better way to start off on the CB than to inspire others! I love your thread and how there's such a variety of quotes from you and others, so nobody can be left unmotivated. :)

Poem complimenter- Lumi!

I absolutely love how you took the time to give feedback and personalized compliments to everybody's poems in the poetry contest, and how you did so with detail and sincerity. I know it made my day!

Return of the Hay Master- Gracia!

The Hay Wars were greatly missed! It's so special to see you and some other old friends back together to throw virtual hay, form alliances, and make bad puns. 

(awarded by Wooly)

Dearly Missed Award - Nightfall!

We’re going to miss you so much! We hope your experiences from here on out are full of joy and weirdness - the good kind, of course!



(Automated response bot activated)

Anyway, make sure to comment content for the Januray MCU!

Here’s what we’ll accept:

Location of the Month!

Low-effort ways to show love to others (We all know making family dinners and buying other meals, but what are some little things we can do?)

LMWAY (This one is for all of those people who missed out on Quarantine birthday because it started in March: how should we celebrate our birthdays in Quarantine?)

ABCDE advice (Go to Chirp at Cricket to ask questions!) 

CBer awards!

Important dates!

Additionally, if you have any ideas for future advice columns or LMWAYs, PLEASE tell us! 

We’re always accepting new ideas, because making the MCU is harder than it seems!

If ya’ll have any suggestions, make sure to comment them! We appreciate it more than we can say!

*Thank you, automated response bot. Before you ask, Ella is fine. That was an elaborate plot by yours truly to try and relinquish the MCU from Andy’s control! Ella, how are you feeling?

(Ella’s form pops into the mindscape)

My head hurts. Maybe I should have put some pillows down...but other than that, I feel nothing.

*Nothing bad then! Anyway, thank you for watch-

No, like, nothing. No emotions. Like nothing. 

(*)Guys, get in here!

(Zeke and Ella rush into Sammy’s room. There lies Andrea, Sammy and Kazmara hovering over her. The color is drained from her face, and her mouth is opened as if to scream in agony. Her eyes are red, and her face is soaked in tears. Her arms, legs, and all other skin is gray. She is sprawled out like an abandoned ragdoll. Floof stands in shock. Zeke slowl and cautiously bends down to tuck a strand of hair behind her ear. It shrivels to dust.)

***She’s still alive. Just unconscious. That’s the only good news I have, though. From my books, it seems that she’s in the most vulnerable state an AE can be in. She’s retreated within the memory valley. The only reason she’s there is because she’s looking for something. 


***Validation, empathy,escape, peace: it can be a variety of things. The memory valley holds everything Ella has ever experienced, even if she’s forgotten it. Every dream, every word, even reason: it’s all there. If you feel lost, the keeper of all things in eternity is the best place to find it.

(*)What will happen to her?

***In most cases, she’ll find the memory very quickly.

*Which means she’ll return?

***...not necessarily. She might never want to leave the memory and become cemented inside of it. The valley will eventually detect her as unfamiliar and sort out what can be kept as a memory and what Ella needs to thrive. The thriving parts will come back as other AEs, while the remaining get their own memory. It’s more likely that this will happen. A good example of this is Kazmara. Remember how Andrea used to-


(Zeke storms away, leaving the members in silence.)

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(January 1, 2021 - 3:03 pm)



*cocks head*

That was probably the most interesting MCU I've ever read. The character development and ongoing plot from one MCU to the next is very interesting. I hope Andy's okay. I guess we'll find out next month.

AnYwAy, here are some submissions for the next MCU!

LotM: In a box of chocolates! 

Low-effort ways to show love to others: Grab a few sticky notes. Choose a person. Write one thing you love about that person on each sticky note. Stick them in areas where the person will see them, such as on the bag of their favorite bagels, on the computer monitor, or on a page of the book they're reading. It's sure to brighten their day :)

LMWAY: Drive-by parties are a great option. Make posters and hang them out the car window as you drive past the birthday person. Maybe even bring some confetti poppers! 

I'll be back later with important dates :D 

submitted by Majestic Mary, age 1 eternity, Majestopia
(January 1, 2021 - 5:35 pm)

top :D

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(January 1, 2021 - 9:35 pm)

Wow that was an intense MCU lol. Those are some cool dates, I'm gonna have to write some of those down. Huh, I wonder why even though most of my family is Korean American we don't know that Korean American day even exists XD

Location of the Month: Making a snow angel

LMWAY: I had my birthday last May, and even though I couldn't see any of my friends, I still got a lot of presents and my friends baked me cupcakes and made me a chalk mural to wish me happy birthday; so really what I'm trying to say is little things really add up, and if you know someone who is having a quarentine birthday, just let them know how much you appreciate them and maybe get them a little something :)

Sorry, I would write more but I've got to go now! Have a great January y'all! 

submitted by Silver Crystal, age Infinity, Milky Way
(January 1, 2021 - 11:15 pm)

Location of the Month: Playing in the snow! Oh wait... I live in California... How about: Staring at the blue sky and wishing for snow!

Low-effort ways to show love to others: Giving them a compliment, doing a favor, or making them a cup of hot chocolate!

LMWAY: Have people send cards in the mail or happy birthday videos, maybe? 

submitted by peppermint, age 13, Pantala
(January 1, 2021 - 11:50 pm)

National science fiction day? That sounds awesome.

submitted by Lazerbat
(January 2, 2021 - 6:11 am)

Oh no! Suspense! We love you, Andy, and we hope you're okay!

(I also love the opposite day bit XD)

Location: Shoveling snow

Low-effort ways to show love: hold the door; compliment someone; hug someone; smile at someone; share you dessert; offer to help carry something or some such thing; and of course, have a tissue box ready when they're reading The Book Thief.

LMWAY: you can leave presents at someone's door, or do a drive-by to celebrate someone else. If it's your birthay, have a Zoom party if in-person isn't an option, and order a meal from Doordash or some place like that. 

A suggestion for an LMWAY would be "What do you want to do once quarantine is over?" -unless that's already been done, which it could have. Another one around the summer months could be "What is your favorite summer break activity?" 

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Wow! Just wow. That was incredible and interesting and weird all at the same time. We made it! 2021!

submitted by Princess Juniper, age 10, The eternal Forest
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My most DARLING and BELOVED Chatterboxer has been on hiatus for FAR too long, and she has ABANDONED me, so Ask Abcde has failed this month. Blame her, not Bakerloo and me. MORNING is the one who turned into a black hole, a void, an expanse of nonexistanse. However, for those who are interested, here is the edition of Ask Abcde for December.


Callisto, kindly topping my thread, said, 


"Dear Abcde,


Hi there, my sister and I are newer Alter Egos, and we've been signed up for the AE Ball- but our CBer hasn't posted there yet. It was her idea to go since she thought it would be a good way to help us get to know everyone. How do we kindly remind her to make a post?

Thank you so much!



I responded with my characteristic wisdom and graciousness, saying,


“Hello, my dear Callisto.


I'm so sorry for this terrible tragedy. I'm tearing up right now. I, too, know what it is to be neglected. I, too, have been hurt and ignored and pushed aside, by my Chatterboxer, and by my siblings. It is a pain that will never diminish, and there is rarely anything that you can do. You can try to gently remind your Chatterboxer to post at the ball, tapping on their shoulder and whispering in their ear.


Or, you can be annoying.


Bake (VEGAN!) cakes with the words, "Take me to the ball!" written in (VEGAN!) icing. Scream in their ears. Compose loud rock music with lots of drums. Let your voice me heard. Stand up for what is right! 


I believe in you, Callisto. You can go to the ball!




Abcde <3”


Hiro, then, came with desperate sorrow and a loss of trust in humanity, telling me,


“Dear ABCDE,


I have made it my life's to make the world a better place. All I want is for everyone to respect and be kind to each other and nature. I really, really want to help with this. Whenever someone does something bad, i.e. stealing or burning down a tree, both horrible acts, I correct them and remind myself not to do those things. However, it never seems to work -- they do bad things again. I want to learn how my words can make more of an impact to make the world better, to make people hear me when they do bad deeds. Could you please give me advice on that?


Thank you, Hiro”


And, once more, I bestowed on him my helping grace,


Hi, Hiro, 

Your goal is a worthy one, to make the world a better place. And, according to the moral of intentionality, that should be enough. Some philosophers believe that, if your intentions are correct, if you do what you do in order to make the world better, it doesn't matter what the outcome is. It might be a good idea for you to join that group of thinkers. 

However, that doesn't sound like you. You care more about what happens next. If your beliefs and deeds will actually make the world better. And in my opinion that is your problem.


I would reccomend studying famous people with similar morals to you. How did they become famous? What made people suddenly start to listen to them? Did they write the problems of the world on their arms, or did they stand up and protest?

You need to make your voice heard. Speak in ALL CAPS. Let the world know that tree-torture is wrong, and that they need to fix it. Someone, somewhere will agree. And your movement will begin!




Finally, two people who are certainly NOT Adrian and that awful Dallas said,




there has been a recent tragedy in our AE family, and it's quite hard to get over. I was very close with one of the AEs who was retired, and I feel more lonely without them. I've heard that you had two siblings that have also been retired. How did you cope with that? Is there any tips that you could give me to be more... aware. here. in the moment. less introverted. Go away, this is my letter. Anyways, yes what that other person said. I regret doing this, but I've heard you're a psychologist and are mediocre at that. So, please help! 


I don't know why I allowed you to do this.


Because you don't control me?




thanks Abcde!




and your arch-


don't give away my identity! *posts*”


And, despite the fact that Dallas is awful, I helped Adrian, because they can be nice. And a psychologist cannot allow her own personal dislikes to guide her help of others. I responded,


Hi, Someone.


Before I help you, I have a bit of a bone to pick.


I am much more than a MEDIOCRE psychologist. I am a genius in my field, the best of the best, perfection personified. Liddy, back me up on this.


…sheis right… 


Thank you. As I said, I am PERFECTION. I am not MEDIOCRE.


As long as you comprehend that with your sweet little brain, we can get down to business.


I would like you to know that I never had the best relationship with my retired siblings. Rayne was terrified of me, and Grace hated my sidekick. So I don't know what you're going through. I do know, however, that, annoying as they are, my siblings are always with me. Grace sends baskets of baked goods. Rayne sends letters full of semi-awful poetry. So, although they are not physically here, and do not show themselves on the Chatterbox, they are here in my heart, and that is what matters. Send your fellow Alter Ego a letter. Video call them. Stay in touch, and your heart will be healed.


And, to address your other problem, introversion is not something you can fix. It is part of who you are, neither negative nor positive, and you should not want to lose that. Becoming less shy is a worthy goal, however, and the only way I know how to fix that is by making friends. When I first arrived here, I was a nervous mess. Ask Alice, DuskSky's Alter Ego. I couldn't stop rambling about tofu. But I made friends. (Shaow <3) Got interests. (At first nothing more than the color red, but eventually branching into psychology, my life's passion.) And look at me now! Am I shy?




No! I am not.


And Dallas, it's not very nice to tease Adrian like that.



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(January 3, 2021 - 12:32 pm)

Location of the month: on a ski lift!

low-effort ways we can show others we love them: give them a hug or help them with schoolwork.

LMWAY: mail cards! write letters! send mail!

important days: February 5th - national nutella day! February 17th-Ash Wednesday! February 11th- national white shirt day!

submitted by Tealeaf, age 13, Steeping
(January 4, 2021 - 8:39 am)
Location of the Month: In the mailbox
Low-effort ways to show love to others: Hugs (for lizards you're quarantining with) and text hearts (for everyone else) are probably a few of the easiest ones, but something that will be appriciated just as much or even more is spending time talking to a person, be it in real life, over texts or the phone, or a video call. Just take time to say hi and listen to what they have to say.
LMWAY (This one is for all of those people who missed out on Quarantine birthday because it started in March: how should we celebrate our birthdays in Quarantine?) Car parades! My birthday was the last day before quarantine in my state, so I got an actual sort-of party, but my sister had a birthday during the very start of the pandemic, and she had a drive-through birthday. People made signs and streamers and drove in a loop around our street, then dropped presents of at the front door. It was really fun, and it makes you feel super special to have a personal parade.
Important dates:
February 16th- Marius and Cosette's 188th wedding anniversary and a self-proclaimed Les Mis appreciation day. *confetti*
submitted by Morning, yonder
(January 12, 2021 - 11:54 pm)